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50 Ways to Make Church Appealing for Men


Author:David Murrow

Where are the men?Why Do Men Hate Going to Church?Why men matterQuick factsInfo for WomenInfo for Pastors Our churches can create a "male-friendly" atmosphere that will reach men for Christ. Here are a number of...[more]


Kid Theology


Author:Karen Holford

Bethany wandered into the living room with a piece of scrap paper in her hand. She was not quite two years old and she enjoyed scribbling and pretending to write. "Here you are, Mommy," she said. "This is for...[more]


Orphans No More


Author:Leonard Sweet

There comes a time in every child’s life when he or she entertains two possibilities. One: your parents are from Mars. Two, you must have been adopted. Usually these revelations occur in tandem . . . after a huge fight with Mom...[more]


On Politics and Culture


Author:Tim Keller

Every year, it seems, the amount of attention paid to the mechanics and outcomes of partisan politics grows. Thirty years ago there was nothing like this amount of attention given to politics. Many point out rightly that the...[more]


Success in Sermonizing: 16 Things I Look for in a Preacher


Author:Mark Driscoll

1.    Tell me about Jesus. Connect it all to Jesus. If you don’t mention Jesus a lot, you need to do something other than preach. And tell me that Jesus is a person, not just an idea. Help me to not only know him...[more]


Was Jesus An Egomaniac?


Author:John Piper

Erik Reece is writer-in-residence at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, teaching environmental journalism, writing, and literature. He published a book last April entitled, An American Gospel: On Family, History, and the...[more]


Erasing Sexual Abuse Wounds


Author:Josh McDowell

People deal with sexual abuse in different ways. One common method is denial or complete forgetfulness. The memories of the past are so traumatic or painful that a person can only continue to function by blocking the memories...[more]