Psalms for First Responders and Soldiers Julie Barrier

“God shapes the world by prayer. The more prayer there is in the world, the better the world will be, the mightier the forces of good against evil …” – E.M. Bounds Flying bullets, suicide vests, terrorist threats and racial riots. Our society is filled with fear. Many are disillusioned with our ...more

Angry Politics: Fighting Battles with Faith and Love Francis Frangipane

It's hard to remember a time when people were more angry. A civilized person ought to be, first of all, civil. Yet, today there is no discourse, no respect for another's opinion, no reasoning together for the common good. I am concerned, especially for the church. One may argue, "Our society is ...more

Can You Legislate Morality? Trevin Wax

Can you legislate morality or ethics? “You can’t legislate morality,” the old saying goes, a statement that purports to be common sense, until you begin to realize you can’t not legislate morality. All legislation is passed within a moral framework of ethical ideals and moral considerations.  ...more

How Bitterness Can Destroy Our Nation from the Inside Francis Frangipane

Israel was hopelessly outnumbered. Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon "and all his army, with all the kingdoms of the earth that were under his dominion and all the peoples, were fighting against Jerusalem" and its remaining cities (Jer. 34:1). Because of Israel’s sin, apparently even the Lord, ...more

How to Pray Spirit-Filled Prayers Brandon Cox

Do you wonder if your prayers hit the ceiling? Is God listening? How can you know that prayer makes any difference? Absolutely! And prayer makes a difference because the living God, the Holy Spirit, lives inside the one praying. Further, when God’s people get together and pray as a community, ...more

Magnetism: Do You Draw Others to You? Craig Lounsbrough

When we ask the question about what draws others to us, we might first want to determine why we're asking the question. This magnetism is not about popularity, attractiveness or some sort of self-aggrandizing behavior. It's nothing to do with eliciting attention or being something like a mesmerizing ...more

Discipline Your Child? 5 Big Questions and Answers Kent Shaffer

Disciplining our children is a hotly debated issue in our culture and the Christian community. Typically, the flashpoints in these debates ignite around issues like spanking, public reprimands, and what consequences (if any) non-parents should be allowed to enforce. But these debates tend to occur ...more

Aging Angry? How to Stay Young and Strong Julie Barrier

Happy Birthday! Or is it? Do you feel discouraged and depressed with every passing year? I’ve heard many older people say, “My body tells me I’m old, but my brain tells me I’m still eighteen.” Do you feel older and wiser, or older and angrier? When we age, we can live the lie, “I can’t!” rather ...more

Learn to Live in the Power of the Spirit Louie Giglio

The church is God’s plan to change the world. The government is not the plan. Philanthropy isn’t. The church is. The church is God’s idea of how the Kingdom of God will come to earth. The world is waiting for the Kingdom of God to come to earth. Jesus sent His disciples out with power. We are to ...more

Fearful and Stressed? Ways to Diffuse Volatile Relationships Julie Barrier

Have you ever been in a volatile relationship? The word "volatile" means "liable to change rapidly and unpredictably, especially for the worse." You may be sitting next to a terrorist: not the radical kind, just the dysfunctional, abusive kind! Your child may be a "holy terror," holding your happy ...more