Solomon and Spiritual Discernment Neil Anderson

In a world saturated with deceiving spirits, false prophets, and false teachers, the need to exercise discernment cannot be overstated. As believers, we think with our minds, but we discern with our spirits. Mentally we can know whether something is right or wrong in the natural realm by observation ...more

How to Understand Someone Who is Grieving Larry Barber

At many points after a loss, the mourning person can benefit from the support of others. Individual grief reactions can vary widely from person to person and also within the same person over time. Accordingly, friends need to be ready to accept and support the griever through a wide range of ...more

Top Twelve Tools for Praying with Your Grandchildren Deborah Haddix

The right tools are key… to any job. And when the job is one with an eternal impact, the tools are that much more significant. Praying for my grandchildren IS my spiritual work.  And for many years, I must confess, I went about this weighty work with no plan, no tools.  I did the job, but not ...more

Is It Okay to Be Self-Conscious? Don McMinn

“All of you, leaders and followers alike, are to be down to earth with each other, for— God has had it with the proud, But takes delight in just plain people.” 1 Peter 5:5 MSG This post will be good news to everyone, except narcissists. Good news: When you’re in public, people don’t notice you ...more

John: How to Balance Truth and Love John MacArthur

How do you combine compassionate love with confrontational truth? What's the secret to "speaking the truth in love"? The apostle John knew. Pastor John MacArthur gives us a glimpse of this remarkable disciple: "No one likes confrontation. Even those who like to confront others don't like being ...more

Seven Things to Quit If You Want to Lead Carey Nieuwhof

Are you an effective leader? If not, have you ever wondered why? As a leader, there are things you do every day. Some help—others, not so much. I’ve found that as I’ve grown as a leader, I’ve regularly had to change how I think, how I lead and even what I say. Fortunately, there are hacks you ...more

Ahab: You Are Never Too Far Gone Drew Anderson

Come home. You're not too far gone. You're not out of reach. You're not hopeless. You're never too far from the embrace of the forgiving, compassionate, and loving arms of your Creator God.  Many people live their lives not believing what I just wrote. They think they've gone too far and too long ...more

Is Halloween a Pagan Holiday and Why Should We Care? Julie Barrier

What is the origin of Halloween? According to this article, many believe it began with the ‘Summer’s End’ festival, or Samhain celebrated 2,000 years ago as the beginning of the Celtic year. During this festival time, Celtic farmers brought livestock in for the winter and harvested their crops. They ...more

How to Explain the Gospel in Three Words Russell Moore

Dr. Russell Moore explains that sharing the Gospel is not complicated. In fact, he can clearly summarize it in three words: "Can you explain the gospel in three words? Someone posted a challenge a couple of weeks ago on social media. “One can’t explain the whole gospel in only three words,” I ...more

How and Why We Allowed Our Teen to Join Instagram John Beeson

One of our favorite games as a family is called Oh Heck. You might know it as Up and Down the River. The reason this simple card game is so great is that while the rules of the game remain the same, every hand there is a different trump and a different number of cards. Throw in the fact that you can ...more