Hurry Up and Wait Reconsidered Don McMinn & Kimberly Spring

Here I am toe-tapping again, my silent protest to waiting. My body weight shifts every few minutes as I check my watch and tap some more. I can feel the stress engulf me like a balloon pumped with air until the surface is taut. When we wait for others, it is all about us. How we are ...more

Tomorrow is Another Day Karen Holford

It had been one of those days. One of those days when everything I touched seem to fall apart, drop on the floor, make a mess, or draw blood. I was having one mini disaster after another. I'd only had about six hours' sleep, caring for baby Joel, who was barely eight weeks old. He was having a fussy ...more

Pray Effectively for Others Don McMinn & Kimberly Spring

In the Old Testament, Samuel declares that he would be sinning against the Lord if he fails to pray for the Israelites. (1 Sam. 12:23) The value of praying for others is a familiar Christian call to action, but how can we do so effectively, giving the practice more than cursory lip service? First ...more

A Christian Leader's Priorities Tom Lutz

The Christian leader that builds his role on Christ-centered bedrock is blessed with a sound foundation for setting priorities and is more faithfully followed because those he leads know the basis for his direction.  To determine the “non-negotiable” priorities you must establish, clarify the ...more

My Heaven-Journey Andy McQuitty

Jenny Simmons recently wrote me a cool letter from Bussloo, Apeldoorn, Netherlands where their band Addison Road was touring. She talked about how weird it felt to be in a foreign country with all the strange sounds and smells and language and a general sense of unsettling unfamiliarity. I didn’t ...more

Keys to a Fair Fight: Conflict Resolution Chet Weld

The essential step in dealing with conflict is to strengthen the relationship (maintain the connection). Here are the steps you should consider in preparing to address the conflict: prepare your heart, prepare what to say, and prepare for the context. In preparing your heart you have to ask ...more

Lost and Found Karen Holford

Our town still has one of those old-fashioned markets with little stalls piled high with fruit and vegetables, and the vendors calling out their best deals, each one clamouring for our attention and our money. It is a busy, bustling, noisy sort of place to go, and there's always lots to see as ...more

Worship Defined Don McMinn

What is worship? Who can experience it? Do we only worship on Sunday mornings? Do only musicians worship? What does it feel like? How do I become a worshiper of God? Some subjects are so broad that they defy definition. St. Augustine once lamented, "What, then, is time? If no one asked of me, I ...more

Living a Focused Life Karen Holford

Something about me and sports are not compatible. The mere suggestion of a ball game can double my stress level. I can lose a game of tennis before I can manage to serve a ball over the net. At school I always tried to run as far away from the ball as possible; fielding in distant, obscure corners; ...more

Functional Family: The One and Only Exhibit John Beeson

In the last two blog posts I talked about dysfunctional families: first in Palestine, and then in America.  Let’s get to the good news.  Let’s talk a bit about the functional family.  To do so, let’s set the stage of how the early church thought about the issue of family.  In the early church, the ...more