How Should the Church Respond to President Trump? Russell Moore

Donald Trump is elected President of the United States. So what should evangelical Christians do now? No matter what our differences politically or religiously, surely we can all agree that some citizens are angry, afraid, or discouraged.  The first thing, of course, is to pray for our soon-to-be ...more

Barna Report: Racial Differences in Spiritual Practice David Kinnaman

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “It is appalling that the most segregated hour of Christian America is eleven o’clock on Sunday morning.” Progress is slow on racial reconciliation in this country, particularly given recent events. But why do lingering divisions exist in the Church, the very ...more

Over 25? 10 Ways The Church You Grew Up In No Longer Exists Carey Nieuwhof

Church leaders, times are changing, but the real question is how quickly and how deeply? In fact, unless you’re under 25, the world into which you’re born doesn’t really exist anymore. You may have heard of the the Beloit College Mindset list. It comes out every year and often makes the news. The ...more

How Do I Stay Strong in Christ? Jan Shrader

Have you ever made a promise you didn’t keep? Have you ever rushed to judgment? Have you ever felt like walking with God has become harder and harder? How do you stand strong in your faith over the long haul? Ray was shocked at how quickly he crumbled. He suffered unending criticism from the ...more

Who is Sabotaging My Church? Brandon Cox

Do you wonder why your church is not growing? Have you ever read Acts 15? It’s right between Acts 14 and Acts 16! Many people find themselves skipping the chapter, or at best, lazily dozing their way through it to get to the excitement of chapter 16 where Paul received his great “Macedonian Call.”  ...more

10 Essential Dating Tips Paul Meier

Tip #1 - Be yourself. Nobody’s perfect, but there’s no need to change your entire personality to meet someone else’s expectations. It’s always best to be yourself. Figure out who you really are, what you like to do, what you believe in and what things are important to you. It’s much easier to ...more

Love Lessons I Learned from My Sister Julie Barrier

My sister Kathy is remarkable. The Proverbs 31 woman falls short of her virtue. Kathy is the queen of compassion. She knows what is really important: loving Jesus and loving others. My sister prioritizes relationships. You can’t meet Kathy without feeling special. She greets you warmly and asks ...more

What Does Abortion Reveal About Us? 6 Things.... Tom Terry

I believe that abortion is the most important social issue of our day. There are few issues that tell us more about our society. Abortion is important because allowing the murder of 1.2 million innocents a year reveals some things about us, as a people, that goes to the very heart of who we are. ...more

How to See Yourself as God Sees You Craig Lounsbrough

Do I really want to see myself?  Really?  Not as I might prefer to see myself in order to have some rickety and ill-placed semblance of peace.  Not the image that grants me permission to stay a course that maybe I should stay away from.  Not the perception of myself that allows me to side-step ...more

Five Resolutions That Will REALLY Change Your Life! Paul Meier

When we make New Year’s resolutions, we are usually quite sincere but idealistic. We promise more than we will realistically deliver, which sets us up for false guilt, toxic shame, grief and maybe even depression. Addictions are driven by shame and lack of connectedness, so the more shame we have, ...more