God's Love Covers Like A Blanket Max Lucado

Jesus was not always welcomed warmly by earth-travelers. Some saw Him as a threat. Some saw Him as a heretic. Most saw Him as an enigma. Not everyone in Jesus’ world gave him a warm welcome. Not everyone received him with grace. And many didn’t just ignore him, they rejected him. Isaiah prophesied ...more

Moments With My Little Girl Jack Schull

Every father has a soft spot for his daughter. It doesn't matter if she is three or thirty-three. The Schull girls are especially cherished by their pop. As a Dad – I get the privilege of investing into my kids – just like you...Recently on a daddy/daughter date with my 3-year-old, I was reminded of ...more

Jesus Frees Us to Live Fearless Lives Max Lucado

“Jesus was...sleeping.” (Mark 4:38). Now there’s a scene. Jesus was sleeping in the midst of a storm on the Sea of Galilee. The disciples scream, Jesus dreams. Thunder roars, Jesus snores. He doesn’t doze, catnap, or rest. He slumbers. Who could sleep at a time like this? Could you? Could you ...more

Get Free in Christ: Unhook Your Trailer Jack Schull

What are the things that slow you up in life? You know, the gum that sticks to the bottom of your shoe, the spare tire you grew over the holidays...Do your worries weigh you down? Do relational hang-ups keep you from abundant living? When I was growing up on the baseball field ~ Coach used to yell ...more

How a Christian Can Help Someone with Terminal Illness John Kie-Vining

"Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you. So we say with confidence, 'The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid.'" Hebrews 13:4 NIV Caring for the terminally ill is not an easy task. The caregiver must come to terms with his or her mortality in order to ministery to the dying. This is ...more

Pursuing God's Heart: Praying His Prayers Beth Moore

Much of the Word applies specifically to the battles we face. However, the Bible consists of sixty-six books. My point? The Bible has much to say about fighting the good fight of faith and becoming well-trained soldiers . . . but it also has far more to say about the pure pursuit of God, His ...more

God Comforted Us So That We May Comfort Others David Ferguson

Reaching a pain-filled world with the relevant message of the gospel requires the compassionate heart of the Savior. Jesus' ministry in the Gospels is an example to every believer. While others around Him responded to situations out of fear, judgment, or legalism, Jesus was moved with compassion and ...more

Turf Wars Julie Barrier

Turf wars are inevitable between churches, countries and children. Whether we fight to sit in the same pew we’ve inhabited for eons or squabble over the line of demarcation drawn between countries, accommodating others is not our strong suit. The ideologies of servanthood and meekness elude us. Let ...more

Don't Go Solo Don McMinn

Singing sensation Taylor Swift sold four million records last year. Among her best current songs are "You Belong with Me" and "Two is Better than One." The Bible tells us we are created to need each other. So how do we truly care for the people God places in our life?  In many ways, caring for one ...more

Racking Up Brownie Points Julie Barrier

The Winter Olympics 2010 are upon us. Athletes across the globe long to skate like Ohno and ski like Mancuso. Even if they don’t win the gold, they hope to score a cushy endorsement deal with Swatch or Wheaties. Nike’s got a spot! Will Tiger leave a hole??? As Christians, most of us are keeping ...more