Desperate Reliance

I was reading in Proverbs 21:31 today the following: "The horse is prepared for the day of battle, But victory belongs to the LORD." This is not condemning adequate preparation, but rather the reliance on it for victory instead of on the Lord. This has never been so true as it is my life right now as my wife Jana and I are planting The Harvest Church International.I would like to add an adjective to the front of the word reliance and say that not only do I have a reliance on the Lord to help me carry out this vision, but it is a desperate reliance. Everyday, into the night, and sometimes in the middle of the night I am planning, and adequately preparing for what needs to be done in this church plant process. I can sit at my desk and research, read, listen, write, have meetings, etc., and all that is great to do, but no matter how much I try to do I know it won't get accomplished without the Lord's help. I can honestly say and admit that I desperately rely on His Wisdom, guidance and divine intervention to help me.So I pray, and then I pray some more. I feel so compelled to pray and seek Him, talk to Him and stay close to Him in order to make sure that I am following His direction. This is His church and I want to make sure that I am adequately prepared, but that I am totally relying on Him.But it should be this way with everything we do in life as a believer, no matter what it is, whether it's your job, your family, your finances, etc. We need to always be diligent about our plans and preparation, but we need to always have a desperate reliance on him to lead the way. Is that the way you are about the things in your life?

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