9 Reasons Why We Don't Go to Church John Beeson

Pew recently released a survey[i] on why Americans do and do not go to church. While 73% of Americans identify as being Christian[ii], surveys say Americans who report going to church weekly is only around 35%.[iii] Our best estimates for our own city (Tucson) are that less than 3% of the ...more

A Biblical Perspective on Autism Ron Sandison

David, a young adult with autism and mute from birth, was admitted to the hospital for medication adjustment (Names and details have been changed). Two weeks earlier David’s parents had reluctantly placed him in a group home. They were unable, in their seventies, to control his frequent, violent ...more

Dating and Driving: When Is the Right Time? Kevin Leman

Dating at age 16 was the rule in my family. My older sister was clearly ready at age 16. I was so immature at 16. On my first date, I remember showing up late to pick my date up. I dropped her off late. I talked about myself the whole time. For some reason, the girl didn’t want a second date. Why ...more

Daniel: Not Just a Kid's Bible Story Matt Smethurst

Why is Daniel so strategic? Isn't this just a Bible book filled with colorful stories that children love? Author and editor Matt Smethurst relates the true significance of the Book of Daniel:  "Have you ever noticed that Daniel tends to be more popular among children than among pastors? After a ...more

Ten Reasons Why Committed Christians Attend Church Less Carey Nieuwhof

Why do committed Christians go to church less often? The statistics are in! 1. Greater affluence Money gives people options. If your church is at all engaging the middle class, the upper middle class, or a suburban demographic, an interesting trend is developing. The middle class is shrinking, ...more

Should Christians Be Climate Change Activists? Tom Terry

The secular concept of environmentalism and climate change activism is based upon the idea of nations exercising rights through occupation and proximity. If a people group occupies territory or is in proximity to territory, then it has a "right" to that territory and even possesses ownership. But ...more

Three Things You Will Never Control as a Pastor Brandon Cox

Do you struggle with control issues? Brandon Cox pens wise words for pastors and church leaders: "I used to design websites for churches as kind of a hobby and side gig. I had to retire, but when I was active in the craft, I can well remember my biggest motivation. I would preach on Sunday to ...more

Bucket List? You Only Live Forever! Russell Moore

Why would a Christian need a bucket list? We have all of eternity for joy, excitement and adventure. He writes,   "I often cringe when I hear Christians talk about the lists of things they want to do before they die: “I really want to go sky-diving, at least once, before I die” or “I want to, just ...more

What Would I Do If I Were Twenty-Two Again? John Piper

“What would you do if you were 22 again?” I was recently asked that question as part of a conference on world missions. I turned 22 in the middle of my senior year at Wheaton College. I was an English Literature major and headed to Fuller Seminary. I got engaged to Noël five months after I turned ...more

Five Character Rules Every Leader Should Follow Carey Nieuwhof

Christian character has always been important, but it seems like it’s never been as important as it is now. Ephesians 5:1-4 states: " Follow God’s example, therefore, as dearly loved children 2 and walk in the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering ...more