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Can My Mom Hear Me In Heaven?

Author: Roger Barrier

Dear Roger,

My mom passed away a few months ago. Can she hear me in heaven when I talk to her?

Sincerely, Brian

Dear Brian,

No one can answer your question with any degree of certainty. As far as I know, the Bible never gives a definitive answer.

Nevertheless, the Bible does give some insight into the matter. In Revelation 6:9-11, a group of Christian martyrs are pictured under the altar in Heaven watching death blows rain down upon Christians who are alive on earth during the Great Tribulation. These men and women are obviously aware of the events on earth and are pleading for God to get even with the persecution perpetrators.

Acts 7 records the stoning of Stephen for the “crime” of preaching the Gospel. He was the first Christian martyr. Just before dying he saw Jesus leaning over the ramparts of Heaven looking on him with compassion and concern: “When they heard this, they were furious and gnashed their teeth at him. But Stephen, full of the Holy Spirit, looked up to heaven and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing at the right hand of God. ‘Look,’ he said, ‘I see heaven open and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God.’ At this they covered their ears and, yelling at the top of their voices, they all rushed at him, dragged him out of the city and began to stone him” (Acts 7:54-58).

Some view Hebrews 12:1-2 as evidence that Christians in Heaven can observe activities occurring on earth. The Heroes of Faith are pictured in Hebrews 11 as standing in a great stadium as they cheer for Christians who are running the “race that is set before them.” I don’t particularly agree with this interpretation. I think that the writer to the Hebrews was simply using them as encouraging examples to us that our faith can result in victorious living, too!

On the other hand, Julie and I listened with rapt attention as one of our missionary friends from the Middle East described the raid on her family by the secret police of a nation that often persecuted Christians. Her skull was split open by an axe. Her husband was beaten mercilessly. God miraculously protected their children. She was air evacuated to Vienna and miraculously survived with all her mental and motor skills intact! Her husband fully recovered. She wept as she described the horror of the attack; however, moments later her lips curled up in a soft smile as she told of the vision she had during the attack of the saints of Hebrew 11 cheering her on in her pain.

While these examples might hint at your mother being to hear (and see) you on earth, they are certainly not definitive. My opinion is that—I just don’t know the answer. But, maybe the following story can put things in perspective.

When our baby daughter, Jessie, died in our arms, Julie and I said, “Good bye,” and then knelt to pray. I remember asking God to tell Jessie that we were her mommy and daddy and that we loved her more than words could tell. I asked God to relate to her how glad we were that she finally had a working body with which to enjoy the delights of Heaven. I prayed for God to tell her that we were looking forward to seeing her again soon!

At her funeral I prayed for Jesus to tell Jessie that we really wished she were still here on earth us, but that we did not begrudge her one bit the great time she was having in Heaven.

Brian, I find myself still quietly praying those prayers still today—thirty-eight-years later. I don’t know if Jessie can observe or hear from me directly; on the other hand, I know that God can, and that makes me confident that Jessie knows as well. Ask God in prayer to tell your mom whatever you want to tell her. It just may be that God passes the message along.

Thanks for the question. I hope my thoughts are helpful.

Love, Roger


I read your answer with tears, my Mom died years ago, very suddenly. She didn't see me get married or know her Grandson. I noticed a star that appeared much brighter than the rest in the months following her death. I saw it during the times I was traveling from California to Arizona settling her estate(She died suddenly and young). I felt she was watching and that gave me strength. I still miss her, but I know she's with our Father and whole again and that I'll see her again gives me much comfort, and yes, I've asked God to pass along messages from time to time.
Robyn Edwards , 02/17/10 03:39 PM
Wow Roger, that was an amazing answer! Brian, keep praying to God and pass along messages to your Mom, I am sure he will pass them on!
, 02/18/10 12:21 PM
Thank you Brian for the touching question. And thank you Roger for your meaningful answer.

It is important for me to reflect on this. As memories linger and pass, I've begun to ask God to let my father know that I'm now beginning to see deep things that I didn't while he was here.

I also find myself talking to Dad in my tears, and if he can't hear me personally, I trust that God is passing it along out of His love and compassion for both of us. "I just didn't know."

My mother is still on earth, but has Alzheimer's. In the same way, while I am alone, I talk to her in my tears. I hope God is passing it along to her now. If not, then when she is in heaven.

No matter the difference in the circumstances, this life is short. When we are together in Heaven, there will be plenty of time to express loving thoughts we haven't even perceived yet.

