How to Pray for Our Troops

How you can pray for deployed military personnel? We hear people say, “Pray for our Troops!” But what do we pray for? What, specifically, are their needs? Here are insights in how to pray for our military: ·       Pray if they’re not saved that the Lord would send a witness to them and save them. ...more

To Our Muslim Friends: The Missing Names of God Tom Terry

If you are a Muslim, or have a muslim friend or relative, this post is for you. "The Father's Love: Islam's Missing Names of God." What do parents and God have in common? Could it be that parents can do something that the Quran teaches God cannot do? Did you read the news some years ago about ...more

Do Emotions Control Your Life? Don McMinn

I am surprised by, and sometimes frustrated at, some people’s submission to emotions. Emotions dominate their lives. Rational thought is ignored and facts are resisted. Like the lady with the nail in her forehead, life is seen exclusively through the lens of emotions. I do understand and appreciate ...more

Healthy Churches Are Growing Churches Rick Warren

Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Church, shares his thoughts about healthy churches. This is what he has to say: "When I wrote The Purpose Driven Church, I predicted that church health – not church growth – would be the primary concern of the 21st Century church. I believe that prediction ...more

God and Gender: A Balanced View Jeff Jones

Gender issues fill the news and the political arena. Battle lines are drawn. Where does the church stand when it comes to combining Biblical truth and compassion? Here are my thoughts:   God loves gay people, and godly people do too.   God designed sex to be expressed between a man and a woman ...more

How to Argue with God John Piper

Are you questioning God today? How do you pray when you don't understand what He is doing? You can argue with God. David did. John Piper teaches: You can measure your spiritual temperature by whether your prayers are richly seasoned with expressions of longing for your own growth in godliness.  ...more

Protect Your Kids: Transgender Bathrooms Russell Moore

It's not about sex, it's about safety. "Last night my preteen daughters cried, afraid of going to a bathroom or locker room at school."-Brianna Wetherbee. TO SIGN A PETITION PROTESTING LEGISLATION, CLICK HERE. Here are Dr. Russell Moore's thoughts on the subject: "The New York Times reported ...more

Are People in Heaven Aware of Events on Earth? Randy Alcorn

Given the substantial evidence of Scripture to the contrary, the burden of proof is on those who argue people in heaven are unconcerned with and unaware of what is happening on earth. Does Scripture really teach this? Where? Or is the belief that those in heaven are unaware of what happens on earth ...more

How to Pursue Excellence Don McMinn

Are you satisfied with mediocrity? Dr. Don McMinn shares his thoughts about how to pursue excellence. Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. —John Gardner Librettist and theatrical producer Oscar Hammerstein II once remarked on an aerial photo of the Statue of Liberty taken from ...more

How to Know You Are Spiritual Tom Terry

I never knew what a "godly person" looked like. Now I want to become one. More than anything. In my early radio career I was once engineering a live talk show. The host was taking live calls. One woman said, “You sound like a man of God.” My friend, the host, suddenly became very solemn. During the ...more