The Brutal Suffering of Jesus Tom Terry

As Americans, we live in a sanitized and antiseptic culture. Everything is clean, orderly, and has its place. Even our suffering. Most Americans don’t experience extreme brutality like Jesus experienced for us. And that got me thinking again about suffering. What is suffering? More specifically, ...more

Five Poor Thinking Mistakes That Mistakes That Cause Your Anxiety! Caroline Leaf

Life can be very challenging. We are constantly facing stressful situations at work, home, school, in the name it. In many cases, our reactions to these situations can make things worse. If we let our thoughts and emotions get the best of us, we can negatively impact both our mental and ...more

Five Surprising Reasons People Leave Your Church Carey Nieuwhof

No matter how long you’ve been in leadership, it still hurts when people leave your church. It’s somewhat easy to understand people leaving when things are going poorly— when there’s conflict, division or dysfunction. But what most leaders aren’t prepared for is the reality that people will leave ...more

Little Known Facts About the Last Supper Julia Blum

Hebrew professor Dr. Julia Blum shares her insights about the Last Supper from Jewish history and the Hebrew translation of the Gospels: THE ROOM FOR THE LAST SUPPER Jerusalem was swarming with people who had come for Passover. Every house had additional guests, every room was packed, yet Jesus ...more

Why the Religious Elite Hated Jesus: Don't Fear Rejection! Frank Viola

The religious elite ignored Him as long as they could. Since Jesus sported no theological degrees and wasn’t part of the pastors guild, they didn’t take Him seriously. He was not credible in their eyes. But they could only follow this course for so long. His influence grew so large that they ...more

What's the Difference Between Flattering Your Child or Encouraging Him? Kevin Leman

We live in a time where parents feel they have to praise everything kids do; no matter what. Whether they make a good effort, a poor effort, a mediocre effort; they get praised. It’s the mentality that everybody on the team gets a trophy. “Everybody’s a winner,” nobody loses. We live in society ...more

Hell to Pay: A Fresh Look at Christ's Sacrifice Julie Barrier

I had the most remarkable encounter with God today. I was meditating upon Jesus on the cross, and, after decades of being a Christian, God revealed to me an aspect of Jesus’ suffering that I never understood or even considered. What was it truly like for Jesus to experience “hell” on the cross?  ...more

Rest and Reassurance Lysa TerKeurst

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” — Matthew 11:28 We all have those times we wish the voice of God would audibly speak so loudly there’s no way we could miss it: “This is the direction I want you to go.” Then we’d know whether to stay the course or head in ...more

Why the Cross is Foolish John MacArthur

Why do we call people without Christ "lost?" Dr. John MacArthur teaches us why the cross is foolishness to the unbeliever: "Unregenerate sinners are completely lost. Unaided and unilluminated, in his natural condition and without the gospel, the sinner will never find a way to God. In fact, he ...more

Holy Week and the Insomnia of Jesus Russell Moore

When the disciples screamed in the face of a storm, Jesus slept (Mk. 4:37-38). When Jesus screamed in the face of a cross, the disciples slept (Mk. 14:37,41). Why could Jesus sleep so peacefully through a life-threatening sea-storm, and yet is awake all night in the olive garden before his arrest, ...more