Why is God Silent? Tom Terry

There's an important page in your Bible that, if you are like most people, goes completely unread. Chances are, you are like most Christians who rip past this page without a moment's thought. In fact, in this page of the Bible might be described by some as the most irrelevant, unnecessary, useless ...more

Believing the Best Karen Holford

Believing the best is a challenge. It is so easy to focus on what's wrong with someone rather than on what's right about them. It's the natural human response. But when we do this, we risk discouraging others and damaging relationships. Even when it is necessary to point out a mistake, appreciation ...more

Ashura-Muslim Holiday Cherie Gray

We are in the middle of an important Muslim holiday called Ashura, recognized by Shiite Muslims only.  It is not so much a holiday as it is a remembrance of a great battle that took place several years ago when many were killed.  Shiites remember the martyrdom of Hussein (the grandson of Muhammed) ...more

Christianity Creates Economy Tom Terry

I've been reflecting back upon Christmas in a way that most people tend not too. I've decided that I'm all for the commercialization of Christmas. In fact, during a time of bad economics, more Christmas commercialization is needed, not less. My reasoning goes like this: If you think the economy is ...more

Sprint or Marathon? Mark Marikos

I am sure we have all been asked, or pondered the question on our own, “What would you do differently, if you knew you only had 6 months to live?”  A truly contented person might respond, “Nothing, I’m already doing what I would do under those circumstances.”  But then there are the rest of us.  How ...more

The Sin Exchange Matthew Lynn

Lately I’ve become increasingly more aware of the enemy’s subtle tricks and deceptions in my life. As someone who works in ministry as a vocation, it is easy to get into a comfortable routine of thinking that I’ve adopted a kind of lifestyle that is free of the “obvious” and “outward” sins of the ...more

The Most Expensive Christmas Gift Tom Terry

Christmas is one of those holidays that is often misunderstood. Perhaps it's because of the way that we have trivialized what the holiday represents. We hang stockings, decorate trees, arrange manger scenes, and give gifts. Of course no one is fooled, it's the gift giving and receiving that has ...more

Buddhists Beliefs: Merit and Rebirth Tom Terry

For the Buddhist I want to look at "The Seen and Unseen World of Merit and Rebirth." Rebirth and Merit are two important concepts in the Buddhist way of life. The two are intimately attached. Under Buddhism a person tries to end the suffering of rebirth by attaining merit through good works. In ...more

Putting Christ Back Into Christmas Karen Holford

    The speakers in the mall are playing sleigh-bell songs, Santa is in his grotto with a long line of children waiting to stroke his whiskers and the media is full of adverts for the latest ’must-have’ toys. Grocery trolleys are piled high with calories, and the glossy magazines are enticing you to ...more