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By Grace Through Faith


Author:Matthew Lynn

I was thumbing through Brennan Manning's book The Ragamuffin Gospel earlier this evening, finding myself completely enveloped in an oversized Barnes & Noble reading chair: the kind that never get uncomfortable, no matter how...[more]


You Can't Be Neutral About the Bible


Author:Tom Terry

I stopped off at a local bookstore with my daughter yesterday and picked up two seasonally published magazines about the Bible. One was published by U.S. News and World Report. The other was published by the American...[more]


A Sympathetic Ear


Author:Karen Holford

Children have an incredible knack at comforting. One mother tells of her little Tina coming home late from school. “Where have you been, Tina?” her mom asked.“Lisa dropped her best doll and it broke,” explained Tina. “I stayed to...[more]


Where Is Buddhism's Mercy?


Author:Tom Terry

  I recently read an interesting quote about Buddhism's impact on real world problems. Check this out. "Christmas Humpreys, an influential Western Buddhist, admits...'It may be asked, what contribution Buddhism is...[more]


The Concept of Worship


Author:Brie Engeler

  Revelation chapters four and five provide a unique opportunity to experience a bit of heaven—and John’s description is the tiniest glimpse of a mind-blowing reality we cannot even begin to comprehend. And the overwhelming...[more]


Certainty About What's Right


Author:Tom Terry

I was thinking recently about an article I wrote about Buddhism and morality nearly two years ago. In that article, Void or Victory: The Higher Nature of Christianity Over Buddhism, I quoted the Encyclopedia of Cults and New...[more]


Investments That Count


Author:Karen Holford

Jorge could trace kidney disease through his family tree like a dark thread. It had always been a bits of a worry, but nothing that he couldn't manage with regular medical checkups and medications, that is until his body clock...[more]