Control Freaks in Leadership: 5 Ways to Let Go! Carey Nieuwhof

Are you a control freak? It's easy to do, whether you are a leader of a large organization or the mother of small children. It’s amazing to me how many leaders I know tell me they struggle with control. I come by the subject honestly because I, too, am a recovering control freak. Most people have ...more

Learn to Lament: How Sadness Will Bless You Peter Scazzero

When is the last time you preached or heard a message on grieving or lamenting that was not at a funeral? When is the last time your church sang a lament to God, struggling with His love and faithfulness? What have you been taught about biblical grieving as discipleship? David is famous for being a ...more

How to Pray for Racial Healing Wellington Boone

Can America (and the world) achieve racial reconciliation? Can our multicolored, multi-tongued society find common ground for communication? For peace?  For cooperation in meeting head-on the great needs of our fractured nation and our world? The answer is a resounding yes! “There is neither Jew ...more

8 Things to Do with Evil, 4 Things to Never Do! John Piper

Here's an urgent and practical question: How should we relate to evil? We can't stick our heads in the sand. How should we think and feel and act about Satanic evil—the untimely death of a child, terrorism, corrupt governments, or a volatile economy? The evil you confront in your own lives? Here is ...more

Here Are Ten Bad Reasons to Be a Pastor Dave Bruskas

Over the years, I have heard men give compelling reasons to be a pastor. I have also heard a few ridiculous reasons. But most often, I have heard reasons that just aren’t sufficient on their own to justify becoming a pastor. Here are 10 of them. 1. You like spending time with other Christians This ...more

How to Discuss the Upcoming Election with Your Kids Russell Moore

Several years ago, I quipped before an audience, “Election years make people crazy.” And that was before I had any idea what was coming in 2016. For families with children, this election year brings unique challenges, since the campaign this year feels often like a reality show that breaks only for ...more

Eight Reasons Why the Church is the Greatest Force on Earth Rick Warren

Pastor Rick Warren shares his thoughts on the powerful impact of God's Church, His Bride: "The Church is the most magnificent concept ever created. It has survived persistent abuse, horrifying persecution, and widespread neglect. Yet despite its faults (due to our sinfulness), it is still God’s ...more

Don't Make Excuses, Make Changes! Don McMinn

Don’t make excuses for character flaws and bad behavior, thinking “that’s just who I am.” I once had an employee who had the audacity to declare, “I know I have a short fuse and a bad temper, but that’s just who I am. People who work with me just need to deal with it.” I informed him that his ...more

How to Raise Money for Your Church or Ministry David King

The Lake Institute on Faith & Giving at the Center on Philanthropy, Indiana University, in partnership with the Alban Institute, released a Congregational Economic Impact Study. Prior to the study, much of the focus of the effects of the economy on congregational life has centered on larger churches ...more

Puppy Love and Loving God: 5 Lessons We Learn Julie Barrier

How personal and passionate is your love for God? We were designed to cling close to Him, believe in Him, rely upon Him and never, never leave His side. We are all pound puppies: scraggly, sinful, smelly and in need of rescue. God looked down at our “waggeldy” tails, wet noses, and flea-filled fur. ...more