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Those Kissing Christians


Author:Leonard Sweet

Do you remember your "first kiss?" I hate to burst your bubble, but those “first kisses” you remember . . .whether it was a stolen smooch in the schoolyard, or a braces-locking embrace and teenage embarrassment:...[more]


Titus: How to Live in a Secular Culture


Author:Dave Bruskas

How should Christians relate to a secular society that does not know Jesus? Paul’s letter to Titus sheds light on this scenario, showing us how God’s grace should motivate Christians to be good citizens and neighbors. Remind...[more]


What's the State of Your Heart?


Author:Max Lucado

I can still remember the first time I saw one. I had gone to work with my dad—a big thrill for a ten-year-old whose father worked in the oil fields. I sat in the cab of the pickup as tall as I could, stretching to see the endless...[more]


No Brainer Ideas to Make Your Child a Successful Student


Author:Dr. Kevin Leman

“Sid, come to my office. We need to talk.” As Sid sat there wondering what was happening, the school official said, “Sid, I really like you. I believe in you. Yet, your grades aren’t cutting it here. You know it and I know it....[more]


Bobbing and Weaving: The Dance of Justification and Rationalization


Author:Dr. Craig Lounsbrough

         We're not all too bad at bobbing and weaving. We're pretty good at side-stepping and side-lining issues. We're quite adept at cutting and spinning, doing a bit of fanciful...[more]


The Real Test of Moral Leadership


Author:Peter Scazzero

Leaders have a number of key tasks if we are to operate out of high level of integrity. These include: 1. Confronting myself. Am I calm and clear about what God has given me to do? Where am I doing the easy thing, not the best...[more]


Unchristian: Do You Know What a New Generation Thinks About Christianity?


Author:David Kinnaman

Do you want to keep a pulse on the next generation of seekers? How do they perceive Christians, and why should it matter to us? The Barna group, in a revealing glimpse at a cross-section of teens and young adults, encourages us...[more]