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Ministering to Victims of Violent Crime


Author:Dr. John Vining

The world looks on in shock at the shooting sprees and murders that occur in suburban neighborhoods. Surely violence could not happen in your neighborhood! How do you help when tragedy hits? Christians have a unique opportunity...[more]


Sixteen Signs of a Failing Leader


Author:Perry Noble

#1 – He refuses to admit his mistakes. #2 – He begins to blame the problems on people or circumstances rather than actually seeking out what the problem might be. #3 – He refuses to listen to the team assembled around him. #4...[more]


A Powerful God of Limitations?


Author:Tom Terry

Have you ever heard this one: Can God create a rock so heavy that even he could not lift it? Did you know that there is a biblical answer to that question? The answer is rather simple. Jesus collapsed under the weight of his own...[more]


Salty and Shiny: Christians Who Change the World


Author:Jud Wilhite

Who has influenced you over the course of your life? If you think back to your childhood, there are all kinds of influences there. Maybe your parents, your friends, maybe bullies at school ... any number of people may have...[more]


Prayer for America This Week


Author:Presidential Prayer Team

Prayers for America This Week National Prayer Team October 8th, 2014 WARS AND TERRORISM Pakistani intelligence officials say a suspected U.S. drone strike on a Taliban compound in the North Waziristan tribal region has...[more]


Psalm 46: The Psalm That Sustains Us!


Author:Darlene Zschech

Psalm 46 is a poem that brings us great confidence and faith. It is the inspiration for my songs and my life. Read the psalm with me first. PSALM 46 For the director of music. Of the sons of Korah. According to Alamoth. A...[more]


Nine Fascinating Facts About Megachurches


Author:Warren Bird

The number of very large churches continues to increase, as our graphic dramatically illustrates. And within that group, the biggest churches continue to get bigger. In the past I’ve written about everything from sanctuary sizes...[more]