The Shift of Copernicus: Make God the Center of Your World Max Lucado

You have to blame it on Copernicus. The world was rocking along pretty well until he came along in 1543 and announced that the sun, and not the earth was the center of the solar system. Ptolemy had convinced the world otherwise and for 1,400 years we believed we were the center of activity. It ...more

Earn the Right. Wrong. Tom Terry

I recently heard a speaker declare that to share the Gospel we must first “earn the right” to share by doing things to take care of people’s physical needs. You may have heard something similar. As the concept goes, there is a realm where by doing good things for people we earn their ear to talk ...more

Insecurity and Self-Reliance: True Trust in God

Quaking in your boots? Perhaps you fear foreclosure on your house. Maybe you have a child headed in the wrong direction. Downsizing at your company causes you to shiver. A doctor’s report makes your stomach churn and your faith foundations rocked to the core. We all need assurance that God is our ...more

We Want You to Be a Christian Hedonist: Or, Don't Miss the Joy! John Piper

What Is Christian Hedonism? My shortest summary of Christian Hedonism is: God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him. We all make a god out of what we take the most pleasure in. Christian Hedonists want to make God their God by seeking after the greatest pleasure—pleasure in ...more

If It Can't Be Measured, It Doesn't Exist? Can God Be Measured? Tom Terry

Some people look at faith in God as something that is regulated to “personal belief.” In other words, you can believe something if you want, but it’s not really real. The Bible’s view of faith is quite different. Faith is not something you believe without evidence for the object of its existence. ...more

10 Reasons Why We Love Muslims Scott B

Jesus takes the way we see people and flips it upside down. His lovemoves us to love everyone, including Muslims. Let God speak to you asyou read this article from Frontiers USA. 1) God loves Muslims! Muslims are loved by God in the same way that He loves all people. Like all humans, ...more

The Prison of Pride: When You Can't Hide Your Mistakes Max Lucado

While it’s true that we all make mistakes, some mistakes are more public than others. How do you handle those mistakes that everyone knows about? Come close and listen: the answer lies in your relationship to the man from Galilee. It’s about forgiveness. . . choices… understanding who you are in ...more

The Political Elephant in the Room: How Should a Christian Vote? Mark Batterson

Conscientious Christians need to think critically and biblically and tactfully about every issue facing our country. I think every political issue has spiritual overtones or undertones. I think we need to be engaged in the political “process.” Listen, I think we need to vote. We need more Christians ...more

The Vision of Kingdom Living, The Intent to Be a Kingdom Person Dallas Willard

The vision of our life in the kingdom of God is the vision Jesus brought. It was the gospel he preached. He came announcing, manifesting, and teaching what the kingdom of the heavens was like, and that it was immediately availability in Himself. "I was sent for this purpose," he said (Luke 4:43). If ...more

What is Codependency? Identify and Heal Codependent Relationships Chet Weld

What’s a good definition of codependency? In the broadest sense it’s an addiction to people, places, or things.  Codependency used to mean that one person was dependent on something like alcohol and the other person simply needed them to be dependent on alcohol, so the second person was ...more