Bible Studies

The Blood, the Cross and the Resurrection by Roger Barrier Roger Barrier

These sermons are created as Bible studies for those who seek to take a deeper look at the implications of Easter week. Christ's suffering, His blood, His crucifixion, His death and resurrection change who we are and how we live. Pastors can preach these studies. Bible students can teach them or... more

28 Days of Intentional Prayer Randy Carlson

Prayer is simply communication with God. It helps you become whole and complete as you get to know God personally. Bible teacher, Charles Stanley, once said, “The power of prayer can never be overestimated because of the omnipotent God who hears and answers.” We trust 28 Days to More Intentional... more

How to Pray for Your Child Neil Anderson

This comprehensive study provides Scripture and printed prayers that cover significant issues in the life of your child. This guide contains prayers of dedication, salvation, protection, bedtime and daily life. Unique prayers include prayers for adopted children, oppressed children and rebellious... more

Resisting the Enemy Curriculum Jerry Wilkinson

Dr. Jerry Wilkinson are expert teachers in spiritual warfare. Spiritual warfare is an essential component of our discipleship. We must recognize our authority in Christ, know our enemy and his wiles, resist temptation and walk in purity. This 12-week series of lessons and group discussion questions... more

Spiritual Gifts Series Jerry Wilkinson & Roger Barrier

Dr. Jerry Wilkinson adapts thirteen sermons describing spiritual gifts-what they are, how they are used, and how to discover your own gifts and ministry for the Kingdom.  The spiritual gift definitions are adapted from Spiritual Gifts by Dr. James Robert Clinton. 

Praying for a Christ Awakening Josh McDowell, David Ferguson, Henry Blackaby, Jim Garlow, Wellington Boone, Fredrick Price & Dave Butts

This compelling prayer guide created by the Marriage CoMission is designed to motivate us to "look up" as we turn our hearts and hopes toward Christ, the cornerstone of our faith. (Ephesians 5:20)

Together Through the Bible Tom Terry

Missionary and author Tom Terry teaches on a variety of Biblical topics including ethics, relationships, comparative religion and systematic theology.

Christ in the Old Testament Jan Shrader

Jesus is revealed in countless portraits in the Old Testament:  the Lamb of God, the Rock, the Bread of Life, the Bridegroom and other pictures which are first foreshadowed in Israel's history.