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Is Your Church Morphing from McDonald's to Starbucks?


Author:David Murrow

The average person isn't buying the "core product" of our churches. Why is that? Have you been to McDonald’s lately? Ronald is taking a back seat. What used to be a garish, clown-faced, cheap hamburger joint is...[more]


OMG!!! Belittling God's Name


Author:Julie Barrier

"Oh, my God!" Really? Is He? Oh…my…God: a standard response to everything from rage to surprise. I used to be shocked by those blasphemous words. I'm a closet HGTV fan. Home improvement episodes conclude with “the...[more]


Sometimes Free Speech Means We Should Shut Up!


Author:Tom Terry

Sometimes Free Speech Means We Should Shut Up. As a Christian, I must always self-examine and ask if what I’m involved in is helping or hindering the Great Commission. I have a legal and biblical right to free speech, but how...[more]


Good Intentions to God Intentions


Author:Dr. Randy Carlson

“Figure out what will please Christ, and then do it!” (Ephesians 5:10 The Message) It’s a life-altering directive and where living intentionally begins. Intentionality then occurs when you combine information and insight to...[more]


The Death of Christianity?


Author:Russell Moore

Is Christianity Dying? Christianity is dying. At least, that’s what major newspapers are telling us today, culling research from a new Pew Center study on what almost all sociologists are observing these days—the number of...[more]


Have You Been Offended by God?


Author:Frank Viola

 “Blessed is the person who is not offended by me.” ~ Matthew 11:6 To be offended means to stumble or trip. The Scripture tells us that Jesus is a rock of offense . . . or a rock of stumbling . . . to the...[more]


Use These Three Powerful Phrases in Your Conversation!


Author:Don McMinn

We are reluctant to say them, but when spoken honestly and appropriately, three simple phrases can help maintain our personal integrity and sustain peace in relationships. “I don’t know.” Often, when we don’t know something, we...[more]