Where Did Baby Jesus Go? 3 Ways to Bring Him Back! Julie Barrier

Merry Christmas! Oh, excuse me! Seasons Greetings.  Happy Holidays. Finding Jesus at Christmas is just like playing “Where’s Waldo.” Look hard. He’s nowhere to be found! I attended a middle school “Christmas” concert with my daughter. The word “Christmas” was never uttered. Nary a carol was sung. ...more

The War on Christmas: Reclaim It Today! Craig Lounsbrough

What are those things upon which we wage war?  There are those completely virtuous and entirely untainted causes that are birthed at those seminal moments when the very foundation of the whole of our existence is suddenly teetering on some precarious precipice.  Indeed, in every generation there are ...more

Porn and Women: Deliver Her from Evil Julie Barrier

Porn addiction is a man’s vice! Or is it? We know sexual voyeurism has exploded in today’s society. Approximately forty million people in the United States are sexually involved with the internet. Seventy-two million internet users visit pornography web sites per year. Here’s the real shocker. ...more

Twelve Life Lessons I'd Teach My 25 Year Old Self Carey Nieuwhof

“So, what would you tell your 25-year-old self?” I get that question all the time from young leaders. It’s a great question. There are so many things I would do the same, but there are more than a few things I’d do differently. Some mistakes you make as a young adult and leader are inevitable, ...more

Four Attitudes That Will Enliven Your Thankful Heart Craig Lounsbrough

It seems that Thanksgiving; at least the meaning of it all is being lost somewhere.  In many respects we’ve traded it wholesale for football, turkey, an insane variety of foodstuffs and an excuse for a four day weekend.  In a lot of ways it’s become more the starting gun to Christmas; a brief ...more

How to Avoid Marrying a Cheater Chet Weld

Is it possible to see betrayal coming?  Some red flags are not as obvious as others.  For example, if you discover that your man gets drunk with his mother and parties with his last girlfriend, or if your bride just got out of jail for prostitution and has to breathe into a breathalyzer to start her ...more

How to Have a Thankful Heart Francis Frangipane

The very quality of your life, whether you love it or hate it, is based upon how thankful you are toward God. It is one's attitude that determines whether life unfolds into a place of blessedness or wretchedness. Indeed, looking at the same rose bush, some people complain that the roses have ...more

How to Argue with God John Piper

Are you questioning God today? How do you pray when you don't understand what He is doing? You can argue with God. David did. Let's be like David, and every time we hunger for life and safety, let's express to God that we desire spiritual vitality and godliness just as much as life itself. David ...more

Eight Essentials for Leading Worship Richard Muenckler

Worship is a subject very close to my heart. I’ve been drumming in adult worship services since I was fourteen, and received my BA in Music. I only mention this to describe my close affiliation with worship music and the church, and the passion I feel for God to be honored when we worship Him.  ...more

What Would Jesus Tweet? Social Media and Spirituality Julie Barrier

The Judean marketplace bustles with customers. The aroma of salted gefilte fish and the stench of human sweat fills the air. Jesus whips out His smartphone from beneath the folds of His linen robe, and tweets that He’s got a gig in downtown Samaria at noon.  He’s going to donate living water to ...more