St. Augustine on Prayer Tim Keller

Anicia Faltonia Proba (died  AD 432) was a Christian Roman noblewoman. She had the distinction of knowing both St. Augustine, who was the greatest theologian of the first millennium of Christian history, as well as John Chrysostom, who was its greatest preacher. We have two letters of Augustine to ...more

Paul, Daniel and Elisha: Does God Change His Mind? Randy Alcorn

While I doubt anyone this side of Heaven will ever manage to fully “explain” how God’s sovereignty and human choice fully fit together, I believe Scripture provides us with many examples of how the two work symbiotically. For example, Paul called himself not only a “servant” of God but also a ...more

Top Ten Christ-Follower Traps Carey Nieuwhof

#1 Thinking of Prayer as a Way to Manipulate God We’ve all done it.  Prayed a certain prayer and then when things don’t turn out the way we want them to, we let God have the full fury of our anger. I’ve seen some deeply spiritual people fall into this trap (just claim it in Jesus’ name and it ...more

10 Lessons for My Kids on My 40th Birthday John Beeson

Tomorrow I turn 40. Lord willing, I’m about halfway done with this marathon we call life. God has been so gracious to me. I have a godly wife who makes me laugh every day and two teenage children who grow daily in faith and wisdom. 25 and 27 years from now Camille and Soren will celebrate their ...more

Will We Really See God's Face? John MacArthur

Will we really see God's face?  Pastor John MacArthur gives a powerful observation of this spiritual truth. "Yes! In heaven we will actually see the Lord face to face. This is impossible in the earthly realm. After all, God said, "No man can see Me and live!" (Ex. 33:20, NASB). John 1:18 and 1 John ...more

What Are Our Priorities in Prayer? Tom Terry

What do you want out of your Christian experience? If you’re like most people you might answer that you are looking for peace, strength during difficulties, or even some level of personal prosperity. Would these be your answer? If so, you might want to consider God’s list of priorities for us in ...more

How We Can See Jesus Randy Alcorn

Do you really want to see Jesus? Randy Alcorn reflects on the happiness we will experience as we look on the face of Christ: "Ancient theologians often spoke of the “beatific vision.” The term comes from three Latin words that together mean “a happy-making sight.” The sight they spoke of was God. ...more

How Do You Know Your Grieving is Over? Larry Barber

Grief is never truly finished. When a loved one dies, we will always miss the relationship we had with that person.  Sometimes we will re-experience the pain of that loss as we go through annual celebrations such as birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. Nonetheless, we are called back into the ...more

Don't Let Toxic People Destroy Your Emotional Health Caroline Leaf

How do we stay emotionally and physically healthy with toxic people around us? Dr. Caroline Leaf writes: "Let’s face it: people can be too much at times. In fact, occasionally things will get so toxic that a deserted cabin in the middle of the wilderness can sound quite appealing!    We cannot run ...more

How to Be Strong in Weakness John Beeson

The most important influence to my pastoral counseling is from David Powlison. Powlison was a professor at the seminary my wife Angel graduated from and has had an indelible impact on her counseling. I had the chance to meet Powlison face-to-face a handful of times and was deeply impacted by his ...more