Learning from Life's Detours Mark Batterson

Disasters and detours in our lives jar and disorient us. They “rattle the cage.” You get a bad diagnosis or a pink slip or divorce papers. Often those things cause the compass needle to spin in our lives and we’re wondering which way is up! What is God doing? But I think it is in those situations ...more

Loners? Can We Really Isolate Ourselves? Mark Marikos

On my evening commute the other day, I was amused by a motorcyclist who passed, wearing a club vest bearing the name “Loners”.  Hmm!  A club for loners?  The club is evidently big enough and wide-spread enough that there is even a Tucson chapter.  Maybe there is only one member per chapter?   A ...more

Seeing Our Heavenly Father at Last! Max Lucado

One of my favorite childhood memories is greeting my father as he came home from work. My mother, who worked an evening shift at the hospital, would leave the house around three in the afternoon. Dad would arrive home at three-thirty. My brother and I were left alone for that half-hour with strict ...more

Complete Obedience or Compromise? Tom Terry

Jehu is an oft over-looked character in the Old Testament. Some have never even heard his name. However, we can learn much about faith and life by studying his story. My latest weekly book reading has been Patrick Morley’s, Seven Seasons of a Man’s Life. It’s been sitting on my shelf for years and I ...more

Forgiveness: The Brita Model or the Leaky Spigot Model? John Beeson

I would suggest that most of us have one of two models of forgiveness: a Brita model or a leaky spigot model.  The Brita model is the American model, the self-forgiveness model.  The Brita model says that forgiveness of others begins with your forgiveness of yourself.  The reason I call it the ...more

A Glimpse of Glory Max Lucado

Have you had a view of the high country? While in Colorado for a week’s vacation, our family teamed up with several others and decided to ascend the summit of a fourteen-thousand-foot peak. We would climb it the easy way. Drive above the timberline and tackle the final mile by foot. You hearty ...more

Stress-Reducers from Psalm 131 Don McMinn

We live in a stress-filled society. Technology makes us accessible to anyone at anytime. Economic down-turns cause many to fear the loss of a job or a home. Stress has been linked to all the leading causes of death, including heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis and suicide. ...more

Jesus: Number One is the Best! Jack Schull

ONE is the best number. It conveys aspiration, new beginnings and uniqueness. The ONE we worship is supreme. He is unlike any other. The strongest number of hope is ONE. We live in a world that is impressed by numbers. The more the better. An increase of numbers seems to communicate success. What ...more

Dog-Paddling or Water-Walking? Trusting Jesus Julie Barrier

Fierce, contrary winds whipped the waves of the Galilean Sea like a frothy meringue. Jesus’ rag-tag team shivered in their sandals as their tiny wooden skiff tossed about on the choppy sea. White-knuckled, Jesus’ motley crew squinted hard to see the shoreline. A ghostly apparition approach the tiny ...more

Honeymoon Disaster and a Glimpse of Our Heavenly Home Max Lucado

I came across a sad story this week, a story about a honeymoon disaster. The newly weds arrived at the hotel in the wee hours with high hopes. They’d reserved a large room with romantic amenities. That’s not what they found. Seems the room was pretty skimpy. The tiny room had no view, no  ...more