Ask Roger


The ABC's of Prophecy


Author:Roger Barrier

Dear Roger,I've read the book of Daniel several times. Recently, I read a verse that I'd never noticed before that got me quite excited. In Daniel chapter 12 God instructed Daniel to seal up the prophecies in the book until the...[more]


Why Most Prayers Go Unanswered


Author:Roger Barrier

Dear Roger,My wife and I both grew up in the Roman Catholic tradition but lost interest a number of years ago. Recently some of our friends invited us to go to their Protestant church and I must say that we really enjoyed it. In...[more]


4 Priorities That Matter Most


Author:Roger Barrier

Dear Roger, I was wondering about the things that really matter in life. I’d like to do all that I can to please Jesus. I know that you must have thought a lot about this and so I would like to ask your opinion. What are the...[more]


What Does the Bible Say About Buying a House?


Author:Roger Barrier

Dear Roger, My husband and I are planning to buy a house. Are there biblical guidelines for house buying? If so, could you please share them with us?We would also appreciate any advice you could give. Sincerely, Kimberly and...[more]


What Happens at Armageddon?


Author:Roger Barrier

Dear Roger,Our small group had a long discussion about the Battle of Armageddon. This was not the assigned topic for the night but when Becky mentioned how ridiculous for the president to guarantee that Iran would not ever have a...[more]


Is There Sin in Heaven? Why Was Satan There?


Author:Roger Barrier

Dear Roger, Im just confused on one point, where does it say that satan has open access to Heaven? and there are scriptures that say no sin can dwell in the presence of God, so Heaven isnt where God is right now? Sincerely,...[more]


PTSD: Helping a Vet Recover


Author:Roger Barrier

Sir,My name is (Name Withheld) from (state withheld) and I am a Christian but I have been diagnosed with anxiety post-Iraq and Afghanistan. I have a lot of anger issues, isolated periods where I just shut down and don't talk,...[more]