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A Minimalist's Salvation


Author:Tom Terry

Many years ago I used to teach a Sunday morning Bible study to a group of men who had been in the church I attended for many years. Almost no one in the group was under the age of 60. Needless to say, when I was asked to take...[more]


Joseph's Prayer


Author:Max Lucado

What if you are confused by God's actions? “Joseph … did what the Lord’s angel had told him to do.” Matthew 1:24 The white space between Bible verses is fertile soil for questions. One can hardly read Scripture without...[more]


Once Upon a Christmas


Author:Susan Sneathan

As shoppers walked past, and Christmas music rang through the air, no one seemed to notice the man standing there. Why would they? He looked just like most of the folks out scrambling to get their shopping done before Christmas....[more]


Here Are 7 Temptations that Leaders Face


Author:Perry Noble

Leading is a difficult task whether you are in the secular world or in church. Leaders must stay sharp if they want to be faithful to the task God has laid before them. Here are just a few "hooks" that can hinder...[more]


10 Reasons Why It's Wrong to Kill an Unborn Child


Author:John Piper

This is not a defense of the humanity of the unborn. It is an argument that if the unborn are human they ought not to be aborted. There are some abortionists who believe that the unborn are human beings. But these doctors do...[more]


The Country Parson


Author:Tim Keller

Young pastors or seminarians often ask me for advice on what kind of early ministry experience to seek in order to best grow in skill and wisdom as a pastor. They often are surprised when I tell them to consider being a 'country...[more]


Sticking Together: Unity and the Christian Church


Author:Tom Terry

      What is the Christian church supposed to look like? What are some of the most common and dangerous problems facing any church and how can you correct...[more]