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The Ten Questions Every Church Staff Member Should Ask


Author:Perry Noble

Church staff members have a number of challenges: separating their work from their spirituality, working effectively with others, avoiding burnout, maintaining integrity, to mention a few. Here are ten questions I believe every...[more]


Oprah's Religion: New Age Spirituality and How to Be Genuinely Spiritual


Author:Dallas Willard

I was raised in southern Missouri where the land is mineral poor. Cows and sheep there will find piles of junk or refuse out in the fields or woods and eat old dry-cell batteries and rusty wire and nails to get the minerals that...[more]


Real Stats: Do Men Hate Church?


Author:David Murrow

Why Men Hate Going to Church is a best-selling book by David Murrow, founder of He offers invaluable information pastors and church leaders should digest. If we take Murrow's work seriously (and we should),...[more]


Ten Blessings for You to Give Your Church and Family


Author:Max Lucado

The Brazilians taught me the beauty of a blessing. Here is a scene repeated in Brazil thousands of times daily. It’s early morning. Time for young Marcos to leave for school. As he gathers his books and heads for the door, he...[more]


Abundant Living and Ministry? Don't Miss It!


Author:Peter Scazzero

Rule of Life. The meaning of Rule comes from the Greek word for “trellis.” A trellis is a tool designed to enable a grapevine to get off the ground and grow upward, becoming more fruitful and productive. In the same way, a Rule...[more]


No Doomsday? False Prophets


Author:Tom Terry

The world as we know it will end on October 21st of this year. That's the newest claim by Christian broadcaster, Harold Camping. Camping earned his 15-minutes of fame when he predicted the rapture of believers and end of the...[more]


What Every Pastor (or Any Guy!) Should Understand About His Wife


Author:Perry Noble

Pastors, do you know what your wife needs? Do you understand that she is often the most under-appreciated and under-valued person in the church…by the pastor (her husband!)   Today I wanted to share seven things a pastor...[more]