Great things He has done. Great things He will do.
Jack Victor Muecke , 02/18/10 02:23 PM
Thank you Roger and Julie for sharing. I to wonder if Mom can hear me but even more so I wonder can she see me or our family even a glimpse. She has been passed barely over two years now 1/24/08. Yes I will ask God to tell her how much I miss her and love her til we meet again.
Mary Litteral , 02/21/10 08:41 PM
Thank you Roger for your wonderful, caring and thoughtful message. After thinking back to times when she were still here, I know she hears me. There many ,many timesehen she were here that I could sense that she wanted to speak to me and vice vera sand that we would call each other at just about the same time.Now, I sense that she can hear me and is waiting on me to "call
home " and just chat. Brian Carswell
Brian Carswell , 03/24/10 01:04 PM
Roger, this helped me very much. I recently lost my son and have struggled and struggled with this very question, especially to my son and daughter who are still living. Working through the grieving process is very difficult. I struggle with him seeing how heartbroken we all are without him. Thanks again Roger
Tonya Haley , 03/28/10 06:59 PM
My husband died suddenly while working out of town on 3/23/10 and I too wondered if he could see and hear me from heaven. Your answer gave me such peace. Honestly, we don't know for sure, but we know what our hearts tell us and feel. Thank you for such a heartfelt answer to such an important question.
Theresa Sullivan , 04/28/10 12:08 PM
I lost my son 10 months ago and I know he visits me often. I feel his presence and I talk to him. I believe that there is a place in Heaven where our loved ones can go to see us, but I know they don't understand earthly things anymore. I often pray and ask God to just let my son know that I love him and miss him and I know, without doubt, God does this for me.
Melissa Doo , 05/14/10 03:35 PM
i love my mommy so much
i dont want to watch her cry
sam islam , 09/02/10 11:32 PM
the night my mum died in hospital i had a dream and my mum was telling me that i dont need to worry that she was ok now when i woke up a bit confused then my brother was caling me to tell me my mun had died still miss her mums never stop caring worrying and looking after even though they are not here love to u all
patrick kirwan , 09/13/10 04:36 PM
Thank you for your encouragement...and yes, i DO believe God passes along my messages and thoughts of love and missing her to my Mom...she died 2 years ago this month...I miss her so much...but i KNOW i WILL see her again!!!
pam crosby , 10/09/10 01:28 PM
There where times my mom and i talked and i said to her we should have a signal that we both know so when you are gone i still know you are around. We never picked out what it would be but there is a song she loved and always wanted to listen to so on her last day here i asked her if she wanted to here it and she said yes. i also played it at her funeral. the first time i heard it after her funeral was almost a year later the night i brought flowers to the cemetery for her birthday i got in the car and it was playing i just got married this last july and i told my girlfriend if i here the song the next day i will know my mom is there. it was not even five minutes later and a friend called me who i have not heard from in a year said she heard a song on the radio and it made her think of me so she called it was my mom's favorite song. i hung up the phone and within two minutes my son text me and said mom wave on wave is playing. my girlfriend and i went into tears and said my mom is here. i believe my mom is still with me all the time.that song has played on to many impotant times and i believe that is our sign. i will always love and cherish her may she be happy in heaven. Gail
gail corrick , 10/24/10 08:53 PM
My lovely mum passed away on 23 nov 2010. I am devasted about the sudden departure and I cried a lot. While waiting to identify the body, I feel someone standing beside me. I know is Jesus even though I cannot see him. He was here with me and my mum. ( my mum do not know Christ, but God forgive all sins and I believe she is taken with him to heaven). But my faith was low, I begin to question God, will my mum be in heaven? If yes, pls rain for me as a sign. Suddenly it rain. Then I am weak again and ask God to wash away my mum sin, by rain. Then it rained the second time in one day. God answer me and I believe if you want to talk to anyone, just ask and he will not failed you. Ask will be given. Amen
Sam Wong , 11/26/10 08:22 AM
Mom died suddenly in 89. We were best friends. The day before we had a little spat and through her pain she said "You do not love me". I said. "I do love you Mother", those were our last words. My brother died at an even younger age in 96, his last words to me were "don't judge me"... I know they are both with Jesus, I wish they knew that I never for one moment had anything but love in my heart for them. I know that they cannot feel pain so they cannot see me. It is awesome that they are with Jesus. Please all, be careful what you say words stay here when we are gone and others could be deeply hurt by them.
Jacki Harris , 12/02/10 08:14 PM
My mom died jan 2010. Suddenly we had been arguing on and off for ages. She also used o ask me did I love her of course I did we were just both stubborn. I am having problems comig to terms with it and spent the whole year drinking to block out the pain I feel so guilty about some of the things I said an idoubed her love for me all the time. I can't shake this feeling of sadness it is with me all the time. I miss her so much she has been giving me so many signs still I thank her for them.  thanks for reading m post
Natalie Harrison , 01/28/11 08:11 PM
my dearest mom died in 93 it is as though it was yesterday.i think of her always and i know she is with me especially when i need her ..funny how one thinks of all of the family gone now ..memories come and they are alive again and just in the other room or on the other side of the phone. how i love her and miss her
yvonne glover , 03/04/11 10:23 AM
I'm crying as I'm reading the stories of all the Mum's that have passed away. I came to your site by searching for "talking to Mum in Heaven." I talk to my Mum all the time and I do feel she hears me, but when I'm feeling down I want to talk to her and hear her answer me.
Frances Salemi , 04/20/11 04:04 PM
I also had the same question. I just lost my mom to 45 day fight with Pancreatic cancer. She was my best friend. I am 51yrs old. At 76yrs on June 3rd. She was still my mom, and best friend. When things got tough in my life, she would say to me. Mike everything is going to be ok. Even when she was dying. She said. Mike everything is go to be ok. I miss you mom. I wish I could hear you say those comforting words again. Love your son Mike.
mike mcnally , 07/05/11 06:01 PM
August 1st will be 1 year since I lost my mother to Pancreatic Cancer. Learning to live with it, knowing I'll never get over it...So I have to believe that she hears me, even when I'm not speaking....
michelle khalaia , 07/17/11 02:01 PM
I lost my wonderful and perfect mom exactly two months ago to lung cancer. She was healthy as can be, diagnosed and gone in three months. I feel the holy spirit with me often when my heart aches. I get amazing strength, I can feel the greatness. I know we can't possibly grasp the power of god and what he is capable of however, I'm very confident that my mother is incredibly well taken care of and I like the possibility that by praying to Jesus he is relaying in some way the message that we are thinking of her. My mom's last written words to me on my birthday card one week after she was diagnosed were, "wow, what a bombshell! Well, one day at a time, things could be worse! Please don't worry, we just need to get things organized." When I read this over and over I think she knew she was not going to be around long. But, she never said anything to crush my hope that she would live much longer. Jesus had already spoke to her I think and she went peacefully in Hospice. Oh, Mom, I know its possible Jesus is relaying you news on joni, Dad and I. I love you and know that we will see you again!
jay soneff , 11/01/11 12:00 AM
My mom passed just two month ago on September 14, 2011. I truly believe she is in Heaven at peace and suffing no more. I recently learned through my sister to ask God to relay messages to my mom. As a believer in Christ Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I know He answers prayer. I pray each day that He would wrap His arms around my mother and give her a big hug for me and to let her know that I love and miss her. I believe He does just that and my request if fulfilled daily. Mr. Roger Barrier, your response and perspective to the question asked by so many is actually confirmation for me. Both my two sisters had dreams of talking with my mom on the phone (after she passed) and she told them both that she was fine, and her voice was so crisp, clear and vibrant. I have yet to experience that dream, being her only other daughter, but I'm sure if I continue to pray and ask God to hear her voice and to let me know she's fine, I'm sure it will eventually come to pass. Just gotta have faith!
Chantay Johnson , 11/23/11 09:21 AM
My Grandma passed about two months ago. My mom and I have had a really tough time dealing with her loss, and we've asked each other this question several times. Her birthday was last Monday, and my mom was having a hard time getting through the day (she teaches 3rd grade at Casas). The night before, she asked me with tears in her eyes, "Jess, what should I do? Do I get her a card? Do I write her a letter? Does she hear me? What's she doing up there?"

