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Marriage Insurance: Sure-fire Tips for Your Wedding and Beyond


Author:Julie Barrier

Bewildered brides. Gloomy grooms. Panicky parents. Cynical clergymen. Will this marriage really last? Or will it dissolve into devastating divorce? God has given us three biblical principles from Genesis to ensure success. My...[more]


Unmarried Twenty-Somethings: The New-Normal Demographic


Author:David Kinnaman

Men who won't grow up. Extended adolescence. Adultolescence. Arrested development. There are many ways to describe the fact that it is taking young adults – especially men – longer to "launch" in life. Back in...[more]


The Bloody Truth: The New Abortion Absolutionists


Author:Trevin Wax

Being pro-choice is passé nowadays. According to The New York Times, younger supporters of abortion on demand are done with the “pro-choice” label, choosing instead to counter their “right to life” opponents with...[more]


The End is Only a Beginning in Disguise


Author:Dr. Craig Lounsbrough

More often than not, we're pretty good with beginnings. However, a lot of times we seem to hate endings. In stating that, I need to clarify there are a whole lot of things that we just can't wait to wash our hands of. We all have...[more]


Biblical Leadership: Setting the Example


Author:John MacArthur

People skills are invaluable in leadership. Imagine how difficult it would be for a man to lead if he was timid and indecisive. Or consider the wreckage produced by a leader who is arrogant and brash. In either case, his private...[more]


What If Christ Were My Pastor?


Author:Jeff Goins

It's great to do life with fellow brothers and sisters of the faith, but every once in awhile I get a thought about a different way of doing church. I think that in some cases how we do church in America is pretty good, but in...[more]


Why Are Women Fading?


Author:Rebekah Lyons

It’s 3:45 a.m. and you have been lying awake for almost an hour, plagued by self-doubt and anxiety. It begins with your son’s dropping grades at school, and how he is losing his confidence. This rabbit trails to your...[more]