4 Questions About Heaven Randy Alcorn

People usually think of “Heaven” as the place Christians go when they die. A better definition explains that Heaven is God’s central dwelling place, the location of his throne from which he rules the universe. Many don’t realize that the present pre-resurrection Heaven and future post-resurrection ...more

Churchless: The Startling Rise of Atheism David Kinnaman

This past year, Barna Group has spent a considerable amount of time studying the unchurched—those who have not attended church within the past six months. Much of that research is collected in the new Barna project Churchless, edited by David Kinnaman and George Barna. One of the most remarkable ...more

How to Preach Like Jesus: Start with People Rick Warren

Jesus Christ: There has never been a more appealing and interesting preacher than Jesus. Why not model him? Jesus’ preaching attracted enormous crowds, and the Bible often records the positive reactions of those crowds to his teaching. Matthew 7:28 – “… the crowds were amazed at his ...more

What Did Jesus REALLY Write in the Sand in John 8? Julie Barrier

Preachers have provided us with a plethora of postulations. I think I have a pretty definitive answer to that question. Here are some lame ones. Was Jesus doodling to stall for time until He collected His thoughts? Give me a break. He was the Son of God. His thoughts were definitely collected. Was ...more

Reasons Young Christian Men Choose Radical Islam David Murrow

There’s been much hand-wringing over ISIS’s success in recruiting young men from the West to join their holy war. Contrary to the stereotype of the poor, disadvantaged youth acting out his rage by joining a jihad, many of ISIS’s male recruits hail from middle class homes in prosperous communities.  ...more

5 Reasons Why Women Are Leaving Church David Kinnaman

It will come as no surprise to most that the U.S. population has been consistently loosening its ties with church over the past few decades. In the early 1990s, only 30% of adults were unchurched, and that number steadily increased over the next decade, rising to 33% in 2003. The decade in our ...more

Technology: 6 Ways It Helps to Make Disciples Kent Shaffer

Technology is a tool that when used well extends our natural reach and ability. In fact, these words are an example of how the internet and text can extend far beyond the reach of my voice. At the same time, when used poorly, technology can enslave its users. We’ve all seen people become obsessed ...more

Abandonment: When People Make Destructive Choices Craig Lounsbrough

There are times when we the best of our logic fails to understand the worst of other's behaviors. It's part of the oddity or maybe complexity of the human psyche that we sometimes make choices that defy any shred of reason or seem void of even the slightest hint of sensibility. More times than we ...more

How to Be a Spiritual Leader Eugene Peterson

A lifetime of influence always reflects a person of character. A pastor or spiritual leader is not a job description, it’s a life that’s shaped in a certain way. We are all shaped by our environments. To try and model yourself after someone else is almost always a mistake. Being a pastor is the ...more

Punch Fear in the Face: Escape Average, Do Work That Lasts Jon Acuff

Jon Acuff's best-selling book provides unique insights for you to progress from average to awesome. Here are some of his thoughts:  Over the last 100 years, the road to success for most everyone has been divided into five stages that mirror the decades of working life: Your 20s are a period of ...more