The next day, afraid that she might break into tears, she told the kids, "Sorry guys, I'm having a sad day. It's my Momma's birthday." The kids all said "Awwwwwwww," in unison, with genuine sympathy on their faces. One little girl said, "Let's sing her happy birthday!" My mom fought back tears and said, "I don't know you guys. Do you think she will hear us?" The little girl said, "Well I don't know, but Jesus will definitely hear us, so He'll probably want to tell her!"

They all sang happy birthday to my Grandma, and my mom found some comfort in it. Whether or not my Grandma heard, I think it does us good to have that child-like faith that she did. We won't know for sure until we meet Jesus, so why not hope for the best, and send them our love anyway? Worst case scenario, Jesus hears it, and it touches His heart.

The Bible says we get the mind of Christ when we die, and though we won't know everything Christ knows, I think there's a good chance that He shares things of eternal value with us while we are in Heaven. Love is eternal, so maybe He shares our love with them. Never hurts to have child-like faith!
Jess Woody , 12/10/11 09:45 PM
My mother passed away on Thanksgiving night this year. I still don't know exactly what caused her death, but I know that whatever it was there was nothing that I could have done to save her. When God decides it's time to go, we must go. If my mom had a choice, she would have never left. As she was always apologizing to me, I know that if she could say something to me now, it would be that she's sorry for leaving. As other people mentioned above, my mother and I also had a rocky relationship. Luckily for me when she passed we had just left on a very happy note. We had even prayed together. In all honesty I think it's one of the only times I've ever seen my mother pray. As far as my mother hearing me when I pray to Jesus or talk to her, I know that she can. I pray every night to dream about my mom and every night since she's passed.

