Indescribable Devotional

"Indescribable" is a series on praise. God lives in our praise. God loves our praise. When we choose to wear the garment of praise, our Heavenly Father lifts our spirits and gives us a new perspective. We can live a life of hope and joy.

  • Journey Into Worship

    The Psalms of Ascents are fourteen poems that depict the pilgrimage of faith for abeliever. As the spiritual child grows to maturity, his worship of God will change dramatically. He will begin to love God not for what He can give, but for who He is. 
  • What Is Praise

    Hallel , Tehillah, Barak, Todah and Yadah are all Hebrew words for praise. Each adds dimension to how we can connect with our Heavenly Father in a more intimate way. We can sing, play an instrument, raise our hands, dance for joy, and shout His praises. 
  • Delighting God's Heart

    The "Indescribable" companion devotional addresses the importance of praising God in our everyday lives. We are given a garment of praise by God, and when we wear it, we grow in intimacy with our Heavenly Father and see life from His perspective. The result is joy, peace and hope for the future.