Ask Roger


Dealing with a Drunken Pastor


Author:Roger Barrier

Dear Roger, Our pastor was arrested for DUI recently. This is not his first offense. He is believed to have the alcoholism disease. As a church body what is our responsibility, what should be his consequences, and how can we do...[more]


Does the Bible Address Global Warming?


Author:Roger Barrier

Dear Roger, Does the Bible Address Global Warming? What Does it Say About Taking Care of the Planet? Sincerely, Julie Dear Julie, As you know, Global Warming is the man-made introduction of green-house emission gases...[more]


Was Judas Predestined to Betray Jesus?


Author:Roger Barrier

Dear Roger, Is our salvation pre-destined by God? Or is it a result of our own free will to respond to God's Grace? Could Judas Iscariot have changed his own destiny by choosing to ask God's forgiveness like Peter did, instead...[more]


Can I Be Punished in Heaven for a Terrible Sin?


Author:Roger Barrier

Dear Roger, Greetings.  Does the Bible really mean that we will be judged and punished in heaven for our sins. As a Christian, I did "big" wrong things that I regretted and have not done them again. Does 2...[more]


Help! I'm Tempted to Commit Rape


Author:Roger Barrier

  Dear Roger, What if you are having thoughts attempting rape, then you position yourself to do it, but then you don't do it because you know God is watching you. Does God forgive you for if you ask him to forgive you for...[more]


Out of Your Mind? God and Dementia


Author:Roger Barrier

Dear Roger, If a person were a Christian and served God faithfully before getting Dementia will God condemn them for sins committed after getting Dementia? That is if they do not remember to ask for His forgiveness. Sincerely,...[more]


Animal Murder: Should Christians Be Vegetarians?


Author:Roger Barrier

Dear Roger, What does the Bible say about the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle? It seems that In Genesis 1 there is evidence that God intended for us to be vegetarians. Is there other evidence? I know as a Texan this might be a...[more]