Tiffany Guerrero , 12/21/11 08:55 PM
My mom died suddenly at the age of 79 of a cardiac arrest. I was staying in a hotel in New Hampshire at the time after a recent trip out west. At about 4:00 AM, I was awake and getting ready to go to the bathroom. All of a sudden, a bright light came into the room and was flitting around over my side of the bed. At first I was scared and pulled the covers over my eyes, than again, I looked up in the air. The room was pitch black other than this light that was about 10 inches long, flitting around, even more quickly than before. I put my left hand out and it touched me. I didn't feel anything physically, but I felt a wonderful feeling of happiness, love, and simply a happiness I'd never felt. The light than hovered over my husband for a few seconds and continued to the left out of the room. On the way home later that day, I received a call about my mom passing away the night before at about 3:00 AM. I went from a total feeling of elation to tears and mourning. I still remember that peace and happiness. It helps with the grief, and it also helps my father who keeps wondering where she is.
Cindy Johnson , 01/24/12 11:29 AM
My mom died June 27 last summer (2011) I still cry myself to sleep sometimes.I needed an answer to that, and you answered it.I almost cried reading it. You really touched my heart. P.S.I am 10 years old.

Karyn Dion
Karyn Dion , 01/25/12 08:45 PM
I'm in tears reading these stories. My Mum died five months ago; she was my closest friend. I miss her incredibly.

I don't go to church really but I was praying every day for a miracle and for faith. I just want her to be in a much better place now if she can't be here on Earth.

(I know you can hear me Mum.) Love you xxx
K , 02/23/12 10:22 PM
My mum passed away on July 10 2012 and after 2 days I gave birth to my baby girl.She was my friend with whom i could share mu ups and downs.Hope she can hear me.I almost cried reading all the above stories.
sayari uprety , 05/15/12 01:08 AM
I'm like everyone else, crying reading all of your stories about your mothers. My mother is 88 and she is my best friend. She has always helped me and listened to me and advised me all of my life. I am losing her slowly to dementia and physical decline but I'm still glad I have her. All my life I feared my parents' death, and now that my Dad is 92 and Mom 88, it will happen someday relatively soon. I'm really really going to miss them.
m k r , 05/17/12 09:57 PM
Today is Memorial Day 5/28/12 my mom would have been 86 today. i lost her 01/09 and not a day goes by I don't miss her terribly. Internet/computers was not in moms vocabulary but i actually sent her a message today emailing her with and it wasn't returned. I feel our Lord has passed it on to her and that gave me great peace in a very hard day. lub my mama, sherie
SHERIE WILL , 05/28/12 08:31 PM
I also cried reading a lot of the letters here. After my mom passed on September 3 I was in shock! I prayed so hard for her not to go and she did. I was so angry at god and the devil. These days I,m working on not being so angry at god because she is with god , hopefully. I had so much to do with her , I hope our loved ones do hear us. I try not to believe in ghosts but I do believe in spirits. My daughter thinks she was dreaming but thinks it was real , says around 5 or 6 in the morning saw a spirit in her room watching and smiling . My daughter said she looked so young and strong . My daughter said she was wearing a white robe. My daughter said she was watching for a while then walked towards the bed and told her to sleep and carressed her. The night light flickered went away away. I truly hope she comes back again. I love her and miss her so much. God please let me be with her again ,see her again or give me a sign she is around. Tell her love her and I,m sorry for all the times I,ve disrespected her, I want to see her again.
Millie , 06/17/12 02:15 PM
Dear Roger, I don't understand how you can say this: "No one can answer your question with any degree of certainty. As far as I know, the Bible never gives a definitive answer."

Did not Christ Jesus say: "a time is coming and has now come when the dead will hear
the voice of the Son of God"? And aren't all Christians incorporated in the mystical order into the body of Christ? Then it is unequivocal, even from the biblical standpoint, that they can listen to us.

As for those in heaven - that is, those admitted to the infinitely beautiful presence of God - are they not all saints? And does not the Revelation state: "The smoke of the incense, with the prayers of the saints, went up before God"?

That is why ever since the year 325 Christians profess their faith in the "communion of saints".

So yes, Brian, she can hear you and she intercedes for you and your beloved ones.

