Christmas and Technology: Tips for Monitoring Devices David Kinnaman

When families come together for Christmas, they bring their values and routines with them as well. Increasingly—perhaps even unconsciously—those are shaped by a relationship to technology. Everything from gift lists and free time to furniture arrangements and dinner conversation communicates ...more

Three Ways to Remember and Rejoice! Matt Chandler

We learn to find joy in our walk with God as we remember who God is and what He has done for us throughout our lives. Matt Chandler gives us an insightful lesson from Habakkuk: "In Habakkuk chapter 3, we find a prayer that is 19 verses in length. For 16 verses, Habakkuk remembers God’s past ...more

Here is God's Answer for Racism Max Lucado

“Let us make human beings in our image, make them reflecting our nature.”  Genesis 1:26 MSG Racial violence has stirred the rawest of wounds–racism. Judging a person according to skin color is an ancient sin. For that reason, God gave this ancient solution. In the earliest words of Scripture, God ...more

Why You Don't Need to Fear the Moment of Your Death Randy Alcorn

Years ago, I interviewed a young man from Burundi who told me something profound: “If I fear death as unbelievers do, I have nothing to offer unbelievers. Only when you are free from the fear of death are you really free.” Though as believers we know that Heaven awaits us after death, many of us ...more

Why is it Difficult to Follow a Pessimist (or a Realist) Leader? Carey Nieuwhof

So…if you had to describe yourself, would you say you’re an optimist, a pessimist, or as pessimists like to say in social settings to be polite, a realist? For the record…my current theory is that realists are pessimists who don’t want to call themselves pessimists. Most leaders (not all, but ...more

Giving the Gospel to Your Children John MacArthur

What are the bare-bone facts of the gospel? What is the minimum information needed to believe and be saved? While those questions may foster interesting discussions, they are not valid questions for developing evangelistic programs. Sadly, too many evangelistic efforts are based on answers to those ...more

Six Keys to Successful Single Parenting Kevin Leman

More than 25 percent of children in the United States are being raised in a single-parent home according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Ten million of those homes are maintained by women. Though there are many ways to become a single parent (divorce, death or even through adoption), all parenting has ...more

How Would Christ Celebrate Christmas? Erin Davis

How would Christ celebrate Christmas? It seems like a difficult question to answer. Author Erin Davis pens her thoughts: "Most years I tend to lose sight of Jesus somewhere between the deals of Black Friday and the dawn of a new year. Of course I understand that Jesus is the real reason for the ...more

The Innkeeper: The Overlooked Christmas Villain John Beeson

Who was the Innkeeper in Bethlehem who cruelly turned Mary and Joseph away? We'll never know his name. Pastor John Beeson decries him as one of the Christmas villains: "Every self-respecting children’s nativity play has Mary and Joseph greeted by the gruff Innkeeper who rudely tells Mary and ...more

Can You Fall for the Feeling of Christmas? Matt Chandler

A war will be waged again this Christmas, a battle far more pressing than whether to say “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas.” For believers, the real challenge is something entirely different. It’s a battle for our heart, our joy, and our worship. I’m no Scrooge. I love the holiday, even some of ...more