A Week of Prayer with Your Kids

Here's a creative way to help your children participate in a week of prayer!

Make a chart with a big square for every day of the week. Choose a category of people for each day and list them on a chart displayed on the refrigerator. Pray for them on the day you have chosen at the dinner table, or at bedtime.

SUNDAY - Pray for family members.

MONDAY - Pray for teachers and students and school workers.

TUESDAY - Pray for those who are ill and for doctors, nurses, and other medical staff.

WEDNESDAY - Pray for those who need to know Jesus, or who are just getting to know Him.

THURSDAY - Pray for missionaries who are sharing Jesus around the world.

FRIDAY - Pray for school friends and neighbors.

SATURDAY - Pray for your pastor and his family, and for your church leaders.

"In the day of trouble he will keep me safe in his dwelling" (Psalm 27:5)

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