Giving to God: The Greatest Blessing of Worship John MacArthur

When you think about coming to church, what aspect do you look forward to the most? For the sake of this discussion, let’s assume your answer is something spiritually noble—nothing vain or selfish like wanting people to see you dressed in your finest clothes, showing off a new car, or trying to ...more

Nephilim? The Giants' Mystery Solved Julia Blum

Does Nephilim mean “Giants”? The beginning of the sixth chapter of Genesis, where the word Nephilim comes from, is one of the most baffling passages of the Bible:  4 The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had ...more

Why Knowing You're Going to Hell is a Good Thing Tom Terry

The recent death of Hugh Hefner, the Playboy founder, saw multiple posts on social media remarking about the eternal destiny of the man, that Hefner, having never repented of his sin, died and went to hell. At the same time, there were those who remarked that you don't really know if Hefner went to ...more

Self-Awareness: 5 Things Good Leaders Should Know Carey Nieuwhof

What do you know about yourself? Well, probably more than anyone, right? And yet every one of us gets surprised when from time to time, our spouse points out something we had no idea we did or were like. Like telling you that you’re a loud eater (nobody can watch themselves eat), or that no, ...more

Faith Groups Are the Key to Disaster Relief David King

Chances are you have already given to at least one of the disasters that have rocked the United States and Caribbean over the past few months: Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria; the Las Vegas shooting; and now Hurricane Nate. Americans are notoriously generous in responding to disaster and tragedy. We ...more

Jonah: What to Do When You Are Mad at God John Beeson

Do you know Jonah’s last words in the Bible? “Yes, I do well to be angry, angry enough to die.”[i]  Those are not words motivated by suffering or grief. Those are words that come straight out of the hateful heart of an anti-hero, a prophet who cannot bear that God would have compassion on a city ...more

Eight Tips for Raising Gifted Children Julie Barrier

My kids are smarty-pants. Ridiculously intelligent. Off the charts! How intimidating for a parent! But I have learned much from corralling the precocious little Einsteins around my house. Raising gifted offspring is a daunting task, and not always a pleasant one. Sometimes a "smarty" can develop ...more

Ministering to Victims of Violent Crime John Kie-Vining

The world looks on in shock at the shooting sprees and murders that occur in suburban neighborhoods. Surely violence could not happen in your neighborhood! How do you help when tragedy hits? Christians have a unique opportunity in times of tragedy to reflect the love and compassion of Jesus.   ...more

6 Things to Do Before You Leave a Church John Beeson

So, you’ve decided to leave your church: you’re moving, or you’ve come to a doctrinal impasse, or there has been conflict that you’ve tried to navigate, but the church has been unwilling to biblically walk through a peacemaking process to bring about reconciliation. As a pastor, every person who ...more