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Devoted Friendships: A Prized Possession


Author:Dr. Don McMinn

According to celebrity tabloids and talk shows, the rich and famous seem to flaunt friendships for their own personal benefit. One day the paparazzi record Heidi Montag, Kristin Kavallari and Lauren Conrad devoted to each other...[more]


Complete Obedience or Compromise?


Author:Tom Terry

Jehu is an oft over-looked character in the Old Testament. Some have never even heard his name. However, we can learn much about faith and life by studying his story. My latest weekly book reading has been Patrick...[more]


Forgiveness: The Brita Model or the Leaky Spigot Model?


Author:John Beeson

I would suggest that most of us have one of two models of forgiveness: a Brita model or a leaky spigot model.  The Brita model is the American model, the self-forgiveness model.  The Brita model says that forgiveness...[more]


Avoiding Extra-Marital Affairs


Author:Jeff Jones

Nobody gets married planning to have an affair. I’ve never done a wedding where the bride or groom is checking out other guys or girls at the wedding, trying to hook up with someone new. I’m sure that happens, but 99.99% of...[more]


A Glimpse of Glory


Author:Max Lucado

Have you had a view of the high country? While in Colorado for a week’s vacation, our family teamed up with several others and decided to ascend the summit of a fourteen-thousand-foot peak. We would climb it the easy way....[more]


Shamgar's Three Secrets of Success


Author:Dr. Jay Strack

Success is a work bantered about by business gurus and psychologists. Success is difficult to measure and even more difficult to achieve. How do we begin to succeed in life, in love and in faith? On your mark, get set,...[more]


Stress-Reducers from Psalm 131


Author:Don McMinn

We live in a stress-filled society. Technology makes us accessible to anyone at anytime. Economic down-turns cause many to fear the loss of a job or a home. Stress has been linked to all the leading causes of death, including...[more]