Worship with Instruments NT Style! Brian Hedrick

We have established that there are abundant references to instrumental music in the Old Testament, specifically in the Psalms and under the Davidic tradition of worship, but what about the New Testament? Some denominations claim that there are no references to worship with instruments in the New ...more

Davidic Worship: Psalms Brian Hedrick

King David is called “the sweet psalmist of Israel” in 2 Samuel 23:1. On top of that, he is the most frequently mentioned individual in the psalm headings throughout the book of Psalms. David is also largely responsible for the Old Testament tradition of instrumental music in worship, which began as ...more

Worship Depends on Spirit: Not Place and Time Don McMinn

As it was in the days of Christ, so it is today: There are few true worshipers. Many believers work for God, perform Christian services, follow a disciplined ritual, but few worship God as He specifies and requires. Too many of us have been programmed to think that the worship service takes place on ...more

Prioritizing Worship Don McMinn

God is concerned with our worship. It is not something He considers to be optional in our daily life and practice. In fact, the Father seeks those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth. (John 4)  I find it amazing that God would seek our worship, but just as a father desires the love of his ...more

Balanced Living: Reduce Stress Chet Weld

How do you develop a healthy, balanced life style and manage the stressors of life well? Let’s look at three different aspects of your life: emotions, relationships, and spirituality. First of all, let’s examine each aspect of your life as a wheel with a hub and spokes. The Emotional Wheel: The ...more

Teach Young Children to Pray Part Two Karen Holford

Children can learn to pray as they observe God in nature. Here are three examples of ways you can teach your child to speak to God as they enjoy His creation. 1.    Tree Prayer. “All the trees of the field clap their hands.” Isaiah 55:1. Things you need: a real tree outside, a small tree indoors or ...more

Psalms: Worship with Instruments Brian Hedrick

The first pillar in the Biblical foundations of instrumental music in worship is the Psalms. When considering the Psalms and instrumental music, most instrumentalists think of Psalm 150, but there are actually a total of twenty-four psalms that mention the use of instruments in worship, either in ...more

Father, Son and Who? Tom Terry

A Barna research report this week revealed that 58% of American Christians don’t believe the Holy Spirit exists. “Fifty-eight percent strongly or somewhat agreed with the statement that the Holy Spirit is ‘a symbol of God’s power or presence but is not a living entity.’”[1] Interestingly, the same ...more

Creative Prayer Ideas for Kids Karen Holford

You can teach a child to pray in many creative ways. Here are just a couple: Prayer Picture Cards Things you need-Index cards, photos of people, pictures from magazines, glue, clear adhesive or a laminating machine. Make cards with different pictures that can remind you or your child to pray for ...more

Profiting From Criticism Don McMinn

In previous discussions about admonishing others, we’ve talked about two important issues.  If we’re going to love someone thoroughly, we must be willing to admonish if necessary.  On the other hand, we must be careful how we do it. But what if we are on the receiving end?  Here are some ground ...more