Free Software Programs That Will Help You "Do" Church

Do you need help in organizing and facilitating the ministries of your church? I have created nine software packages to assist pastors and church leaders in doing their jobs effectively and efficiently.

I came to know the Lord Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior in 1998.  Right after my conversion, I wanted to be involved in my church.  So, I felt led to become active in the library/media ministry.  As part of that ministry, I started writing a software program to organize and access those resources. 

            My pastor at that time, Reverend Tim Piland, asked for a software application that would assist them in tracking all ministerial tasks and responsibilities as a church.  From his suggestion, and the input from many other pastors throughout the United States, our second program called The Pastor’s Study was born. 

                        The third program we felt led to write and market was The Easy Sunday School Planner which was to be used by Sunday School teachers to organize their lessons, track attendance, maintain and print a class prayer list.  An additional feature even has the capabilities to print a picture directory of its members.  The program was made available absolutely free to anyone who downloaded it directly from the RCL Software website.

            One church in Tennessee asked me if we had a program to that would track the daily, weekly and monthly visitations made by members of its staff. Out of that request, The Visitation Program was born.  This software was specifically designed for use by churches; whereas another church desired to have the same functionality in a program for evangelism.  For the teams using the Sunday School software, a model was later added to the Visitation program that was specifically called the Faith Visitation Program.

            I also received many requests to develop a church membership program that would be beneficial for any congregation as they organized information concerning every member in the Body.  As a result, I released Easy Church Membership.

            Right from the beginning, The Christian Software Development Ministry I began was always intended for the glory of God.  In December of 2012, after much prayer and reflection, my wife and I decided to start giving the programs away, free-of-charge.  In many ways, this was always what I wanted to do, but was unable to for financial reasons.  At that time, RCL Software had a total of nine programs that were being made available to churches and ministers alike.  As you will see below, each program can be a vital and useful resource for any congregation.

1.     Media Library Manager -

2.     Easy Church Membership -

3.     The Pastor’s Study -

4.     Easy Sermon Organizer -

5.     Easy Sunday School Administrator -

6.     Easy Sunday School Planner -

7.     Visitation Manager -

8.     Faith Visitation Manager -

9.     RCL Music Ministry –

            I only want to do what I believed Jesus called me to accomplish, which was to “Minister to His servants by designing and developing software to help churches win souls for Jesus.”

            So, I am now making all of our software titles available for free.  I will still offer support tech support via e-mail, and I will upgrade each program when necessary.

            I have funded the ministry through December 2013, but will as our users to support our ministry. As Jesus has assured me the individuals and churches that use any one of our titles will understand “the laborer is worthy of his hire” (Luke 10:7).  I am continually trusting in the faithfulness of our God to supply all of our needs through the generosity of all of our users. May God bless and prosper your ministry!

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