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Tension is Good


Author:Andy Stanley

We are carry an internal tension that’s associated with our appetites. We struggle desperately because we all want MORE. When we talk about our appetites, we immediately think about food or hunger, but there are a lot of...[more]


Seedy Relatives?


Author:Julie Barrier is all the rage. In a society of people searching for significance, we long to know who we are and why we are here. So let me shake my family tree for you. I found some flavorful fruit, a few lemons and one really...[more]


Anxiety Gone! Healing Worry and Faulty Thinking


Author:Chet Weld

Unless you’re reading this with a flashlight from six feet under, you probably experience worry or anxiety.  Everyone does!  But once we understand how we’re making ourselves worried, we can teach ourselves to be...[more]


Vampirism? Here's the Real "True Blood"


Author:Leonard Sweet

The most famous journalist saying of all time is arguably “if it bleeds, it leads.” Rolling Stone magazine decided to take that adage literally. The 18 August 2010 cover of Rolling Stone magazine featured a bloody mess and it...[more]


Does Being "Born Again" Imply Life Change?


Author:Dallas Willard

Let's talk about being "born again." Regeneration, entry of God’s nature and life into our real existence and identity, has, as a natural progression or part, entry into the status of discipleship to Jesus Christ in the...[more]


God's Unconventional Creativity!


Author:Perry Noble

Is it worldly to find creative ways to share the Gospel? Interesting question...Sometimes churches are criticized because they share the message of Jesus in fresh ways. But let's take a look at Scripture. God was always creative....[more]


Our Quest for Genuine Community


Author:Leonard Sweet

I love to explore the wonders of eBay. Do you? I am an eBay addict. I may need help. My most recent purchase is one of the first books published by my Ph.D. adviser. It has been missing from my library for 20 years. I got...[more]