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Who are Angels?


Author:Dave Stone

Angels are spiritual beings, usually invisible, although they can take on human forms. We learn in Isaiah 6 and Ezekiel 10 there are different types of angels.  Angels serve as messengers.  Angels serve as...[more]


Vision Vandals: Don't Let Them Steal Your Dreams


Author:Ed Young Jr.

Vision takes hold in the obscure.  Vision and uncertainty are inseparably linked.  In light of that fact, let me give you three quick things that we can do right now about vision. ...[more]


You Can Only Give the Love You Have Received


Author:Max Lucado

What do you do when you’re low on love? Do you try to conjure it up by the sheer force of will? As if there is within us a distillery of affection that lacks only a piece of wood or a hotter fire. We poke it and stoke it with...[more]


Levels of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality


Author:Peter Scazzero

How do I discover where I am emotionally in my walk with Christ? Here are a few indicators. Emotional infants. I look for other people to take care of me emotionally and spiritually. I often have difficulty in describing and...[more]


Intelligent Faith


Author:Josh McDowell

I have learned that my faith in Christ is an intelligent faith. It is based on the weight of the evidence. This brings my mind and my heart into harmony, for I trust Christ with my whole mind, will, and emotions. Intelligent...[more]


The Encouraging Word of God


Author:Mark Marikos

Listening to James MacDonald’s radio program “Walk in the Word” tonight, I was encouraged by something he said. In his message he spoke of how the Bible is attacked and maligned with such vengeance on college campuses and...[more]


Queen of Everything: The Perils of Pride


Author:Julie Barrier

God's blessings in our lives can easily be turned into smug, self-satisfied arrogance if we grab the glory for ourselves rather than thanking Him. Climbing the ladder of success led to a well-deserved serving of humble pie for...[more]