Ask Roger


Why Should We Support Israel?


Author:Roger Barrier

Dear Roger It seems to me that a lot of older Christians have an unhealthy obsession with Israel. They view the country as sacred, and support it both politically and financially. I've always believed that since God created...[more]


Do Short-Term Missions Matter?


Author:Roger Barrier

   Dear Roger, In the past, I have been a part of many short term missions' trips both at home in the U.S. and abroad in foreign countries. Lately however, I've found myself somewhat disillusioned with the idea of...[more]


Are We Baptizing Our Children Too Early?


Author:Roger Barrier

Dear Roger, I volunteer in Sunday school and recently overheard some of the kids say they wanted to be baptized. I was baptized as a Christian when I was still very much a child. Though I remember the event fondly, I now wish I...[more]


Which Old Testament Laws Do We Ignore?


Author:Roger Barrier

Dear Roger, How do we know which Old Testament Laws should be acknowledged and which ones can be ignored? My pastor says that some laws were cultural (like eating shellfish and wearing mixed cloth) while others were spiritual...[more]


If I Commit Suicide, Will I Still Go to Heaven?


Author:Roger Barrier

  Hi, I don't feel comfortable stating my name, but I am 17 and a Christian. I was raised as one and was always told and preached that without God and believing he died for me then I'm not living right. But I have these...[more]


Dealing with a Drunken Pastor


Author:Roger Barrier

Dear Roger, Our pastor was arrested for DUI recently. This is not his first offense. He is believed to have the alcoholism disease. As a church body what is our responsibility, what should be his consequences, and how can we do...[more]


Does the Bible Address Global Warming?


Author:Roger Barrier

Dear Roger, Does the Bible Address Global Warming? What Does it Say About Taking Care of the Planet? Sincerely, Julie Dear Julie, As you know, Global Warming is the man-made introduction of green-house emission gases...[more]