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Is Suicide the Unpardonable Sin? How Do I Prevent It?


Author:Josh McDowell

Josh McDowell answers a number of relevant questions for parents and Christian leaders. Here's one: "Some question whether a person who has committed suicide will go to heaven or if it is the unforgivable sin. Lloyd and...[more]


eBay and Our Quest for Community


Author:Leonard Sweet

I am an eBay addict. I may need help. My most recent purchase is one of the first books published by my Ph.D. adviser. It has been missing from my library for 20 years. I got this copy for 50 cents. The postage cost more...[more]


Top Priorities in Prayer


Author:Tom Terry

What do you want out of your Christian experience? If you're like most people you might answer that you are looking for peace, strength during difficulties, or even some level of personal prosperity. Would these be your answer?...[more]


Yes, Later


Author:Adrianne Schwanke

Deborah was a prophetess who saw God’s plans well in advance and spoke boldly based upon what she heard from God. During a pivotal period in Israel’s history, she summoned Barak, the military leader, and she prophesied, “The Lord...[more]


2 Have and 2 Hold: Women Are From Venus


Author:Ed Young Jr.

Sigmund Freud said, "Despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, I still have not answered the question, what is it a woman really wants?"  Freud said that.  What is it a woman really...[more]


The Parable of the Sandwich Sign


Author:Max Lucado

I am the voice of the one calling out in the desert: “Make the road straight for the Lord.”  John 1:23 The faces of the three men were solemn as the mayor informed them of the catastrophe. “The rains have washed away the...[more]


Watch Your Blind Side: Learn from Eve


Author:Brittany Burnette

We often say when we see a car come out of nowhere that the car was on our "blind side." Do you have a "blind side" spiritually-some area of your life that's vulnerable to self or Satan? Academy Award winner...[more]