Olympic Pride John Beeson

“You are a team USA fan because you say ‘we’.  You say ‘We won the race by .08.’  You say ‘We won 8 golds.’”  So begins AT&T’s commercial that has been running these Olympics.     The Olympics are the perfect time to talk about humility.  People around the world rally in support of their country ...more

Self-Denial Tom Terry

Denial is a concept found in virtually every major religion. Various ideas on the practice of self-denial can be found in Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and other religious and philosophical streams. In most religious practices, like Buddhism, self-denial is a means to achieve an end. ...more

St. Oprah Julie Barrier

Oprah Winfrey is a force of nature. She is CEO of a multi-billion dollar conglomerate, she is the voice of women’s empowerment and she is a world-renowned philanthropist. Every day her voice is heard on the airways and her portrait appears on the cover (issue after issue, I might add) of a ...more

Misusing My Mouth Justin Beadles

Athletes increasingly master their bodies; producing lowered times, longer jumps and higher scores. Fitness regimens are ways of life for some and on the list for more. Persons engaged in such pursuits understand the human body’s power and have specialized criteria for gauging its improvements. I ...more

The "Wussification" of Christianity Tom Terry

In our modern, democratic, sensitive age we have crafted a church that for many people emphasizes love, acceptance, grace, mercy, and the more friendly aspects of the Bible and Jesus’ character. We talk a great deal about receiving Jesus as our Savior but sometimes we forget to emphasize what he ...more

Porn: More Than a "Guy's" Problem Matthew Lynn

Far too often, the church has adopted a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy when it comes to the devastating epidemic that is pornography. Granted, it’s not a particularly easy subject to address, and doing so might leave a congregation squirming and fidgeting in their pews. Unfortunately, whether we’d ...more

Sermons with a Smile Justin Beadles

Increasing your ability to make people laugh will improve your sermons and add satisfaction to your job. Two things that even the most seasoned pastor should welcome. To be sure, anyone can get a laugh with a tired joke just like anyone can get a crowd to say, "Good Morning" after saying it once and ...more

In the Interest of Bitterness Mark Marikos

Anyone who has taken the time to calculate an amortization or loan repayment schedule, understands the implications of interest, and how interest paid on long-term loans will often exceed the amount of principal paid before the loan is paid off.  In fact, if the interest rate is too high, or the ...more

The Prayer to Nowhere Tom Terry

I hate to pray. There. I said it. I know that there are times in my life when I pray that the Lord will confront me with something that needs attention. Why can't I have the "feel good," prayers, the "peaceful" prayers, the prayers of "wisdom" and "revelation?" Today I've been reading in ...more

Families Adrift Justin Beadles

Some businesses mistakenly operate as though the market share controlled or amount of success enjoyed will endure forever. Major institutions cling to products of growing obsolescence with the false hope that the changing desires of the marketplace will stop for them. Family owned enterprises ...more