How to Help Someone with Drug or Alcohol Addiction Dana Giblock

Spotting the Signs of Addiction Friends and family are often the first to notice the signs and symptoms of addiction. However, they may be reluctant to intervene, either because the reality of substance abuse is too painful, or because they’re afraid of driving their loved one even deeper into ...more

How Do I Get a Spiritual Mentor? Russell Moore

I often hear from Christians who want to find a mentor, but aren’t sure how to go about that. Often these believers know they would benefit from this kind of relationship, but they don’t know how it starts or what they should be doing. Here is some guidance on finding a mentor: Don’t ask someone to ...more

Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Teach Other Pastor’s Sermons Carey Nieuwhof

These are interesting times for communicators and preachers. Never have we had access to so many other people’s messages. And never have we felt more pressure in delivering our own. Almost monthly I hear of pastors (most of whom will never make the headlines) who are losing their job because of ...more

Satan's Bible Knowledge John Piper

I believe there is a Satan precisely because I believe in Jesus. If Satan is our mythological holdover from a pre-scientific age, then the life-long struggle of our Lord Jesus was mere shadow-boxing. Take Satan and his forces out of the Gospels, and Jesus is left like a fool punching the air.  ...more

Is God Judging America Through Its Leaders? Michael Sherrard

Michael Sherrard shares his powerful insights into worldview, Christians, and politics. Here are his valuable insights:  IS JUDGEMENT UPON US? I've heard it said that God judges a nation by giving them the leadership they deserve. Is that what is happening to America? Is God judging America, ...more

Cohabitation is the New Norm? David Kinnaman

Cohabitation is the new norm. Shocking, but sadly true. Shifting gender roles and expectations, the delay of marriage, and a secularizing culture are leading more American adults to believe that moving in together before tying the knot is a good idea. A recent Barna study asked Americans their ...more

5 Life Lessons I Learned While Facing Death Julie Barrier

Two years ago, I sat in a sterile, dark bedroom for months, isolated, gasping for air. My doctors’ orders? Ninety doses of the strongest antibiotic known to man, central lines to my heart, IV infusions to protect my immune system, breathing treatments, quarantine and bed rest. My prognosis? Not ...more

Declining Church Attendance and Seven Preaching Changes You Must Make Carey Nieuwhof

Every week you host services at your church hoping to reach more people, which is admirable and appropriate. The problem is that the culture is changing and never bothered to ask you permission. In many ways, preachers are using a method that’s been around for centuries…if not millennia…which on ...more

Why Heaven Will Be Better Than the Garden of Eden Nancy Guthrie

When we read about the garden of Eden in Genesis 1 and 2, we can’t help but feel drawn to its beauty and abundance and innocence. It must have been wonderful to live in such a pristine environment, with every need met, to experience an intimate marriage full of delight in each other, and to have a ...more

What Should You Say at an Unbeliever’s Funeral? Russell Moore

The other day I had someone ask me about a funeral that she was going to. She said “This is a funeral for an unbeliever, and I’m trying to think through what to say.” I think that’s a really good question, and an important question for all of us, because we’ve been in this situation. Almost ...more