Danger! Cultural Blind Spots Up Ahead! John Beeson

Matthew Henry’s biblical commentary might be the most widely distributed commentary on the planet.  Matthew Henry lived just around the turn of the 18th century and was an upstanding minister and preacher of the Word.  His commentary reflects his deeply held piety and concern for the Word being made ...more

Who's the Prototype? Ben Barfield

Leaders must have a place to lead their followers.  Such direction is usually called a pastor's vision or mission. Whatever the name, church leaders must have a goal, a destination to lead their respective parishioners.  So the question is, where do we get this "vision" for ministry?  Many of us ...more

Battle Cry! Brad Tuttle

Christians have victory over every assault and scheme of the devil, but we must arm ourselves with the proper armor that is described in Ephesians 6:10-18. In spiritual warfare as in human warfare, the key to victory is to know your enemy--and to know his strategies. The first step for any soldier ...more

Volunteering For Dummies John Beeson

I went to a great church right after college.  With great worship and gospel-centered, challenging teaching it was a no-brainer choice for me and my new bride.  We settled into the church, got involved in a great small group and a variety of other ministries at the church.  About six months later at ...more

Nothing Beats Hand-Picked John Beeson

We’re starting Capital Stewardship Campaign soon.  In process of starting the campaign up, I pulled together a Stewardship team.  I intentionally tried to bring an eclectic group together: some with people skills, other with administrative skills, others with fundraising experience.  The first ...more

Desperate Reliance Brad Tuttle

I was reading in Proverbs 21:31 today the following: "The horse is prepared for the day of battle, But victory belongs to the LORD." This is not condemning adequate preparation, but rather the reliance on it for victory instead of on the Lord. This has never been so true as it is my life right now ...more

No Giants, Just God Brad Tuttle

As my wife and I step into planting our church, The Harvest Church, I need to always keep the thought and truth before me of seeing God in all the situations that will arise and not the giants. As I read the account in Numbers 13 about the 12 spies that the Lord told Moses to send out to spy out the ...more

Doubts Out Brad Tuttle

I thought about this today…I hate doubt, don’t you? It hits us at different times, but especially in the midst of taking the next big step in our life. We have all been there. Every true Christian has had their moments of doubt that try to creep in and capture their thoughts. But, you must shut the ...more

No Fear Brad Tuttle

I am in the midst of making a huge decision for my life, by stepping into and starting a new ministry venture. This is big for me and a huge step of faith, which of course seems to bring with it that temptation to let fear creep in. But as a true believer I don't have to walk in fear or let fear ...more

Commit Your Plans to Him Brad Tuttle

Have you ever been in that period of your life when you are planning on doing something new, and big...a new vision, or dream that you have been planning? Well, I am in that stage of my life right now. I have done 'human' planning. I have researched, vision mapped, and wrote it down on a white ...more