The Plunge Jack Schull

Sometimes we don't realize how "far down" Jesus had to go to save sinful man. I guess it's because we really can't get a handle on the holiness of God. A story I read really gave me a picture of what Jesus sacrificed to come from heaven's glory to "earth's dungeon" and be born a tiny, helpless ...more

To My Muslim Friends: Can Allah Love the Sinner? Tom Terry

My dear Muslim friends, That Allah does not love the sinner is abundantly clear in the Quran. Note just a few of the many passages in the Quran addressing this topic: "God loves not transgressors." (2:190) "He loves not creatures ungrateful or wicked." (2:276) "God loves not those who do ...more

To My Muslim Friends: Can Allah Give Unconditional Love? Tom Terry

To my dear Muslim friends: The Quran and the Injeel (the Gospels) in the Bible reflect very different views of God. God’s love is the basis for all relationships and behaviors. To imagine that God could love someone unconditionally is a concept unique to Christianity. Many of the concepts taught ...more

Keeping the Peace at Christmastime Don McMinn

Christmastime… that peaceful, everybody-gets-along time of year, right? Not necessarily. Harmony in relationships can be challenging year round, but as activities increase with holiday celebrations and we encounter more people, our chances of offending someone or being offended increase.  ...more

Jesus, The Servant-Savior Francis Chan

How can we honor the Lord on his Birthday according to the Bible? In Philippians 2:5-7, Paul writes that Jesus came down to earth as a servant and made himself nothing, humbling Himself even unto death. During this Christmas season, how can we serve others and truly worship the Lord? The Bible ...more

Who's In The Driver's Seat? Glenn Barteau

Who is in the driver’s seat? Who is the master of your life? Jesus says you have a driver’s seat. It will shape your decisions and reactions in life. John Ortberg speaks of a friend who was in a top business school and the students did case studies on different businesses. The professor would do ...more

Innovative Leadership Jeff Goins

Creativity and relevance are essential to keeping an organization alive and flourishing. We must have a pulse on our culture and a willingness to explore options that will constantly improve our effectiveness. Leaders are risk-takers, and do so for good reason. We must innovate or die. If you're ...more

Walk on By? Jeff Goins

The unnoticed women, the faces in the crowd that are overlooked are surprised by kindness. Most tourists step over beggars and the homeless instead of showing Christ's love by giving of their time and resources. Why do we walk by so easily?  Maybe the nameless women were in shock; maybe they were ...more

Unwashed, Unnoticed and Unloved Jeff Goins

How many times do you walk by someone in pain and desperation without a single glance? The world is filled with the overlooked and the unloved. Are you the Samaritan or the Pharisee? In Palenque Mexico, I met a beggar woman on the street who couldn't remember her name. She was mentally ill, and ...more

Global Evangelism and the Blues Brothers Jeff Goins

What about your life would change today if you accepted and submitted to the fact that you are, indeed, on a mission from God? Do you have to wear a pith helmet and tote an over-sized Bible to be a missionary?  The eighties cult classic starring Dan Akroyd and John Belushi doesn’t exactly seem like ...more