How to Heal a Sexless Marriage Luke Gilkerson

Is your marriage in trouble?  Many couples I see will inevitably tell me the tale of being in a sexless marriage for months, years, or decades. I smile and tell them not to worry. I have heard that on most Mondays for almost thirty years. The reality is that many couples, regardless of faith, ...more

Take Your Thoughts Captive... Here's How! Caroline Leaf

Look at your mental processes. For example consider the following: How many "could-have", "would-have", "should-have" statements have you made today?How many "if onlys" were part of your inner vocabulary today?How many times have you replayed in your head a conversation or situation that pained ...more

Augustine’s Four Rules of Prayer Tim Keller

Anicia Faltonia Proba (died AD 432) was a Christian Roman noblewoman. She had the distinction of knowing both St. Augustine, who was the greatest theologian of the first millennium of Christian history, as well as John Chrysostom, who was its greatest preacher. We have two letters of Augustine to ...more

How Do You Know If You Are Angry? Ted Roberts

Paul writes in Ephesians 4:26: “In your anger do not sin” Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry," James says, "My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry." Anger is a part of our human nature, but it can ...more

4 Keys to Genuine Worship from Revelation Brie Barrier Wetherbee

Revelation chapters four and five provide a unique opportunity to experience a bit of heaven—and John’s description is the tiniest glimpse of a mind-blowing reality we cannot even begin to comprehend. And the overwhelming truth this passage provides is the heaven isn’t just where Christians will ...more

Five Keys for Remodeling America Joyce Meyer

Imagine what a contemporary spiritual awakening might look like in America, in our church and in our culture? When a Christ Awakening comes, it will bring about a restoration of morality, ethics, and accountability among leader of church, government, business and politics. Here are just a few ...more

Why Is There So Much Violence in the World? Max Lucado

“Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul.” Matthew 10:28 All of us struggle to make sense of bloodshed and violence. Life is a dangerous endeavor. We pass our days in the shadows of ominous realities. The power to annihilate humanity has, it seems, been placed in the hands of ...more

Three Things You Will Never Control as a Pastor Brandon Cox

Do you struggle with control issues? Brandon Cox pens wise words for pastors and church leaders: "I used to design websites for churches as kind of a hobby and side gig. I had to retire, but when I was active in the craft, I can well remember my biggest motivation. I would preach on Sunday to ...more

Embracing the Father's Heart of Mercy Jan Shrader

It is amazing how quickly a reputation can be ruined!  I had been asked to be the speaker at my home church’s women’s retreat one fall.  The more I prayed the more I felt like God wanted my messages for that weekend to come from Luke, chapter 6.    After sharing this with the worship leaders, they ...more

Too Many Presents? Avoiding Christmas "Affluenza" Randy Alcorn

Christmas presents piled many toys do our children need? How do we make our Christmas less about money and more about Jesus? Randy Alcorn writes: "An alarming number of children from Christian homes grow up grasping for every item they can lay their hands on. Children raised in such an ...more