A Sympathetic Ear Karen Holford

Children have an incredible knack at comforting. One mother tells of her little Tina coming home late from school. “Where have you been, Tina?” her mom asked.“Lisa dropped her best doll and it broke,” explained Tina. “I stayed to help her.” “Oh, were you able to fix it? It was very kind of you to ...more

Where Is Buddhism's Mercy? Tom Terry

  I recently read an interesting quote about Buddhism's impact on real world problems. Check this out. "Christmas Humpreys, an influential Western Buddhist, admits...'It may be asked, what contribution Buddhism is making to world problems, national problems, social problems, appearing among every ...more

Certainty About What's Right Tom Terry

I was thinking recently about an article I wrote about Buddhism and morality nearly two years ago. In that article, Void or Victory: The Higher Nature of Christianity Over Buddhism, I quoted the Encyclopedia of Cults and New Religions as saying,     “In Christianity absolute morality is the central ...more

My Take on Love's Limits Tom Terry

Love is one of the concepts often misunderstood where the Bible and the Christian life are concerned. Expressing love, it is thought, cannot include anger, invoke bad feelings, or result in emotional pain. Love, in the modern or perhaps postmodern sense must include all feelings of wellness, ...more

Healing a Hurting World Don McMinn

In this troubled world, we don’t have to look far to see hurting souls suffering from frustration, fear, loneliness, embarrassment, deception, grief, humiliation, disappointment or betrayal. Jesus even warned us in John 16:33, “In this world you will have trouble.” It wasn’t a threat, just a ...more

The Loneliest Grief: Miscarriage Karen Holford

Statistics indicate that at least one in every ten babies is lost through miscarriage. Many mothers hide the sorrow inside themselves and never talk about it because they have found that most people do not understand their feelings. "I don't know when the really intense feelings of loss and grief ...more

Accountability and Community Matthew Lynn

In our overworked, hurried, and self-focused culture, it’s easy for us to go days at a time without having a substantive conversation with another human being. The phrase, “How are you?” is rarely met with an honest reply, and I’ve become more and more convinced that many of us are living in a kind ...more

Nehemiah: Man of Prayer Brie Barrier Wetherbee

Nehemiah was the cupbearer to the king in the Persian winter palace in Susa.  The king of Persia had previously stopped the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem, possibly perceiving that the Jewish people could become a threat as they returned from exile in Babylon. He even made a statement of ...more

Meditating on Metaphors Brie Barrier Wetherbee

1.    Gold and Honey – Psalm 19:10 Here, the psalmist declares that the Word of God is more desirable than the finest gold and sweeter than honey.  I believe that he is speaking of both the value of the Word of God and the experience of interacting with the Word of God.  Its wisdom is ...more

Without Sin Tom Terry

How well do you know God? Has it ever occurred to you why we are able to know the depths of God's character? We all have people we know better than others. We know them better because we spend more time with them, interface with them more than others, and feel a closeness to them. In the case of ...more