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Three Kinds of Daily Prayer: Try It!


Author:Tim Keller

Does your prayer life seem boring, or even non-existent? How can you leave behind perfunctory prayers and begin to enter into the sweet presence of God? Here are my thoughts. There are three kinds of prayer I try to find time...[more]


Following Jesus When I Don't Feel Like It


Author:Perry Noble

Maturity as a believer in Christ is when I consistently make the decision to trust and obey what God’s Word says rather than the way that I feel.  BECAUSE…honestly, there are going to be times as human beings where...[more]


Reason Must Be Redeemed: Truth is Hard


Author:Dallas Willard

What is reason? Reason is the power to determine, by thinking, what is the case. When you are balancing your checkbook - you are using reason. You are saying if this happened, and that happened, and the other happened… I wrote...[more]


Control and Manipulation: Do You Know a Jezebel?


Author:Francis Frangipane

Have you seen control and manipulation divide your church? Have you suffered through the fall of a spiritual leader into sexual sin? The life of Queen Jezebel gives us a window of how Satan operates in our churches to destroy...[more]


Proverbs: Your GPS for Daily Living


Author:Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Money Matters Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it. (13:11)An inheritance gained hastily in the beginning will not be blessed in the end. (20:21)Whoever is greedy for unjust...[more]


The Sweet Song of the Second Fiddle


Author:Max Lucado

For thousands of years, the relationship had been perfect. As far back as any one could remember, the moon had faithfully reflected the sun’s rays into the dark night. It was the greatest duo in the universe. Other stars and...[more]


Are You Experiencing Contentment?


Author:Tim Keller

Are you experiencing contentment? Contentment, true contentment, is a rarity in today's world. King David pictured contentment in the simplest of terms. David, the Warrior-King of Israel, wrote these words in Psalm 131. My...[more]