What's the Purpose of the Church? Drew Anderson

One of my most enjoyable professors at seminary shared a story with our class describing one aim of the church that I’ll never forget. It went something like this, “My family and I love to share a good meal together. In fact, we seldom missed meals as a family. At our table, you’ll find laughter, ...more

5 Reasons Why a Christian Abandons Jesus Tom Terry

I've spent a portion of my last few years praying for and grieving for a friend who once claimed Christ as his own, but over the years abandoned his faith in Jesus. He went from being active in his faith to hating Christianity, the church, and all it stands for. And it all came to fruition when he ...more

6 Ways to Argue Well and 5 Benefits Caroline Leaf

Conflict is part of life. We can handle it in a godly way, or brush it under the rug. Dr. Caroline Leaf teaches us six ways to argue well. "Did you know fighting can be good for your mental health? Arguing can be beneficial for both your health and your relationships, IF done correctly. In this ...more

If I'm Not Happy, Am I Sinning? Randy Alcorn

Many Christians ask me, “Am I sinning if I’m not happy as a Christian?” In answering this question, I’m assuming two things of readers: Happiness and joy are synonyms, and how Scripture uses a number of related words to express gladness in God.You understand the importance of walking in God’s ...more

Spring Chickens and Old Codgers: 3 Ways to Love Each Other Julie Barrier

My doctor started it. Medical charts don't lie. He knows how old I am. I've tried all of the tricks: photo-shopping, neck-covering and youthful clothes. But, truth be told, I'm old. Not really old, but semi-old. Age happens. It chaps my hide when people treat me differently.  All of us have unique ...more

3 Things Every Mama Should Know Lysa TerKeurst

Being a mom is a high honor and one of the most precious gifts of my life. At the same time, being a mom is tough. It’s tough when your children are tiny. And there are still tough days when you’re like me, and your children are all grown. One of the hardest things about motherhood for me has ...more

How to Teach Your Child Self-Control Anna Kucirkova

Proverbs 16:32 says, "Better a patient person than a warrior, one with self-control than one who takes a city." "Self-control is often used to describe a favorable character trait in people. The word is used fairly frequently, but what exactly is self-control, and why is it important?" Here, we'll ...more

Nine Keys to Forgive a Christian Who Disappoints You Erin Davis

Maybe it’s your pastor. Maybe it’s someone in your Bible study. Maybe it’s a famous Christian in the news. They’ve sinned. They’ve said they believe one thing and lived like they believed something else. Their life is messier than you could have imagined and you feel disappointed, angry, ...more

What Happens When People Won't Repent Francis Frangipane

Why Did the Children of Israel Wander Away from God? They had unrepentant hearts.... Moses sent twelve spies to Canaan to bring back a report of the land. When they returned, ten said that, though the land was good, Israel would surely be defeated by the inhabitants. Although Joshua and Caleb ...more

Does Modern Worship Please God? John Beeson

Musical preferences are profoundly etched into us. One generation’s trash is another generation’s treasure. Modern worship has a bullseye on it. It’s a fairly regular occurrence that I read a blog or a reflection in a book decrying the insipid lyrics we sing in our churches or hear a complaint from ...more