Five Reasons Why Your Neighbor Doesn't Go to Church John Beeson

There was a time when going to church is what respectable people did. Two generations ago, every self-respecting citizen went to church, regardless of their desire to be there or not. When I was in middle school our family became acquaintances with someone at church. My parents ended up doing ...more

How Do You Know If You Are Prejudiced? Thabiti Anyabwile

Though often well-intended, a commitment to being “color blind” becomes harmful when it fails to recognize the good ways God has filled the world with color. In other words, sometimes “color blindness” is a spiritually and psychologically unhealthy way to cope with the world as it is. “Color blind” ...more

Why Excuses Have Never Set Anyone Free Lisa Bevere

Several years ago, I watched a documentary about a bull elephant—the type you can see at a circus—and I learned a valuable lesson that has stuck with me ever since. As I watched the program, I was amazed by the elephant’s formidable frame and intimidating tusks—whose presence causes ...more

Why Do You Want Your Church to Grow? Check Your Motives Carey Nieuwhof

Here’s a challenging question: Why do you want your church to grow? Your motivation for wanting your church to grow is pivotal for a number of significant reasons. First, if you’re a church leader, it’s not your church, it’s God’s. And one day you’ll give an account to God for what you did with ...more

How Do You Know You Have the Right Values? Tommy Nelson

Sometimes I have the privilege to speak to young men and women at graduation ceremonies and I look at them and wonder if they are ready to succeed in the areas that you must succeed in.  Because it is possible in life to fail by succeeding in all the wrong things.  One of the things that you learn ...more

Lessons from Hezekiah: Forgetting the Future! Tom Terry

If you’ve read the Old Testament then you may remember the story of King Hezekiah. He was a reformer, a righteous king whom we praise for his trust in God and desire to save his nation. There was no one like him (II Kings 18:5-7). But sometimes, even in the best of men, there are flaws that stand ...more

Spiritual Wars: When I've Sensed Demons and Angels at Work Randy Alcorn

Have you ever sensed a time when you were fighting a spiritual battle? This is what Randy Alcorn has to say: "The warfare against demonic powers depicted in Scripture is very real. But though unrighteous angels can fight God, they cannot overpower Him: And there was war in heaven. Michael and his ...more

Fourth of July Quotes to Enrich Your Holiday Craig Lounsbrough

“If I have become so pathetically dulled that I hold freedom as my right and the privileges of liberty as my due, I can stand beside the stilled graves of a thousand soldiers fallen in defense of freedom and not feel a thing. And my most solemn prayer is that I will never be this.” “Rights’ are ...more

The Empty Tomb and Independence Day Russell Moore

Russell Moore inspires us as we contemplate our independence: "A few years ago, I stood at the grave of Thomas Jefferson, and wondered. I was in Charlottesville to speak at the university Mr. Jefferson founded, and made my way up to his homeplace, Monticello. Standing at his grave, I was prompted ...more

Consider This Before Making a Decision Lysa TerKeurst

Do you need to make a decision about something that seems so exciting, but you can’t seem to shake the hesitation in your heart? We have a family friend named Wes who’s been fascinated with pilots and planes since he was a little boy. So he was absolutely thrilled when his dreams of becoming a ...more