God the Promise Keeper: Covenant Faith Tom Terry

The concept of keeping covenant with God seems to be one not much considered by the modern Christian. Yet the Bible demonstrates in its pages that the idea of a covenant with God was that which guided the patriarch’s and the early believers’ relationship with the Almighty. It may be said that ...more

Leap Into Big Arms: Trusting God Max Lucado

I STAND six steps from the bed’s edge. My arms extended. Hands open. On the bed Sara—all four years of her— crouches, posed like a playful kitten. She’s going to jump. But she’s not ready. I’m too close. “Back more, Daddy,” she stands and dares. I dramatically comply, confessing admiration for ...more

Of Cowboys and Shepherds: The God Who Knows Your Name Max Lucado

Behold a hero of the west: the cowboy. He rears his horse to a stop on the rim of the canyon. He shifts his weight in his saddle, weary from the cattle trail. One finger pushes his hat up on his head. One jerk of the kerchief reveals a sun-leathered face. A thousand head of cattle pass behind ...more

The Get-Well Box: God's Comfort from a Child Julie Barrier

Silky-soft, baby-fat arms encircling your neck. “Mommy, what’s wrong?” “Daddy, I’m sorry!” In those tear-filled moments when you are so devastated you can hardly speak, children know how to comfort. They cry when you cry. No expectations. No questions. Just acceptance and consolation. We can learn ...more

Get Angry the Godly Way David Ferguson

“Anyone can become angry-that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way-that is not easy.” –Aristotle (The Nichomachean Ethics) I should never allow myself to become angry. Anger can become a sin. I often ...more

Shock and Awe: Post-Traumatic Stress and How to Help John Kie-Vining

Rape, robbery, suicide, and the ravages of combat are just a few of the circumstances that can cause post-traumatic stress disorder. As pastors and concerned friends and family members, it is important to realize the stages these victims will experience and assist them on the road to healing. ...more

Impatience Imprisons the Soul: Let God Set You Free! Max Lucado

Jesus once told a parable about a king who decides to settle his accounts with his debtors. His bookkeeper surfaces a fellow who owes not thousands or hundreds of thousands but millions of dollars. The king summarily declares that the man and his wife and kids are to be sold to pay the debt. Because ...more

Why Should I Continue to Pray? Does God Listen? Mark Batterson

In the 1990s, a psychologist by the name of Anders Ericsson and some colleagues did a study at Berlin’s Elite Academy of Music. They divided violinists into three categories – elite performers, good violinists and then those that would probably never play professionally but good enough to get into ...more

Following the Evidence: Noah's Ark Tom Terry

A news story last week claimed that Chinese and Turkish researchers found the remains of Noah’s Ark on Turkey’s Mount Ararat. Some are saying the claim is a hoax, while others point out that the ark has been seen by many explorers. So what is the truth of the situation?While no conclusive proof has ...more

Defeating Condemnation: Victory in Community David Ferguson

During World War II, Lieutenant General Jonathan Mayhew Wainright was commander of the Allied Forces in the Phillippines. On may 6, 1942, following a heroic resistance of enemy forces, he was forced to surrender Corregidor and the survivors of the Philippine campaign. For three years he suffered ...more