Why God's Peace is the Key to Spiritual Victory Francis Frangipane

True peace is the fruit of being confident in God’s love; it is born of the revelation that, regardless of the battle, "Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world" (1 John 4:4). You are not self-assured, you are God-assured. The God of Peace Will Crush Satan To wage effective ...more

Should Christians Save for Retirement? Randy Alcorn

When a man retires at sixty-five, studies show his chances of having a fatal heart attack immediately double. Our minds and bodies weren’t made to be shut down. Nowhere in Scripture do we see God calling healthy people to stop working. So before we think about saving for retirement, we should ...more

Courageous Preaching to Our Culture Rick Warren

Rick Warren is a powerful teacher. His insights on courageous preaching should challenge and inspire us: "The Bible says, in John 7:13, “No one had the courage to speak favorably about Jesus in public” (NLT). Even some of history’s greatest spokespeople for the gospel have struggled in their ...more

Drawn to the Dark Side? Learn How to Stay Pure Craig Lounsbrough

We constantly find ourselves captivated by a whole lot of things.  There’s a seemingly endless bunch of stuff that we become absolutely fascinated with and fixated upon, sometimes to the point that we’re held in some sort of riveted hypnotic trance.   A lot of times we’re kind of like mesmerized ...more

Ten Reasons Why Committed Christians Attend Church Less Carey Nieuwhof

Why do committed Christians go to church less often? The statistics are in! 1. Greater affluence Money gives people options. If your church is at all engaging the middle class, the upper middle class, or a suburban demographic, an interesting trend is developing. The middle class is shrinking, ...more

Without a Hitch: How to Recover from Divorce Ed Young Jr.

You can recover from divorce. Here are some right and wrong ways to start your new life. Now you are single. Solitaire is a card game that you play alone. You either win or you lose. If you are divorced, you find yourself playing solitaire every day of your life. And while you are playing this ...more

Can You Legislate Morality? Trevin Wax

Can you legislate morality or ethics? “You can’t legislate morality,” the old saying goes, a statement that purports to be common sense, until you begin to realize you can’t not legislate morality. All legislation is passed within a moral framework of ethical ideals and moral considerations.  ...more

Kindness: Discover the Power of the Forgotten Christian Virtue! Frank Viola

I want to clarify niceness is not kindness. There’s a big difference. By kindness, I’m not talking about when you buy a stranger coffee or when you bring in your neighbor’s trash cans or when you tell someone they have food in their teeth. These are nice random acts. But kindness is not a random ...more

The Myth of Teen "Slacktivism" David Kinnaman

There’s been plenty of debate about teens and their social justice “slacktivism,” but how much truth is there to the claim that young people are only taking action with 140 characters or less? A new study from Barna shows that teens are actively engaged in service and volunteer projects and youth ...more

Here's Why Politics Can't Drive Culture Russell Moore

One of the reasons I say that it is good for American Christianity to no longer think of itself as a “moral majority” is that such a mentality obscures the strangeness of the Gospel. When a vision of Christian political engagement hinges on building a politically viable network of ideologically ...more