If I'm Not Happy, Am I Sinning? Randy Alcorn

Many Christians ask me, “Am I sinning if I’m not happy as a Christian?” In answering this question, I’m assuming two things of readers: Happiness and joy are synonyms, and how Scripture uses a number of related words to express gladness in God.You understand the importance of walking in God’s ...more

How to Crave God's Word John MacArthur

Do you crave God's Word? Why or why not? Dr. John MacArthur writes: "Babies crave milk, and only milk. Parents care about the color of the blanket, the pattern of the curtains, the decorations in and around the crib, and the way the child is dressed. The baby doesn’t care about any of that. Babies ...more

How to Survive Church as a Single Jon Acuff

Jon Acuff writes a hilarious (but truthful) assessment about how churches treat singles: Single adults, I have failed you. Although I’ve written a handful of ideas about being single at church, I’ve never really done that topic justice. So today, I created a list of all the different stereotypes ...more

Faithfulness and Meekness Tim Keller

In the list of spiritual fruit in Galatians 5:22-23 “faithfulness” and “meekness” are listed next to each other. Faithfulness has to do with the keeping of promises, and the courageous declaration of truth. The Greek word prautas, which is translated “meekness” or “gentleness” in Galatians 5:23 ...more

40 Ways to Determine If You Have Lost Your "First Love" Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

How do you know if your "first love" for Jesus is fading? Here are a few significant indicators that your love for Jesus may be waning, and an encouragement to fuel the fire of your love for Him.  You can go hours or days without having more than a passing thought of Him.You don’t have a strong ...more

You Aren't Speaking to a Christian Culture Tom Terry

Every few days my youngest daughter, Whitney comes to me with a series of written questions about the Bible. We review the passages together, discuss her understanding of the issues being presented, and then I share with her my interpretation of the events in the narrative. Something that takes ...more

Victory After Failure Drew Anderson

There was a man who started on a life journey only to see it come crashing down as he exited in failure.  What was a hopeful beginning ended in bitter defeat…but that wasn’t the final word! Have you been there?  Are you there right now? Can you relate to failure in life? His story began in the ...more

Can Yoga Ever Be Practiced by Christians? John Beeson

Would it surprise you to know that according to at least one study, 20.4 million Americans practice yoga?[i] Can Christians do yoga? Should Christians do yoga? When my wife approached me with an interest in considering practicing Holy Yoga (Christian yoga) I admit my default position was skepticism. ...more

How Do You Face Crippling Anxiety? Brie Barrier Wetherbee

Ever wake up with a pounding heart, racing brain, and knots in your stomach? I hate anxiety. My body and brain are just convinced that the world is falling apart, that I’m going to die early, that I’ll lose all my clients, that something will happen to a loved one, and on and on it goes... It’s ...more