Is Halloween a Pagan Holiday and Why Should We Care? Julie Barrier

What is the origin of Halloween? According to this article, many believe it began with the ‘Summer’s End’ festival, or Samhain celebrated 2,000 years ago as the beginning of the Celtic year. During this festival time, Celtic farmers brought livestock in for the winter and harvested their crops. They ...more

How to Explain the Gospel in Three Words Russell Moore

Dr. Russell Moore explains that sharing the Gospel is not complicated. In fact, he can clearly summarize it in three words: "Can you explain the gospel in three words? Someone posted a challenge a couple of weeks ago on social media. “One can’t explain the whole gospel in only three words,” I ...more

How and Why We Allowed Our Teen to Join Instagram John Beeson

One of our favorite games as a family is called Oh Heck. You might know it as Up and Down the River. The reason this simple card game is so great is that while the rules of the game remain the same, every hand there is a different trump and a different number of cards. Throw in the fact that you can ...more

Why Consumerism is Killing the Church Michael Sherrard

“The ground of a certain rich man yielded an abundant harvest. He thought to himself, ‘What shall I do? I have no place to store my crops.’ “Then he said, ‘This is what I’ll do. I will tear down my barns and build bigger ones, and there I will store my surplus grain.  And I’ll say to myself, “You ...more

Decision-Making and the Will of God Tommy Nelson

“How do you know the will of God?”  At every Campus Crusade Christmas Conference that was the title of the workshop that always drew standing room numbers.  Because every Christian has wondered in the midst of crucial decisions if they were deciding in keeping with God’s will. So how do you know ...more

5 Ways God Can Use Stress for Your Good Randy Alcorn

How can God use stress in our lives to produce good. How can it conform us to the image of Christ. Randy Alcorn writes: 1. God uses stress to get our attention. God created our bodies. He designed them to send us messages. If I stick my hand in fire, my body will send me a message, quick and clear. ...more

6 Keys to Escape the Comparison Trap Randy Carlson

We understand intellectually that life isn’t fair, but our culture acts as though life should be fair. There’s been a convergence within our society between justice and fairness. Justice is objective. We should be able to measure what justice is. We have laws, rules, regulations and certain things ...more

Why is Jesus Called the Rock? Jan Shrader

One night after I had gone to bed early, the phone rang, and when my son picked up he heard a woman weeping on the other end.  She was crying so hard she could not find her voice, but fortunately my son gently said the right thing. “You want to talk to my mom, don’t you?” She muttered a ...more

How to Leave a Godly Legacy: Three Bible Heroes Julie Barrier

My husband’s father, Roger Sr., was an amazing mentor. He intentionally instilled values in his growing young sons. What a man! What a legacy! Roger’s Dad repeatedly quipped pithy sayings to show his sons how to live a successful life. “He who whispers down a well about the goods he has to sell ...more

How to Process Depression and Loss God's Way Neil Anderson

Overcome depression by processing your losses. A loss can be real, threatened or imagined, which is often a negative thought or lie that is believed. Either one can precipitate a depression. How we respond to any loss or crisis will determine how fast we recover. The following steps will help you ...more