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How Do We Pray Powerful Prayers?


Author:Francis Chan

Praying is real interaction with God. When you pray, Someone listens to you up there!! He will answer “beyond all you can ask or imagine.” When praying, our prayers are not just conversational, as we are frequently taught....[more]


Receive First, Give Second


Author:Max Lucado

What do you do when you’re low on love? Do you try to conjure it up by the sheer force of will? As if there is within us a distillery of affection that lacks only a piece of wood or a hotter fire. We poke it and stoke it with...[more]


Loving Your Enemies Doesn't Mean You Don't Make Any


Author:Leonard Sweet

Mike Rowe has made a career out of doing disgusting stuff. As the host of the Discovery Channel series “Dirty Jobs,” Rowe has mucked-out, dug under, flushed, slogged, and slid through some of the most filthy and foul places...[more]


Victory Over Sexual Sin


Author:Perry Noble

If you are a guy, you have been tempted with sexual sin. If you deny it, you are a liar or are you are dead. But there are some powerful principles for gaining victory over sexual sin and some great Scripture passages regarding...[more]


Pastor-Family Survival Manual: Top 12 Ministry Bloopers


Author:Julie Barrier

1.   Don’t go to a church potluck dinner with something that is not homemade. The church ladies will spot a Stouffer’s lasagna in a New-York minute. They will know at once you can’t cook. Find five never-fail recipes...[more]


God's Plan: Salvation Through Slavery?


Author:Tom Terry

Have you ever noticed that the hardest passages of scripture tend to be the ones that call us to the greatest commitment to Christ? I was reminded of this after reading the closing chapters of Genesis. In the Bible’s story of...[more]


Muscular Christianity: Sports Reaches Men for Christ


Author:David Murrow

Is sports ministry a new method of church outreach? Do we see any precedent in history for reaching men, children and families with the message of Christ? Apparently, the battle to re-engage men in the church has been fought —...[more]