Bible Studies

Misunderstanding God Jan Shrader

We can easily miss the voice and plans of God if we fail to see our lives from His perspective. This devotional series will deal with the factors that limit our view of God and ultimately our intimacy with Him.

Bloom in the Desert Jan Shrader

What would it take to see a spiritual desert come into full bloom?  This is our quest.  Because of God's amazing provision, we are going to be set free to bloom in places we thought of as desolate.

Leaving a Legacy Julie Barrier

Great leaders know how to "pass the baton." Moses the deliverer prepared Joshua to lead Israel. Elijah the prophet passed the mantle of power to Elisha. John the Baptist prepared the Jews for the coming jesus. Jesus the Messiah trained Peter to evangelize the world. Paul the mentor created a... more

The Prayer God Always Answers Jerry Wilkinson

Dr. Jerry Wilkinson creates a 13-lesson series on principles of spiritual growth from Roger Barrier. God longs for us to be spiritual mothers and fathers, yet there is a cost to this transformation. We must experience the refining work of the Holy Spirit over time to be formed into the image of... more

Wholly Devoted Julie Barrier

Jesus says in Matthew 5:8: "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." In this new year, let us abandon the urgent for the important. Our hearts must be devoted, pliable and responsive. Jesus promises that the result of a devoted heart is joy, fulfillment and intimacy with God and... more

Julie' Story-Glimpses of God in Everyday Life Julie Barrier

"Julie's Story-Glimpses of God in Everyday Life" is a compilation of personal stories from the life of the Barrier family. Each short devotional tells a unique story from Julie's diary and includes a key passage to study and apply to your life.

A Heart Aflame Don McMinn

How do we give our lives to God with complete abandon? What does worship look like in our daily lives as well as on Sunday mornings? This series unpacks God's plan to worship Him in spirit and in truth.

Faith Foundations Jerry Wilkinson

Dr. Jerry Wilkinson creates a 13-week series on basic tenets of our faith. Faith Foundations are based on Jesus' teaching of the Great Commandment-that we must love God and others above all else. 

Growing Wise Jerry Wilkinson

The disciplines of prayer, evangelism and service are the natural outflow of spiritual growth, but they need cultivation. These thirteen lessons provide valuable insight into learning to pray, serve and evangelize.