Ask Roger


Does God Still Harden Hearts?


Author:Roger Barrier

Dear Roger, My bro-in-law, … recently posted this query to me via e-mail: Question from reading John 12:39-41 – my commentary says, people in Jesus' time would not believe despite the evidence. As a result, God HARDENED their...[more]


Honoring Parents Who Don't Deserve It?


Author:Roger Barrier

Dear Roger, The scriptures say to honor your mother and father. What if your parents are not the Godly examples they are supposed to be? (Divorced because of adultery (both), with one of them being an alcoholic. All while...[more]


Is the Harsh Old Testament God the Same as the Loving New Testament God?


Author:Roger Barrier

Dear Roger, We have relatives who are not believers, and want to argue that the "harsh" God of the Old Testament could not be the same as Jesus of the New Testament. They ask, "How would a loving God wipe out...[more]


Do Zombies Exist? Was Jesus a Zombie?


Author:Roger Barrier

Was Jesus a zombie? In this age of "anything goes" some young adults are considering the possibility. According to some, His resurrection and most powerful call to discipleshhip certainly align themselves with zombie...[more]


What to Do When Big Givers Leave the Church?


Author:Roger Barrier

Dear Roger, I am the pastor of a 100 member adult church and I was informed today that my largest giving family will no longer be with us. This family represented 15% of the total giving and their departure comes after the...[more]


What About the Baptism and Filling of the Holy Spirit?


Author:Roger Barrier

Dear Roger, I am a member of your church and I work for (company name withheld). We take the girls to various Assembly of God Churches, but I am allowed to bring some of them to Casas on Sunday mornings and they love it. The...[more]


Are Global Warming and Natural Disasters God's Judgment?


Author:Roger Barrier

A huge hurricane was bearing down on Virginia Beach, Virginia. Destruction was predicted to be in the billion dollar range. On the airwaves, Pat Robertson was pleading for God to perform a miracle and turn the hurricane away. He...[more]