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The Plunge


Author:Jack Schull

Sometimes we don't realize how "far down" Jesus had to go to save sinful man. I guess it's because we really can't get a handle on the holiness of God. A story I read really gave me a picture of what Jesus sacrificed to...[more]


What If You Knew?


Author:Mark Marikos

I am sure we have all been asked, or pondered the question on our own, “What would you do differently, if you knew you only had 6 months to live?”  A truly contented person might respond, “Nothing, I’m already doing what I...[more]


Pray Effectively for Others


Author:Dr. Don McMinn, Kimberly Spring

In the Old Testament, Samuel declares that he would be sinning against the Lord if he fails to pray for the Israelites. (1 Sam. 12:23) The value of praying for others is a familiar Christian call to action, but how can we do so...[more]


Keys to a Fair Fight: Conflict Resolution


Author:Dr. Chet Weld

The essential step in dealing with conflict is to strengthen the relationship (maintain the connection). Here are the steps you should consider in preparing to address the conflict: prepare your heart, prepare what to say,...[more]


Worship Defined


Author:Dr. Don McMinn

What is worship? Who can experience it? Do we only worship on Sunday mornings? Do only musicians worship? What does it feel like? How do I become a worshiper of God? Some subjects are so broad that they defy definition. St....[more]


Dysfunctional Family: Exhibit A (Palestine)


Author:John Beeson

I believe it was Roger Barrier who I first heard point out that there are basically no functional families in the Bible.  That is absolutely the truth.  And to see how deep the dysfunction can run it only takes a glance...[more]


Father, Son and Who?


Author:Tom Terry

A Barna research report this week revealed that 58% of American Christians don’t believe the Holy Spirit exists. “Fifty-eight percent strongly or somewhat agreed with the statement that the Holy Spirit is ‘a symbol of God’s power...[more]