Pax Christi vobis
Carmine C. , 07/04/12 10:45 AM
I pray to God all the time and ask him to let my mom know that I love her, its weird I am a Dj and as I am writing this a song came on A Mothers Prayer by Jackie Evancho, if thats not proof then I don't know what is.
Sean Russell , 07/09/12 03:06 PM
I lost my amazing father exactly 1 month ago too cancer and it was sudden and he was only 63 he went through 2 surgerys too get the tumor removed and the 2nd one he was outta surgery and was doing fine and then all of a sudden his heart stopped they tried too revive him but the docters had no luck and im only 23 and i still need my dad very muchso i cry constantly for him and i always question can he see me can he hear me crying for him is he with me and by my side i have gotten some signs when he passed away but i havent noticed any more signs and i know that hes made his peace with the lord but i just hope he can see me and hear me like ill ask for signs such as flicker the light but he never does. im so confused and i just miss him so much and if theres anybody out there that is goin through the same thing as me u can email me if u wanna talk cuz i think i need too talk too somebody becaue i cry constantly and i mean every second of every day last night i cried for about 2 hrs because i miss him so much heres my please no crazy ppl emailing me please. R.I.P daddy may 8 1949- july 11 2012 gone but never forgotten
Brittany Heath , 08/17/12 01:53 AM
Thank you 4 ur idea, it warmth my heart.. My prayer n wishes reaches to her as she Mom hears me through God..
Jain N S , 08/31/12 11:16 AM
I lost my mother on April 13,2012. I thought I prepared myself for her death but words can't describe how I feel. I just want to know that she is in heaven and that she is doing good. So far I have cried myself to sleep every night. I just want a sign from her or god. She was a strong woman in God. I love you mom...
lakesha ray , 09/16/12 11:43 AM
My son was brutally murdered January 10, 2010. He was only 22 years old when his life was taken so tragically. I've had a few dreams of him, but only two where he's spoken to me. He was crying in one and told me that he missed his baby. I know that my grief has played a role in these dreams. I do wonder often if my son can see me or hear me when I'm crying for him. I wonder if he's awake or if he's asleep as some have interpreted from scriptures. I, myself don't want to think of him as being unconscious and asleep. It's too sad for me this way. I want to imagine him someplace beautiful and at peace. I want him to be present with Jesus and even our family members that have passed on. I've been trying to find the answers but there are so many different beliefs regarding this. I've asked God many times to help me know what is true about this after I read different things. My heart keeps telling me that my son is awake, in a spiritual form in Heaven with Jesus. I keep receiving the same feeling each time I ask for God's guideance. This leads me to believe that His answer is this. My son is alive and with Jesus in Heaven. I can't imagine Satan being the one bringing me these feelings. In fact, it's Satan that continues to disrupt my peaceful thoughts. It must be, because just as I receive peace and confirmation I become unsure and unsettled. I also wonder often if my son knew what was happening among his family as he was leaving. Did he see our pain? Did he know he had died? I have a lot of unanswered questions regarding his death and wish someone could share with me the scriptures where I might be able to find my answers. Is my son with his family and friends in Heaven? Will God ever allow my son visit me in a dream to know that he's really ok? Does my son know what his family is doing and how we are coping? Someone, please share scriptures that might give me some certainty about these things. I would love to know if the bible speaks of any such thing I am needing answers to. Thank you!
Kimberly Mays , 09/30/12 06:46 PM
I love my mom in Heaven, she's been gone a few months now & I miss her, but know she's in safe hands and can always see me & I definitely still love her. I was 12 when she passed on, and I definitely still miss her, but well, I'll have to just live on, talk to her & God and one day be with them..
Love you mom
Random Perosn , 10/09/12 03:04 PM
i am adopted. my dad died in 83 from cancer. my mother died August 19th, 2011. i was blessed to have wonderful parents. I'm now an adult orphan, and i miss them so much. while my mom laid dying her sister said out loud to me that now i can go find my real mother. this has caused me to have hatred in my heart towards her because the parents who adopted me were my real parents. they loved me. i know i need to forgive but cant. all contacts with her is gone. i miss my parents and ask god to tell them so. life will never be the same.
bernadette drabek , 10/17/12 09:15 PM
Mum I miss you and love you
You was taken away so suddenly
there was no time to say good bye
but please I pray my Lord Jesus Christ
Please pass this message to my mum
Mum I miss you and love you
richard alexander , 12/24/12 03:12 PM
dear mum
thank you for 36 years of great joy and memories
although you in heaven where there is no more tears of pain and suffering
dad/esther and i are sad and miss you
this is the first time you away from
us for Christmas and we want you to know we love you and you will be always be remembered daily in our prayers
dear God in the name of Jesus Christ please kindly pass this message to our mum in heaven -
thank you kindly dear God
richard alexander , 12/24/12 04:44 PM
