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Holiday Havoc? How to Deal With Unchangeable Family Issues


Author:Dr. Steve Dowdle

Many hurting people coming to the church for help are dealing with an unchangeable issue in their family system which is constant and painful and creates a stress level that is difficult to manage. Biblical guidelines show us...[more]


Three Easy Ways to Keep Your Marriage Strong


Author:Rick Warren

I received a letter once from a lady who was struggling in her marriage. She wrote, Dear Pastor Rick, When I first fell in love with my husband I was sure, absolutely sure that he was the right person for me. But over the years...[more]


Reasons Why Being a Leader is Harder Than Ever


Author:David Kinnaman

Being a church leader is harder than ever in the U.S. Actually, I think it’s more difficult to be in any kind of leadership position—whether political, spiritual, media, economic, or otherwise. Here are three reasons: 1....[more]


Hamsters and Mozart: Simple Worship


Author:Julie Barrier

What do hamsters, bunnies, Michener and Mozart have in common?  They are known for being prolific. I tirelessly toiled to be a great composer. I certainly was prolific (in a musical way, not the family way). I recall writing...[more]


Five Lessons I've Learned from My Unbelieving Friends


Author:Jennifer Cortez

One of my best friends is an atheist. I love Jesus in a crazy-all-of-my-heart kind of way, and she doesn’t believe there’s a God, much less a God who sent His Son to die for her. So how exactly did our friendship happen? I...[more]


Seventeen Questions for Online Church


Author:Jon Acuff

Streaming your church service online right now is very popular. Why? Because of Internet. But we’re still working out a lot of the kinks. There still questions. Lots of them, like these: If I’m watching a sermon online and I...[more]


Breaking Free from Abuse: Teach These Five Things


Author:Rick Warren

We need to talk about and preach about abuse, whether it is physical, sexual or emotional. Statistics tell us that abuse is a growing problem in the United States and around the world. Domestic violence is now the leading cause...[more]