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Love Without Limits: Do I Applaud What Is Right?


Author:Max Lucado

Is your Christianity simply a set of beliefs that you hold, or does the love of Christ permeate every aspect of your life: your intimacy with God, your love for others and your lifestyle? Max Lucado pens these words about...[more]


Finding a Mate: What Questions Should You Ask?


Author:John Piper

Choosing a life partner is serious business. It can be the greatest blessing of your life, or the biggest mistake you will ever make. Pastor John Piper gives an insightful list of criteria. If you are looking for a marriage...[more]


A Great Masculine Leadership Model for Churches


Author:David Murrow

Have you heard about this church that’s building itself on a military metaphor? It’s led by a general, not a bishop. Their clergy are not referred to as pastors, priests or vicars –  instead it’s captain, major, colonel...[more]


Our Detours Can Be God's Destiny


Author:Mark Batterson

Events happen in our lives that are jarring or disorienting. It rattles the cage. You get a bad diagnosis or a pink slip or divorce papers and what happens is those things cause the compass needle to spin in our lives and we’re...[more]


Here's Why Women Love to Talk


Author:Tom Terry

For a female, talking is like taking drugs. You heard me. Yeah, I knew that headline would get your attention. But according to one researcher, it’s apparently true. This article reads like a joke from the Daily Show. This is...[more]


Some Myths That Single People Often Believe


Author:Perry Noble

Single people often believe the lies of the Evil One because of low self-worth, hopelessness, or worldly misbeliefs. If we identify these, we can live fulfilling lives, whether remaining single or getting married. #1 – Being...[more]


What Are the Big Issues Facing the Western Church?


Author:Tim Keller

What are the biggest issues facing the Western church today? Timothy Keller has some insightful answer that challenge our thinking. We must be aware of who we are and what's coming. Keller writes:  1. The opportunity for...[more]