Why is it Difficult to Follow a Pessimist (or a Realist) Leader? Carey Nieuwhof

So…if you had to describe yourself, would you say you’re an optimist, a pessimist, or as pessimists like to say in social settings to be polite, a realist? For the record…my current theory is that realists are pessimists who don’t want to call themselves pessimists. Most leaders (not all, but ...more

How Would Christ Celebrate Christmas? Erin Davis

How would Christ celebrate Christmas? It seems like a difficult question to answer. Author Erin Davis pens her thoughts: "Most years I tend to lose sight of Jesus somewhere between the deals of Black Friday and the dawn of a new year. Of course I understand that Jesus is the real reason for the ...more

The Innkeeper: The Overlooked Christmas Villain John Beeson

Who was the Innkeeper in Bethlehem who cruelly turned Mary and Joseph away? We'll never know his name. Pastor John Beeson decries him as one of the Christmas villains: "Every self-respecting children’s nativity play has Mary and Joseph greeted by the gruff Innkeeper who rudely tells Mary and ...more

Can You Fall for the Feeling of Christmas? Matt Chandler

A war will be waged again this Christmas, a battle far more pressing than whether to say “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas.” For believers, the real challenge is something entirely different. It’s a battle for our heart, our joy, and our worship. I’m no Scrooge. I love the holiday, even some of ...more

How You Can Spot the Pessimists and Cynics in Your Life Carey Nieuwhof

We’ve all had our share of cynics and pessimists try to dissuade us from action. We live in an age in which there is no shortage of opinion. The challenge these days in leadership (and in life) is that a lot of those opinions are not particularly helpful. On most teams, boards and in most ...more

10 Ways to Beat Loneliness at Christmas Deb Waterbury

Christmas may be celebrated around the world, but many people find it a lonely time. Dr. Deb Waterbury suggests ten ways you can avoid loneliness this Christmas: "It’s simply amazing to me how quickly the Christmas things are out on store shelves!!  Before we can even get through Halloween the ...more

What I Learned on a Fast from Technology Kevin DeYoung

Kevin DeYoung shares his thoughts on how his life changed with just a week of limiting his use of technology. This article was originally titled "What I Learned on my Week-Long Digital Fast." just finished a week-long digital fast. Parts of it were difficult, and other parts were surprisingly ...more

Six Ways to Miss Christmas! John MacArthur

The majority of people in the world will miss the next Christmas. But how can that be? How can anyone miss Christmas, given the amount of advertising, publicity, and promotion the holiday receives each year? Because although many celebrate Christmas every year, most don't know what it's about. In ...more

Jesus Celebrated Hanukkah! Julia Blum

The Festival of Lights For many people in the diaspora – both Jews celebrating Hanukkah and Gentiles observing this celebration – Hanukkah is all about dreidels and latkes. However, if you happen to be in Israel during Hanukkah, go to a children’s party in a kindergarten or elementary school. You ...more

Peace on Earth Jan Shrader

When my children were young, one of my sons came into the kitchen while I was doing the dishes, and nonchalantly asked me, “Mom, do you know how to tell a good angel from a bad angel?” I wasn’t sure where my budding theologian was going with this question, but my curiosity was piqued, so I said, ...more