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5 Ways Hoping in Heaven Will Help You Survive!


Author:Julie Barrier

Our world is always one push-button away from annihilation. If stocks plunge, nest eggs disappear. Antibiotic-resistant diseases loom ahead. Don’t even get me started discussing global warming, moral depravity or the...[more]


A Quick Way to Understand Your Child's Behavior


Author:Dr. Kevin Leman

It was 8:00 p.m. and we nearly had a family riot. We had another 2 loads to move. I had said we’d only work until 8:00 pm. One child, said “You said we’d only work til 8:00 and it is 8:00.” Another said, “We were going to...[more]


Church Office Online: Texting Your Way to Healthier Church Communication


Author:Kent Shaffer

What’s the best way for your church to communicate to your congregation? Well, it depends on the church. The world is increasingly a complex melting pot of subcultures. Some churches thrive using social media while other...[more]


How We Confront Self-Deception


Author:Dr. Neil Anderson

Satan tempts us to sin and stops us in our tracks by accusations, but his most insidious weapon is deception, because we don’t know when we are being deceived. Through deception, the father of lies has led the whole world astray...[more]


Wanna Be Creative? Get in Touch with the Creator!


Author:Jon Acuff

There’s a gap that exists between who we are and who we want to be, the gap between our current project and where we want it go. What do you do when you encounter the gap? Nobody’s dream is to maintain the status quo. We want to...[more]


Twelve Reasons Why I'm a Christian


Author:Frank Viola

In 1927, the famed British philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote an essay entitled, “Why I Am Not a Christian.” Russell’s essay inspired the title of this post. By “Christian,” I mean someone who has trusted their life to Jesus...[more]


Charisma is Optional: Character and Competence are Essential


Author:Rick Warren

Charisma is Optional, Character and Competence are Essential Rick Warren All leadership is built on two things – character and competence. Those are the twin values of leadership. Charisma is optional. Some of the most...[more]