I was also reading your answer Brother Roger to Brian. Tears jerk into my eyes while I was reading your good answers to Brian based in the Bible because my mother also died just last May 30, 2012. She died 2:30 Am while in the Hospital. Her blood pressure got lower and lower. I cannot imagine losing her because she was part of my plans and dreams in life. Now this is the first Christmas and New year she was not with me anymore. But I'm glad that there is hope and I believe you are right because I know there is Paradise in heaven. Before my mother died, right in the hospital I invited a Pastor or an elder in the church. She was anointed with oil. She Prayed the prayer of acceptance to Jesus Christ our Lord. After six days she passed away. Up to now the pain is still in my heart. Out of my loneliness and sadness I browse the internet and find this site. May God directed me here to find comfort from you.
Carlos Angelito Dufourt Morales , 12/28/12 05:20 AM
I often speak to my Mum and feel in my heart she listens. She passed away on December 7th 2011 age 73 in her chair at home. She'd recently had a fall and broken her shoulder which with ill health contributed to her death. I wasn't there and after learning she had been shouting my name a few hours earlier, this is something that torments me. In times I think of this, I pray and feel strongly she is with me, reassuring me and sending me her love. I dream of her occasionally which makes me feel close to her again. Love you Mum, you're always in my heart - for Margaret Rose Tranter xxx
Elizabeth Tranter , 01/01/13 07:01 PM
i was the only child and it was me and my mom. She died on the last day of June. I just want her to be with the Lord. She heped so many people and i want her to be at peace. However i know it is not up to me. i didn't eat or drink for about a week and I had fainting spells. i fell and hit mw head and woke up in a pool of blood... twice. At this point (not because of the fall) I just want peace. I don't want any conflict with anybody and can't deal with any negativity. nobody understands that she was all i had. No wife no kids. people think an insurance policy takes away the pain. LOL! We didn't always get along and I am sorry for some of the things i said. I didn't deserve her. I feel like I am waaiting for my turn. I hope that my mom knows I love her and I appreciate her So much. I thought I was ok but I seem to be getting worse. Her family is of no help. i am not mad at God, and I pray that i don't become mad. But I thought she was going to pull through. I was at the hospital for three weeks and the night I left to check on the house she died. I just want peace. I feel physically weak. I am writing here because i know that noo one wants a sad guy around.
At this point if God wants me to be sad, wellI guess i had better get used to it. I feel stupid asking God not to make me sad. I don't think he does that. i know it is a test to see if i doubt him butI feel like this is as far as i can go and just stop eating. i pray but i am SO lost and i know he wants me to feel this way or otherwise I wouldn't. i just don't understand why he created grief. I sat on the edge of my moms bed for three months and I barely remebember sept.oct. Nov.
I honestly feel lost. I am not going to do anything bad or stupid but I am afraid that God may be angry because I am sad, as to say o don't have faith. But I miss my mom anf I can't help it. I hope he will understand. I PRAY that he will. I feel like I went back on my word.I am confused. i just don't want feelings. I got real drunk and that is NOT the answer.
robert , 01/23/13 09:54 PM
My 16 year old son died jan 9th of 2013. I want to so much know that he can see us some time or that God will give him a message for me. He was my baby and I am still full of grief
Peggy Rickard , 02/12/13 07:27 PM
my girlfriend i was with for 12 years who was 56 years old when she died suddenly she was brought up in catholic schools while i was with her my best friend passed away she would say talk to him he can hear you so i did it made me feel better so i talk to her now that shes gone with the hope she can hear me my lamp in my house is a three way light where it gets brighter till it gets to the brightest now three times while i was talking to her on different nights the light went to the brightest on its own with nothing touching it it actually went off and came back on and got bright now last night when i was talking to her i walked out of the room when i got done just as i got out of the room it went brighter again i believe that there spirit can come and visit us after seeing this happen i have no doubt in my mind.they watch over us.
randy h , 04/28/13 03:33 AM
I lost my beautiful mum less then 3 months ago she was born again she was married to my farther for 3 months he left as he wanted to live in Athens my mother begged him to return he remarried my mother raised me with her father she never remarried always worshiped our lord Jesus a very clean & loving carding person she was 1 month to reach 67 years old her father passed away in 05 he passed away in my arms, my mother had none alcoholic liver problems due to diabieties was in & out if Hsptl 3 years my wife & 3 children & I took care of her as we always lived together, I am sorry for the long story but I am crying everyday for her praying to god that when I die I want to be in my mothers arms that joy of knowing she is in heaven with her patents &
