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Homosexuality and Christianity: Two Book Reviews


Author:Timothy Keller

The relationship of homosexuality to Christianity is without doubt one of the main subjects of cultural conversation today. If you are a Christian in New York City (where I pastor), it is nearly impossible to talk about your...[more]


How to Be the Kind of Church God Blesses


Author:Rick Warren

London has some of the most beautiful, historic churches in the entire world. Yet they are also some of the most empty. I was struck by this recently when I was in the city to do a Bible study. Churches are dying off so fast...[more]


You Need Four Things to Be Happy


Author:Tom Terry

Are you happy or unhappy with your life? If you sat down and made a list of reasons why you are happy or unhappy, chances are, you will be able to find a variation of four things that you need for happiness. I’m not usually one...[more]


Seeking Sobriety Faithfully


Author:Backy Wilcox

Seeking Sobriety Faithfully When we put a face to someone who uses drugs or abuses alcohol, we usually think of teenagers experimenting with marijuana, abusive fathers who always have a beer can in their hand, and other clichéd...[more]


Enough is Enough: Pare Down and Enrich Your Life


Author:Dr. Don McMinn

Why does the problem exist? You are easily swayed by marketing and advertising. An entire industry (marketing and advertising) has one main goal – to get you to buy more stuff. They have already determined what you will crave...[more]


Out of Wedlock: What Do You Say to Your Child


Author:Dr. Kevin Leman

Guilt drives a dad to worry about how to explain to his daughter that she was conceived before her parents were married. A mother worries about her son is using his verbal tic to get his way. In this podcast transcript, Dr....[more]


Take the Test: How You Know If You Are a Nominal Christian


Author:Timothy Keller

For decades Kathy and I  have profited immensely from the pastoral wisdom of the converted slave trader John Newton. As an 18th century Anglican minister, Newton was a good preacher, but it was as a pastor, counselor, and...[more]