How Do You Balance Work and Home? Carey Nieuwhof

Balancing work and family can be tricky. Here's Carey Nieuwhof's article on how to re-prioritize and win at home and at work. How’s it going at home…really? Here’s what I’ve come to believe. Ultimately, everything rides on how you lead at home.  The stakes are high. Lead well at home, and ...more

Identifying Blemishes in Christian Character Tim Keller

Our natural virtues, which come from inborn temperament and family nurture—such as our talents, aptitudes, and strengths—are good things. But they each have a dark side. People with prophetic gifts—that is, great directness, often good at public speaking or writing—can have problems listening to ...more

Family Feuds Max Lucado

“My true brother and sister and mother are those who do what God wants.” Mark 3:35 “Give me a word picture to describe a relative in your life who really bugs you.” I was asking the question of a half-dozen friends sitting around a lunch table. They all gave me one of those “what-in-the-world?” ...more

Lessons from Bible BAD GIRL Grannies Julie Barrier

Jesus' great, great, great, great grannies were all REALLY bad girls (except for Mary, of course). Matthew mentions five women in the royal line of the Messiah: Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba and Mary. Why would the reformed tax collector include these loose ladies? Genealogies in Matthew’s day were ...more

3 Reasons for Rejecting Jesus Tom Terry

Rick told me that he no longer believed in Jesus or the Bible. After many years of church involvement and even ministry involvement, my friend turned away from Christianity and instead decided to embrace Buddhism. His chief reason for rejecting Jesus was the hypocrisy of Jesus' people. Such a ...more

Hoarding Addiction: Let Jesus Simplify Your Life Leonard Sweet

Do you know a hoarder? I don’t mean somebody who can’t throw anything away. I mean somebody who keeps to himself everything he has and can’t let go of anything. In today’s gospel parable the un-named “rich man” lives a hoarder’s life of prosperity and extravagance. He luxuriated in exhibiting the ...more

10 Prayers to Pray for Your Daughter Lysa TerKeurst

Lysa TerKeurst shares how mothers can pray for their daughters. Here are her thoughts! There is something I’ve come to realize I need to guard against as a mom. I sometimes want to be God in my kids’ lives. I want to write their stories. I want to set the courses of their futures. I want to ...more

Ten Big Questions about Future Church Attendance Carey Nieuwhof

10 REALLY BIG QUESTIONS ABOUT FUTURE CHURCH ATTENDANCE (AND 10 HUNCHES) Talk to any church leader, and they’ll tell you it feels more challenging than ever to get people to come to church on a Sunday. Even in growing churches (like ours), the competition for peoples’ time, attention and devotion ...more

Counterfeit Jesus Neil Anderson

Government officials who are trained to detect counterfeit money, don’t study the counterfeits. They study the real bills, which they have come to know so well that when a counterfeit bill shows up they can easily spot it. That is why I am taking several weeks to explain the true nature of God, so ...more

The Positive News You Need to Hear Randy Alcorn

These days, it’s easy to become obsessed with everything that’s wrong with the world. We’re continually bombarded by “news” (which is sometimes more sensational than informative) that dwells on the sufferings and tragedies of life. This unceasing avalanche of bad news, as well as rampant political ...more