The Beautiful Black Women Who Shaped My Life Julie Barrier

I never learned much about racial discrimination. As a child raised in the South, I was unaware of the stigma of separate bathrooms, swimming pools, or back seats on the bus. I am profoundly sorry for such ignorance. But this is why I never noticed. The black women in my life were my deepest, ...more

Hate Speech? The Price of True Faith Francis Chan

I believe that one day, my preaching of God’s Word will be called a hate crime. That day may come sooner than later. Look around. The way the U.S. is going the things we teach and will be called hate speech. We may not be able to speak at all. We had communist revolutions in China and Russia. The ...more

Five Steps for Handling Conflict from Nehemiah Rick Warren

In Nehemiah 5 the Israelites face conflict for the same reason we do today – selfishness. So what can we learn from Nehemiah about handling conflict? 1. Get angry. (v. 6) Nehemiah didn’t ignore the problem, he took it seriously. When the unity of your church gets challenged, it’s your job to ...more

Anxiety Gone! Healing Worry and Faulty Thinking Chet Weld

Unless you’re reading this with a flashlight from six feet under, you probably experience worry or anxiety.  Everyone does!  But once we understand how we’re making ourselves worried, we can teach ourselves to be free from worry.    First, if you’re worrying, ask yourself, “What specific thoughts ...more

How to Help Your Child with Back to School Jitters Julie Barrier

Does your child have the “back-to-school” jitters? Many kids dread going back to school…. unless they were incredibly bored during summer break! They face fragile self-esteem issues, fear unknown teachers and feel anxious about academic challenges and long lists of “extra-curricular” activities. ...more

Shocking Statistics: The Porn Phenomenon David Kinnaman

Pornography is not new, but the digital age has made it more ubiquitous and accessible than ever before. The technological realities of smartphones and high-speed internet have fundamentally changed the landscape of pornography, and ushered it into the cultural mainstream where it enjoys ...more

The Theology of Time Travel Tom Terry

Don't you hate it when people bring up objections to the Gospel that seem high and intelligent just to catch you off-guard in your witness about Jesus? For instance, have you heard that silly challenge that asks, "Can God create something so heavy that even he cannot lift it?" Those types of ...more

Evaluating and Developing Effective Leaders Bill Hybels

Pivotal questions were asked of Bill Hybels at the Leadership Summit Conference. Here are his insightful answers: What is your current leadership challenge level at work? • Dangerously Over-Challenged – the to-do list gets longer. • Appropriately Challenged – the to-do list is hard but ...more

10 Ways to Reach Your Goals Jon Acuff

Ask 100 people if they’d like to make significant progress on their goals over the next week and you’ll probably get 100 yeses.  (Actually, you’d probably get 99, thanks to that one jerk dentist who doesn’t prefer Trident gum either.) Ask those same people, seven days later, if they WERE able to ...more

Victory Over Temptation: Christ's Secret Weapons Max Lucado

In 1066, one of history’s most decisive battles was fought. William, Duke of Normandy, dared to invade England. He confidently approached his formidable opponent with his secret weapon, an invention that would give his army an edge: the stirrup. The English, on foot, would be easily conquered by the ...more