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Try Swimming Upstream


Author:Nancy Leigh DeMoss

We’ve got to be willing to be salmon swimming upstream. What do salmon do? They get bloodied and beat up on the rocks in order to give birth and produce life. Then what do they do? They die. You say, “That doesn’t sound like...[more]


Moses and the Mop Bucket


Author:Max Lucado

The hallway is silent except for the wheels of the mop bucket and the shuffle of the old man’s feet. Both sound tired. Both know these floors. How many nights has Hank cleaned them? Always careful to get in the corners....[more]


When to Join a Church and When to Leave


Author:Mark Driscoll

Picking a church and leaving a church are major life decisions. What are some considerations you should have when you select a church home and when is it appropriate to leave and select a new one? What are appropriate criteria...[more]


The Tucson Tragedy: How To Weep


Author:John Beeson

A friend of mine commented the other day that whereas Paul calls us to work out our salvation with “fear and trembling” he felt more that his was being worked out with “chuckles and shrugs.”  The next day I met with a...[more]


How to Argue with God


Author:John Piper

You can measure your spiritual temperature by whether your prayers are richly seasoned with expressions of longing for your own growth in godliness. Let's be like David, and every time we hunger for life and safety, let's...[more]


The Tucson Massacre: Ministering to Victims of Violent Crime


Author:Dr. John Vining

The world looked on in shock at the shooting spree that occurred in a north Tucson grocery store. Surely violence could not occur in your neighborhood! How do you help when tragedy hits? Christians have a unique opportunity in...[more]


What Significance Has Post-Modernism for Christian Faith?


Author:Dallas Willard

What makes Postmodernism so interesting today is that it lets us get on with business that we firmly believe we ought to be getting on with: careful discussion of those things that matter most in life. Postmodernism takes the...[more]