Our Story

After counseling and mentoring over 40,000 pastors, missionaries and Christian leaders at home and abroad, we believe there are four things every Christ-Servant needs: comfort, encouragement, community and resources. Since its inception, Preach It, Teach It has received over 7.5 million hits in 229 countries and territories.


Many of you as God's servants feel that you fight on the spiritual battlefield alone. Sermons, devotionals, podcasts and blogs bring support and encouragement to those of you isolated in foreign outposts and rural hamlets. All contributors to Preach It, Teach It volunteer their services and materials at no cost to pastors and missionaries who need them so desperately.


Preach it, Teach it features 170 internationally-known speakers and authors: Pastor Francis Chan, Judah Smith, Beth Moore, Timothy Keller, Max Lucado, Carey Nieuwhof, Neil Anderson, Dr. Larry Osborne, Steven Furtick, Perry Noble, Dave Stone, Jon Acuff, Josh McDowell, Beth Moore,  Dr. David Ferguson, Pastor Mark Batterson, Dr. Kevin Leman, Dr. John Vining, Pete Briscoe, Carlos Zazueta, Dr. Stanley Toussaint, Dallas Willard, Leonard Sweet, Jim Cymbala, Andy Stanley, and a host of conference speakers from around the world. Dr. Roger Barrier, with over three thousand sermons and conference lectures to his credit, founded Preach it, Teach It. Dr. Julie Barrier, director of Preach It, Teach It, is a sought-after author and international conference speaker as well.

Our vision to reach out to those in ministry overseas who can't afford sermon resources and valuable counseling tools extends to our international readers. Preach It, Teach It contains ten language resource sections filled with audio and video resources for our overseas visitors. We are continually recruiting a professional team of translators to take our resources and make them available where Bible materials are limited.

Join us in our endeavor to help struggling Christian workers here and around the world by praying for us and our staff. We know God is going to do great things.


Drs. Roger and Julie Barrier

Preach It, Teach It will encourage you to connect with other pastors and leaders, and to write and preach with greater passion. Pastor 2 Pastor Podcasts allow you to hear pastors, Christian counselors ministry specialists sitting across the table and talking shop about church life. Free audio, video sermons and sermon notes will fuel your sermon file. The daily devotional guide will deepen your daily walk and enhance your sermon research. Blogging with other pastors around the country provides opportunities to exchange ideas and enjoy fellowship. 

We want to serve you without cost and provide large quantities of varied resources for your blessing and consumption. Let us know how we can serve you better!