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The God Who Never Gives Up on You


Author:Max Lucado

Not everyone in Jesus’ world gave him a warm welcome. Not everyone received him with grace. And many didn’t just ignore him, they rejected him. Isaiah prophesied his reception like this: “He was despised and rejected by men”...[more]


Free From Lies: How to Avoid Deception


Author:Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Most of us are suffering the consequences of believing lies. Those consequences include broken relationships, fear, depression, self-loathing, and guilt, to name a few. The results of believing a lie can be as numerous as...[more]


Identifying Spiritual Abuse


Author:John Kie Vining

A pastor admits to requesting sex from some of his female staff members. A woman commits suicide after being told she was demon-possessed. A four-year-old boy dies for lack of a saving medical procedure because they were...[more]


Why Does God Allow War?


Author:Max Lucado

Some of you love to work with jigsaw puzzles. You take a jumble of disconnected pieces and arrange them in the right order. Certain folks are so proud of their work they glaze and frame the finished product. Easy to understand...[more]


Here Are Five Ways to "Man Up" Your Church


Author:David Murrow

If you want to draw men to your church, you must understand their unique needs. Churches must be intentional about reaching men, and the current process is counter-intuitive. Here are just a few things to consider if you wish to...[more]


Super-Size Your Faith


Author:Leonard Sweet

“Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down…in a most delightful way” How many of you can hear Mary Poppins singing that? How many of you have no idea who Mary Poppins is? There’s the generational divide right in...[more]


Control Freaks


Author:Perry Noble

How does Satan steal your abundant life? Do you let him? Why? I’m a control freak…I like to be the one to drive, I like to have my say in the restaurant I go to and I don’t really like being “restricted” by speed limit...[more]