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Overcoming Shame: The Story of Rebecca


Author:Max Lucado

Rebecca Thompson fell twice from the Fremont Canyon Bridge. She died both times. The first fall broke her heart; the second broke her neck. She was only eighteen years of age when she and her eleven-year-old sister were abducted...[more]


Five Gifts the Resurrection Gives Us


Author:Tom Terry

The resurrection provides five things that make Christianity stand out as unique, remarkable, and superior to every other philosophy and faith. THE RESURRECTION REVERSES THE GARDEN CURSE We don’t often think of Adam and Eve...[more]


Pastors, Peeps and Preaching


Author:Dr. Julie Barrier

Easter Sunday is the pastors' Superbowl Sunday. Countless kiddies hyped up on Cadbury chocolate marshmallow bunnies and shocking pink peeps are forced to wear itchy petticoats, stiff, squeaky new shoes and hairbows the size of...[more]


Jesus: Next-Door Savior and Coming King


Author:Max Lucado

“There’s something wrong with this picture.” Remember those handouts in elementary school? The teacher would pass out drawings with the question at the bottom, “What’s wrong with this picture?” We’d look closely for something...[more]


Don't Preach a Namby-Pamby Jesus at Easter


Author:Pastor Francis Chan

We totally underestimate the power of Jesus. What often happens when you hear the name “Jesus”? Is He namby-pamby or the God of the Universe? I’m so bugged by the way we often underestimate His power. People don’t talk about...[more]


God's Love Covers Like A Blanket


Author:Max Lucado

Jesus was not always welcomed warmly by earth-travelers. Some saw Him as a threat. Some saw Him as a heretic. Most saw Him as an enigma. Not everyone in Jesus’ world gave him a warm welcome. Not everyone received him with grace....[more]


The Plunge


Author:Jack Schull

Sometimes we don't realize how "far down" Jesus had to go to save sinful man. I guess it's because we really can't get a handle on the holiness of God. A story I read really gave me a picture of what Jesus sacrificed to...[more]