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Ask Roger

Ask Roger

“Ask Roger” is a weekly feature with Dr. Roger Barrier. With thirty years of ministry experience as a pastor, counselor, consultant and conference speaker, Dr. Barrier is well-equipped to help with your questions about the Bible, Christian ethics, family relationships, and much more.


Questions List

Honoring Parents Who Don't Deserve It?
Lotto and God: Can a Christian Buy a Lottery Ticket?
Pot-Smoking Alcoholic Pastor?
Best Jesus Snapshot in the Bible
War: When Not to Turn the Other Cheek
What About Mercy-Killing?
Why Should We Support Israel?
Do Short-Term Missions Matter?
Are We Baptizing Our Children Too Early?
Which Old Testament Laws Do We Ignore?
If I Commit Suicide, Will I Still Go to Heaven?
Dealing with a Drunken Pastor
Does the Bible Address Global Warming?
Was Judas Predestined to Betray Jesus?
Can I Be Punished in Heaven for a Terrible Sin?
Help! I'm Tempted to Commit Rape
Out of Your Mind? God and Dementia
Animal Murder: Should Christians Be Vegetarians?
Obama the Antichrist? Three Views
How Do I Live with Someone Who Wants Me Dead?
What Happens to a Nation When the Government Lies?
Why Does the Church Ignore Their Poor?
God's Voice: Can God Speak in Nature?
Why Do Churches and Missionaries Ask for So Much Money?
Is It OK for Christians to Take Anti-Depressants?
I Want to Be Cremated. My Kids Refuse to Honor my Request
Does God Speak Better in Nature?
Competitive Christianity
What's Wrong with Women's Hair?
Are Global Warming and Natural Disasters God's Judgment?
Does God Still Harden Hearts?
Is the Harsh Old Testament God the Same as the Loving New Testament God?
Do Zombies Exist? Was Jesus a Zombie?
What to Do When Big Givers Leave the Church?
What About the Baptism and Filling of the Holy Spirit?
Can a Mason Be a Christian?
Why is God Tempting Me to Sin?
Can I Sue My Pastor?
Tithing On No Income?
Kissing on the Lips?

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