Handling Harsh Words Tim Keller

Are you open to criticism? Do you listen when people oppose you or do you raise your defenses? Pastor Tim Keller shares his thoughts on handling criticism with grace: "Recently several people have asked me 'how do you deal with harsh criticism?' In each case, the inquirer had felt stung by what ...more

What Does Revival Look Like? Brandon Cox

Most Christians I know want the church to experience revival. We just don’t all agree on what revival looks like.  Back in the "olden days" (the mid-1990’s) I preached a few times at a small church (averaging 12 each Sunday) in eastern Arkansas. They had a rotation system that determined who would ...more

Will Heaven Be Boring? Randy Alcorn

Science fiction writer Isaac Asimov said, “I don’t believe in an afterlife, so I don’t have to spend my whole life fearing hell, or fearing heaven even more. For whatever the tortures of hell, I think the boredom of heaven would be even worse.” Sadly, even among Christians, it’s a prevalent myth ...more

The Voice in Your Head: Conscience or Conviction? Craig Lounsbrough

A conscience is that pressing sense that unerringly guides our choices and pricks us when we don’t heed it’s prompting.  It’s that mysteriously universal compass that relentlessly points true north when we don’t have any idea where true north is, or when prefer to take some other direction ...more

Twenty-Nine Ways to Plan the Perfect Christian Wedding Jon Acuff

I know a lot about weddings. I used to write advertising for a company that specialized in rental tuxedos. One of my jobs was to answer all the emails that people sent to a fictional girl called “Jenny.” So on any given day I was emailing wedding advice to anxious would be brides about everything ...more

Feminism: Did Jesus Value Women? Kevin DeYoung

We often hear that those who don’t affirm modern feminism are “anti-woman.” Christians are no exception. We sometimes get tagged with this epithet, and once the label sticks we’re either total sellouts (the women) or knuckle-dragging Neanderthals (the men).  In light of this claim, it’s remarkable ...more

Jacob: How to Meet God When You've Lost Your Way Steven Furtick

When we’re in places of transition and trouble, God shows up to reveal that He has been with us all along. We can learn so much about meeting God when we have wandered far away from Him. IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE In Genesis 28, Jacob was on the run from his brother, Esau. He was traveling from the ...more

3 Reasons Why Facebook is Not My Church Erin Davis

Facebook recently announced they’ve hit the milestone of two billion users. There are more Facebook members than members of any religion except Christianity. (Just barely. There are 2.4 billion proclaimed Christians globally). That means that worldwide, one in four people now use Facebook every ...more

Why the Bible Calls Women "Sons of God" John Beeson

Want to know something weird? Women are never referred to as “daughters of God” in the Bible. Kind of odd, especially given how often that phrase is used in evangelical circles. “Daughter of God” nets over 1,000 books on Amazon. In the Bible, however, the seemingly clumsy phrase “sons of God” is ...more

You Hate Jesus If You Hate Jews Russell Moore

Dr. Russell Moore's most popular and profound article this year came on the heels of a synagogue shooting. Here are his profound observations: "On the Jewish Sabbath this week, a white nationalist terrorist murdered eleven worshippers within Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue, in what is being ...more