Spiritual Wars: When I've Sensed Demons and Angels at Work Randy Alcorn

Have you ever sensed a time when you were fighting a spiritual battle? This is what Randy Alcorn has to say: "The warfare against demonic powers depicted in Scripture is very real. But though unrighteous angels can fight God, they cannot overpower Him: And there was war in heaven. Michael and his ...more

Fourth of July Quotes to Enrich Your Holiday Craig Lounsbrough

“If I have become so pathetically dulled that I hold freedom as my right and the privileges of liberty as my due, I can stand beside the stilled graves of a thousand soldiers fallen in defense of freedom and not feel a thing. And my most solemn prayer is that I will never be this.” “Rights’ are ...more

The Empty Tomb and Independence Day Russell Moore

Russell Moore inspires us as we contemplate our independence: "A few years ago, I stood at the grave of Thomas Jefferson, and wondered. I was in Charlottesville to speak at the university Mr. Jefferson founded, and made my way up to his homeplace, Monticello. Standing at his grave, I was prompted ...more

Consider This Before Making a Decision Lysa TerKeurst

Do you need to make a decision about something that seems so exciting, but you can’t seem to shake the hesitation in your heart? We have a family friend named Wes who’s been fascinated with pilots and planes since he was a little boy. So he was absolutely thrilled when his dreams of becoming a ...more

Five Lies We Are Told about Guys Erin Davis

I have boys—a house full of them. I’m married to a mountain man of a husband who oozes testosterone and is super proud of his facial hair. Together we have four sons. In the delivery room it was like the doctors had this sentence on repeat . . . “It’s a boy!”“It’s a boy!”“It’s a boy!”“It’s a boy!” ...more

Can You Parent as a Grandparent? Kevin Leman

Can you parent as a grandparent? Here are the thoughts of Dr. Kevin Leman from his podcast on the subject with Andrea and Doug: "Doug: Some day, we’ll all likely be grandparents. What do you do if your kids start dropping your kids off more and more and asking you to be their parent? Can you parent ...more

Six Keys to Rest an Anxious Mind Randy Carlson

I have read Paul’s words, “Be anxious for nothing” many times (Philippians 4:6). That means when something happens that we didn’t expect in our health, we’re not to be anxious about it. When there’s been a reversal in a relationship, we’re not to be anxious about it. That’s a troubling verse, ...more

The Rise of Deception from Adam to Israel Tommy Nelson

“What is truth?” Pontius Pilate The greatest pursuit of mankind has been that of truth.  What is truth? How do we know? How is it lived? Truth is that which is really present.  The correct interpretation of what truly exists…what corresponds to reality. More specifically, it is what gives meaning ...more

It's Not Too Late to Put God First Max Lucado

When Denalyn and I travel together, she wants to drive. It’s not that she loves the steering wheel, it’s just that she loves to stay on track. My mind tends to wander. My thoughts tend to stray. I may be on a highway, but mentally, I’m in a distant land. Consequently, I miss exits, forget to turn, ...more

Choosing Joy in Trials Drew Anderson

The day had arrived. It was beyond sad. It was solemn, and it was heavy. Without hesitation we were there to support, to console, and to be present. In what seemed like a dream, we were getting ready to speak at the funeral of our dear friend who had just lost her battle to cancer. She had just ...more