The Voice in Your Head: Conscience or Conviction? Craig Lounsbrough

A conscience is that pressing sense that unerringly guides our choices and pricks us when we don’t heed it’s prompting.  It’s that mysteriously universal compass that relentlessly points true north when we don’t have any idea where true north is, or when prefer to take some other direction ...more

What Difference Could Christianity Make in a City? Tim Keller

At our church, Redeemer we often speak of serving, strengthening, and “renewing” New York City. When we talk like this, we must be careful not to deny “common grace.” We believe God gives all people — not just Christian believers — talent and insight to preserve and cultivate human life. But what if ...more

What Does the Bible Say About Masturbation? Luke Gilkerson

Here is a question we received on our site, Covenant Eyes: Dear Luke, “I have asked several pastors/mentors/friends about masturbation and whether it is sinful or not. I do not watch pornography, however, sometimes when I begin thinking about my fiancé sexually, I masturbate. These fantasies are ...more

How to Believe God to Do Great Things! Steven Furtick

Have you settled for a mediocre faith? Is your prayer life mundane, expectations low. God is bigger than that. Steven Furtick preaches about childlike faith. "Paul said to not let anyone look down on you because you are young." • I’m an expert on the idea of being dumb enough that God can do ...more

How to Be a Successful Introvert: Fake It! Don McMinn

"There are times when I am so unlike myself that I might be taken for someone else of an entirely opposite character." Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Confessions, 1782 Last night Mary and I hosted our neighborhood’s monthly dinner party. From 7:00 to 11:00 p.m. our home was filled to capacity with people.  ...more

On Being a Christian in an Election Year Brandon Cox

I write about politics very little, so this is rare for me. I read everything from Drudge Report on the right to Huffington Post on the left daily and almost too obsessively. So it isn’t that I’m uninformed. I just don’t think, at the end of the day, that any politician will save America. At least ...more

Shocking Statistics: The Porn Phenomenon David Kinnaman

Pornography is not new, but the digital age has made it more ubiquitous and accessible than ever before. The technological realities of smartphones and high-speed internet have fundamentally changed the landscape of pornography, and ushered it into the cultural mainstream where it enjoys ...more

Why Pornography Will Kill Sex Russell Moore

This week’s TIME magazine features a cover story on a new initiative against Internet pornography. These anti-porn activists, though, aren’t the caricatured pursed-lip moralists. They are instead young men who say that pornography has compromised their ability to function sexually in real life. The ...more

Show Your Children a Happy God! Randy Alcorn

I talked with a young woman who viewed the Christian life as one of utter dullness. She knew that following Christ was the right thing to do, but she was certain it would mean sacrificing her happiness. Where did this young woman, who was raised in a fine Christian family and church, acquire such ...more

How to Play Hurt Don McMinn

In the world of athletics, the phrase playing hurt is used to describe an athlete who continues to play even though he or she is injured. It also describes a necessary life skill that we all need to develop—sometimes we must continue to function, despite pain and adversity. Here are some ...more