Bible Studies

Resisting the Enemy Curriculum Jerry Wilkinson

Dr. Jerry Wilkinson are expert teachers in spiritual warfare. Spiritual warfare is an essential component of our discipleship. We must recognize our authority in Christ, know our enemy and his wiles, resist temptation and walk in purity. This 12-week series of lessons and group discussion questions... more

Spiritual Gifts Series Jerry Wilkinson & Roger Barrier

Dr. Jerry Wilkinson adapts thirteen sermons describing spiritual gifts-what they are, how they are used, and how to discover your own gifts and ministry for the Kingdom.  The spiritual gift definitions are adapted from Spiritual Gifts by Dr. James Robert Clinton. 

Praying for a Christ Awakening Josh McDowell, Beth Moore, Henry Blackaby, Jack Hayford, David Ferguson, Jim Garlow, Wellington Boone, Fredrick Price & Dave Butts

This compelling prayer guide created by the Marriage CoMission is designed to motivate us to "look up" as we turn our hearts and hopes toward Christ, the cornerstone of our faith. (Ephesians 5:20)

Together Through the Bible Tom Terry

Missionary and author Tom Terry teaches on a variety of Biblical topics including ethics, relationships, comparative religion and systematic theology.

Christ in the Old Testament Jan Shrader

Jesus is revealed in countless portraits in the Old Testament:  the Lamb of God, the Rock, the Bread of Life, the Bridegroom and other pictures which are first foreshadowed in Israel's history.

Misunderstanding God Jan Shrader

We can easily miss the voice and plans of God if we fail to see our lives from His perspective. This devotional series will deal with the factors that limit our view of God and ultimately our intimacy with Him.

Bloom in the Desert Jan Shrader

What would it take to see a spiritual desert come into full bloom?  This is our quest.  Because of God's amazing provision, we are going to be set free to bloom in places we thought of as desolate.

Leaving a Legacy Julie Barrier

Great leaders know how to "pass the baton." Moses the deliverer prepared Joshua to lead Israel. Elijah the prophet passed the mantle of power to Elisha. John the Baptist prepared the Jews for the coming jesus. Jesus the Messiah trained Peter to evangelize the world. Paul the mentor created a... more

The Prayer God Always Answers Jerry Wilkinson

Dr. Jerry Wilkinson creates a 13-lesson series on principles of spiritual growth from Roger Barrier. God longs for us to be spiritual mothers and fathers, yet there is a cost to this transformation. We must experience the refining work of the Holy Spirit over time to be formed into the image of... more