younger brother makes me hungry for heaven even more so I have children I must rase it's very hard with put my mum as they cry everyday every 20 minutes I feel alone Iv no 1 to care for the death is a sad thing for us on earth as we miss those who leave us but having faith in god & Jesus out lord saviour knowing there is a place in heaven for us I just hope I recognise my mother & grandfather I wouldn't change a thing I'd worship god in heaven with them in 1 house she would tell me there's Angels in heaven who say halleluja over & over none stop she would always say don't worry it's going to be ok when she was alive after her being in a coma 5 days she would be ok & it always was, now I am afraid I am alone for my kids & beautiful wife I feel alone I pray to god thanking him he gave me strength while in hospital with her for 6 months at a time she would cry for her daddy I'd cry with her also now I am alone missing her so much this is a nightmare I pray for all children who has lost there mothers & fathers for peace & comfort I pray that you also make your self known to Christ Jesus without him there really is nothing god bless everyone who reads I can't see this iPhone from my tears peace & gods love & protection upon all his children In Jesus name Anen
Tony London , 06/01/13 09:16 AM
I not only lost my mother but she was my one and only friend. I could talk to her about anything.We were always together, and now people are asking " 'Elizabeth where is your friend that your always with"? U see everybody thought we were freinds not mother and daughter. I live on the 12th floor and day and nite I talk to her and I have a STAR lite in the big window for just maybe my mom will find me. I know in heaven time is different it moves more faster then here on Earth.And what so funny when I was younger I went to a private boarding School Called Colliers High School and I can remember that one of the Sisters "nuns" where comeing back from Irland and she took a polarid pic of the clouds and once it was clear to see, it was the cloud but there was also something else. We believed it was gods bottom half of his body with the Rosery Beads hangin from his waist wereing a long white robe. There is no way you can alter a polarid pic. And I really dont think a Sister would lie about something like that and I seen it with my own 2 eyes. I would love to know what ever happen with that pic. b/c Im sure Sister Jane is looking over me as I speek. But anyway. when I lost my mom a big part of me died with her,I havent been the same she passed March 30th,2012 at 8:30 am at home/with hospics. I love you mom always and forever. Lizanne
Elizabeth Reed , 01/14/14 08:31 AM
I did not hear words ,but I felt my mom telling me she was proud of me.I did not hear her say I love you son,but I felt her loving me.
Herbert English , 02/10/14 10:05 AM
I lost my mom,in July,2012 she almost made it to her 100th birthday, I have been. Crying for almost two years but its gotten whole family is still hurting at her moment of death,I heard her say,in my spirit,don't cry for me I am ok.her favorite word was I am ok ,this is true I am a Christian.i believe because of his grace and mercy and grace,the lord let me hear her .
betty tate , 02/12/14 06:49 AM
I lost my 16Yr old son Jan9th 2014 by a hit and run and I hurt so bad my life feels empty without him. But I too pray God holds him for me and I hope he hears me tell him I Love Him. I have also looked for answers if they can hear us or see our sorrows and how much he meant to me. I know i will see you again but it seems forever. Rest in paradise my sweet child.
michelle guzman , 02/12/14 03:11 PM
I would really like to know if anyone out there has had the same experience as I did. I am a Christian and did not know and would not have believed this 40 day-visitation of the soul until my mum passed away in December last year. The first week or during the 9 days after her passing, there were signs that she came to visit me by unmistakable smells and fragrance. The first one was the unmistakable smell of my mother with her skin moisturizer; the second one was the same smell plus fragrance of a flower which I did not really know what kind of flower it was. The third time which lasted the longest, about 6 to 8 seconds was totally the fragrance of the flower which was a strong fragrance. The next day I went to my friend's house and his friend who was staying with him got to know about this and went to my friend's garden and brought back some flowers which is JASMINE and it was exactly 100% the fragrance I experienced the night before. After that, I am a total believer in this 40 day-visitation. My church actually forbids us to believe in all this and told us that the soul sleeps after death until resurrection day but now I Know this is not true - the soul does visit their loved-ones and give signs to try to comfort them. I am comforted by the signs but I am still in great agony because the loss is real in a physical sense where I could not see her physically anymore and I do not have the chance anymore to care for her, cook for her, wash her laundry, buy her favourite foods, etc.. And now that she is gone, I only realized that it was a privilege and enjoyment to serve her while she was alive because we enjoyed talking to each other very much and she was always there for me no matter what! And I will always remember that My Mother is the only person in the world that truly loves me unconditionally.
Check Shyong Quek , 05/21/14 01:51 AM
My mother (Japanese)/Mizuko M. Goto-Hockett, passed away in/on/about June 5, 2014 at 7:00 a.m. in Hospice after choking at the Golden Corral/Dementia. My mother's guardian Mr Stirewalt was angry because of some change in a will where she (my mother) left a huge sum of money to relatives in Kyoto Japan. So, if any Japanese Family Members wish to pay their respects at their home in Japan and/or give respects in the USA: Care of: William Stirewalt/Roberta Taylor (Attorney at Law),
14237 Estero Road, Victorville, CA 92392 - USA and/or write me (Susan) - This is a public notice that my mother Mizuko 'Michy' wanted to honor the family that took her in during the Japanese Conflict/

