3 Necessities to Teach Your Child Before the Age of 5 Kevin Leman

Children are like wet cement. If you’ve ever worked with wet cement or seen someone work with it, it does harden up pretty quickly and so it is with the personalities of our kids. If you want to put this to test in your life, here’s a suggestion around the dinner table. Parents, ask your son or ...more

Let Wise People Help You! Lysa TerKeurst

Lysa TerKeurst shares the secret of wisdom in "Wisdom Together:" Who is wise and understanding among you? Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom.” James 3:13 (NIV) For all of their lives, my children have known a secret. When circumstances fall ...more

7 Ways to Handle Toxic People Carey Nieuwhof

Leadership would be so much easier, the saying goes, if it wasn’t for people. And topping off the list of difficult people to work with or lead is toxic people. The hard part is, as much as we might wish it was otherwise, toxic people are everywhere. Two questions spring up almost immediately ...more

Ephesians: How to Live an Intentional Life Randy Carlson

For those of us who follow Christ, it’s important to understand “why” we choose to live intentionally. If we take the book of Ephesians and split it into two halves, the first three chapters is the orthodoxy of our faith – our position in Christ. It’s all about God’s intentional love for us. Then in ...more

Sob Stories: Don't Talk Too Much about Your Issues Don McMinn

We all have mental tapes that play over and over in our minds. If they are positive narratives, there’s no major downside other than they’re unnecessarily using up our brain-energy If our mental tapes have a negative or painful storyline they will eventually adversely affect our mind, emotions, and ...more

Does God Want Us to Have Pets? Julie Barrier

Countless American families hastily evacuated their homes due to fires, floods or hurricanes. The stories of their frantic retreats are remarkably similar. They rescue two things as they rush out the door: treasured photos and the family pet. Forget the paintings and the jewelry! Fido and photos ...more

Are You Just a "Fan" of Jesus? Lisa Bevere

Do you really know Jesus or simply know of Him? Is He a celebrity crush or Lord of your life? Lisa Bevere writes her observations: "Has there been a person in your life you thought you knew, but you really didn’t? Could that person be Jesus? Stay with me as we explore this pivotal question! The ...more

Loving Advice for the Long-Married Julie Barrier

I have two sets of parents. Both couples were wed during the Jurassic period (not really). Both were married almost 60 years. I watched each twosome grow old together. One pair barely tolerated each other at the bitter end. My folks were sweethearts until death parted them. Mom and Dad had a ...more

God's Secret Work Within You Lisa Bevere

“Just as you’ll never understand the mystery of life forming in a pregnant woman, so you’ll never understand the mystery at work in all that God does” (Ecclesiastes 11:5 MSG). Solomon parallels how God works with the mystery of a child growing in the womb. Although science has given us much ...more

Is Bitterness a Satanic Stronghold? Francis Frangipane

Two conditions of the heart exist where no one can hide: one is when the heart is filled with love and the other when we are infected with bitterness. Either condition can take over our thoughts and both can filter our entire view of life. As followers of Jesus Christ, we must make our highest quest ...more