Ministering to Muslims Cherie Gray

We can build walls or we can build bridges. We can start with all the reasons why our religions are different and why we have different god’s and why what they believe is wrong and what we believe is right. Or… We could find the redeeming truths that they already have in their culture and use ...more

Heresy: The Fight for Truth Tom Terry

A few years ago when I was working to re-establish the ministry of Eagle TV in Mongolia, I spent some time looking at the ministry of the Apostle Paul in the book of Acts. While we often think of Paul as a great orator for the fundamental doctrines of the faith, in fact most of the speeches given ...more

Creativity and the Church Matthew Lynn

“I don’t want you to think of art as a little frill or whipped cream on the cake of life. It’s more like steak and potatoes.”- Dallas Willard God’s Body, the Church, should be an institution which supports, fosters, and recognizes the vital importance of creativity, both as a means of edification ...more

Conviction Mark Marikos

How is it that I can believe something to be true, yet behave in a way that is contrary to that belief.  For example, I may believe that exercise is good for me, and that I will feel healthier and be healthier if I exercise.  But at the same time, I find it hard to get around to exercising.  Or I ...more

Church Splits Julie Barrier

Anytime two Christians are mad at each other, the church splits. The Body of Christ was supposed to be beautifully and perfectly one (according to Jesus in John 17), but some Christians are like oil and water--they just won't mix. Some congregations even try to encourage unity by naming ...more

Truth + Love = Unity Tom Terry

Since moving to Mongolia six years ago I've had to give a great deal of though to the issue of Christian unity. In Mongolian culture the idea of unity is very important. In fact, unity if one of Mongolia's  most important value (just behind power). For a society to be healthy it must be unified ...more

Grief: Holding On and Letting Go Mark Marikos

Life is a continual process of letting go.  It seems that an important element of growth is learning how to let go gracefully.  As babies, we are not very good at letting go. Before we can say the word “mine!” we have mastered the concept.  We only relinquish something under loud protest.  Some ...more

Fellowship and Facebook Matthew Lynn

Without question, the age of the internet has ushered in social change on a massive and widespread level. Our period in history has been aptly dubbed the “information age,” as we have upwards of 100 million websites (quite literally) at our fingertips at any given moment. As the World Wide Web ...more

Olympic Pride John Beeson

“You are a team USA fan because you say ‘we’.  You say ‘We won the race by .08.’  You say ‘We won 8 golds.’”  So begins AT&T’s commercial that has been running these Olympics.     The Olympics are the perfect time to talk about humility.  People around the world rally in support of their country ...more

Self-Denial Tom Terry

Denial is a concept found in virtually every major religion. Various ideas on the practice of self-denial can be found in Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and other religious and philosophical streams. In most religious practices, like Buddhism, self-denial is a means to achieve an end. ...more