I (Susan) was adopted from Korea by my mother (Mizuko 'Michy') and my father (William Gerald Hockett- Veteran US Air Force), from an orphanage in Korea - Holt International.

Today, I read all of the messages above and I tell my story because I too am in incredible crushing pain. My mother believed in both Buddhism and the Christian faith. So I take comfort in that she accepted Jesus as her savior many years ago. My mother did NOT teach me (Susan) the Japanese Language, but when my father died when I was 16 years old, I watched my mother perform all of the Japanese Traditional Rituals for my daddy who was a USAF Veteran in Vietnam/Korea Conflicts, which at that time since my father was an American(white/Caucasian), he and my mother (Japanese) were discriminated on the military bases.

I was NOT taught Japanese, because my mother did not want me to have accent and be hated, ostracized, Asian/discriminated, humiliated, and/or shamed in public which was in the USA in Victorville, CA.

I wish my mother had taught me Japanese, because with dementia, I think my mother forgot how to speak English, and during the time when she was healthy, and could recognize me, she spoke in Japanese. The gentleman living with her got awarded Custody of/Froze my mom's $750,000.00 and refused to use that money to put mom in an Elder Care Facility/Not even just Day Care, signs of him not feeding her/shutting off the water, electricity, access to her car keys, so she couldn't go to the store to buy fresh food, and yet he went to 'volunteer' in his son's restaurant almost every day, while my mother was starving and could not understand why there was no water or food in the house. I was in Virginia and her neighbors called me from California, I called 911 and/or the sheriff/police who talked with both my mother (couldn't speak English much) and the gentleman, their conclusion was that there was NO sign of abuse because the inside of the house was clean/well kept and the housekeeping was done by my mother who liked a clean house. The Judge awarded this gentleman all of the control over my mom and my mom had no rights, neither did I, to assist my mother in time, The court order prevented me (Susan) her 'Person'/Property/Conservatorship/Guardianship.
I feel the pain, and this is the 7th day (49 days of Japanese Tradition) to help guide a lost loved ones spirit to the afterlife. So I guess what I wanted to say is I believe that all of our loved ones come visit us, to bring their souls at peace. God who is all about forgiving our sins for none of us will ever be perfect, and Jesus died on the cross so that we may all enjoy heaven. I feel helpless because of the court system, but this I know deep in my heart, that the souls of our loved ones do come and visit us, to give us peace, and also for the souls to find peace before they go to heaven. I hope the above helps because our loved ones are in a better place, the bible says so over and over, it is us that are left behind and it is not our time yet to go. I believe also that GOD is all knowing, and he takes our loved ones to heaven at the time that they have made peace with him. We will join all of our loved ones in Heaven at the time that GOD chooses for us, I have comfort in that thought, but it still hurts so much right now...,
Susan M Hockett Barela , 06/12/14 07:38 AM
I want to know if my mum can hear me when i speak to her i lost her 10years ago i was five now i am 13 i find it very hard to cope without her i just want to know if she is ok and her name is sharon ann green
jodie green , 09/13/14 02:28 PM
I have a son that past away on Nov. 27,2013. My daughter Ruby his sister dreamed that he was getting married. I really dont what the meaning is. Please help me understand what hes trying to help me.
Sandra Rivera , 02/01/15 05:13 PM
i lost my mom on the 24th of october 2013. i miss her much . when she was alive i did not heed much to her,nor did i value her presence,now every minute detail relating to her pops up,,,and as a result i hate myself for doing so. i will be judged by my Lord for sure,,i dont even knw whether my mom will forgive me, LORD i want you to give her a tight hug and ask her to forgive me.....for all my wrong doings ,,,,( mom i jst wish i wouldn't have done all this to you,,,life didnt give me another chance,,love u mom,,,words are not sufice),,,,plz forgive me mom,,,,waitin to c u in heaven,,,,,,,,,,
nirmala shreyas paul , 02/13/15 04:51 AM
My Mother Fell and My dad, drove to a nursing home.andmade Mother,get outof the car and drive her handy Caped scotter n teh.Nurseing Home they came n and Mother,sed i am not staying dad,made her drive the scotter n a room.and took the scotter home. Mother,told dad to bring the scotter home,when dad wwre leaveing the room Mother, sed ed i sed Mother,s calling dad sed i no when were,out side i sed dad sed Mother,cant walk i sed Mother,does not walk the first week of October last year 2014 Mother, asked dad he sed YES I WILL,HE NEVER did Mother,wanted to come to Flordia we took Vacshion,s we had a wonderful time with Mother,i wish she died From CANCER MOTHER IS NHEAVEN with JESUS, kathryn N Mahlin June 21 2015 7;58 PM
Kathryn N Mahlin , 06/20/15 06:58 PM

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