Tough Questions from the Hurting in Your Church Steve Dowdle

As pastors and church leaders, we often encounter difficult questions from people who are suffering physically, emotionally and spiritually.  How would you answer these questions posed to me early in my counseling ministry? If God really loves me, why did my healthy four year old son suddenly die ...more

The Dysfunctional Family: Exhibit B (America) John Beeson

In my last post I delved into the gory details of the complete and utter dysfunction of Jacob’s family: deceit, jealousy, lust, unrequited love, manipulation, preferential treatment, twisted use of sex – this family had it all.  I talk with all too many people from Christian families who are deeply ...more

A Week of Prayer with Your Kids Karen Holford

Here's a creative way to help your children participate in a week of prayer! Make a chart with a big square for every day of the week. Choose a category of people for each day and list them on a chart displayed on the refrigerator. Pray for them on the day you have chosen at the dinner table, or at ...more

Dysfunctional Family: Exhibit A (Palestine) John Beeson

I believe it was Roger Barrier who I first heard point out that there are basically no functional families in the Bible.  That is absolutely the truth.  And to see how deep the dysfunction can run it only takes a glance at Genesis 29 and 30.  These two chapters tell the story of Jacob’s marriage to ...more

God's Timing-No Accident! Karen Holford

For the first time in years I was beginning to feel in control of my life. Our new home felt like a palace. Nathan was finally potty-trained. At last I was able to return to work as an occupational therapist for one day a week. My first book was almost completed. Everything in my life seemed to be ...more

Responding to the Spiritual Beliefs of Seekers Tom Terry

Too often as Christians we don't explore the belief systems of others, and in doing so, fail to understand how they think. When we take a hard look at comparative religion, we know how to pray for others and how to lead them to Christ. We are not “lobbing the gospel ball over the fortress fence.” ...more

Creative Ways to Teach the Lord's Prayer to your Kids Karen Holford

One way you can teach the Lord's Prayer to your children is to gather a scrapbook or ring binder, glue, scissors, pictures of all kinds, marker pens and a Bible opened to Matthew 6:9-13.  To make a scrapbook, make an attractive cover. On the top of each page write one phrase of the Lord's Prayer, ...more

From Doubt to Faith Glenn Barteau

Most non-Christians aren't looking for a debate, but they are bombarded by a tidal wave of media that goes against the idea of faith. Non-Christians are plagued by questions like 'How can there be a loving God with so much evil in the world?' or 'Doesn't science explain away Scripture?" Jude 1:22 ...more

The Jewel of Integrity Brad Tuttle

Sine cera was a term in ancient Israel that guaranteed a clay pot was "without wax." Wax was used by salesmen to cover imperfections that occured during the firing. The retailer was passing off a defective product by deceiving the buyer. When we pretend to live a life "without wax," we are ...more

Savvy Spiritual Leaders Tom Lutz

Spiritual leaders & teachers come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, rank, stations of life, intelligence, experiences, education, gender, race, nationality, geography, looks, age, up bringing, church affiliation, heritage, and address. The key is that spiritual leaders & teachers are called of God to ...more