What Happens When People Won't Repent Francis Frangipane

Why Did the Children of Israel Wander Away from God? They had unrepentant hearts.... Moses sent twelve spies to Canaan to bring back a report of the land. When they returned, ten said that, though the land was good, Israel would surely be defeated by the inhabitants. Although Joshua and Caleb ...more

Does Modern Worship Please God? John Beeson

Musical preferences are profoundly etched into us. One generation’s trash is another generation’s treasure. Modern worship has a bullseye on it. It’s a fairly regular occurrence that I read a blog or a reflection in a book decrying the insipid lyrics we sing in our churches or hear a complaint from ...more

Do Not Fear This Brutal World Max Lucado

Max Lucado calls us to life and peace in a world filled with uncertainty and violence:  “Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul.” Matthew 10:28 Yet again, yet so soon, we struggle to make sense of bloodshed and violence. Last week bikers mowed down on New York City’s ...more

3 Ways to Wait for Heaven John MacArthur

Focusing on our eternal inheritance is key to maintaining a proper perspective on Christ’s sufficiency, especially when you’re in the midst of difficult circumstances. That’s not always easy because we’re prone toward selfishness and desiring instant gratification. Advertising fuels that mentality ...more

How Do You Help Your Kids After a Divorce Kevin Leman

Dr. Kevin Leman shared three keys to helping your kids through a divorce: There’s no such thing as an “easy divorce” – for anyone involved. Kids of divorce feel like a dried-out turkey wishbone after Thanksgiving, with Mom pulling at one end and Dad the other. “Why did my family have to fall ...more

Church Vacation Weekend Syndrome Jon Acuff

I want to let the cat out of the bag about how church is going to be. Consider this your guide to what’s going to happen at your church this summer (if you live in the United States.) It is a poorly kept secret that the weekend before or after a big holiday, your church is going to do things a ...more

Make Your Money Last: God's Principles for Frugal Living Julie Barrier

Bankruptcy. Unemployment. Health insurance. Rising prices....Are you scared spitless about your economic future? Do you hide your credit card bills under the bed? Are you clueless about how to control family finances? I never have cash. I always use plastic. If I didn’t have my magic black ...more

What Questions Should I Ask Before I Die? Thabiti Anyabwile

Yesterday, I had the privilege of preaching a funeral for the grandmother of a former elder of the church, a man I count as a Barnabas to me, and a dear, dear family. This morning, I’m reflecting on the fact that I’m going to die soon. I don’t know how soon. I don’t know whether I’ll live to be 90 ...more

How to Affirm Your Grandchildren Deborah Haddix

Affirming our grandchildren – it’s key: to building strong relationships, to discipleship, to passing the faith. Our words are powerful. When handled well, they can build up, encourage, communicate love, and convey value to our grandchildren. On the other hand, our disregard in the use of our ...more

Message is More Valuable than Motives Matt Smethurst

We all know what it’s like to do the right thing for the wrong reason. But what about the reverse? Have you ever done the wrong thing for (what you thought was) the right reason? Your motives were pure, but you still blew it. Motives Matter One thing that separates biblical Christianity from ...more