Praying for a Christ Awakening

This compelling prayer guide created by the Marriage CoMission is designed to motivate us to "look up" as we turn our hearts and hopes toward Christ, the cornerstone of our faith. (Ephesians 5:20)

  • Love the Lord Your God

    Only God can initiate revival in the hearts of His people, convicting them of their sin and prompting them to return to God. Written by Henry and Richard Blackaby and Claude King.
  • Does the Watching World See Christ in Us?

  • Protect Our Children from Abortion and Abuse

    We have an obligation to minister to children by protecting them from abortion, encourage adoption and/or foster care in dangerous or abusive situation, and meet their needs with compassion and consistency.
  • Re-Building a Life: Peter's Restoration

    Peter began with deep faith, then slipped into over-confidence and spiritual laziness. Intimacy with Jesus was replaced with distant following. We can re-build our lives when we come to Jesus in humility and repentance. Prayer guide for repentance and confession.
  • Revival in America Past and Future

    America has experienced many spiritual awakenings in the past. Billy Wilson recounts revivals in our country and how we can see God move today.
  • Honoring Marriage Covenants

    God sees marital purity and a godly family unit as an important component of revival in a nation. We must pray for our families and marriages.
  • Dwell in Unity

    Unified Christians pursue and intimate walk with God,life purposeful lives, cultivate body ministry, build marriages and families, love the lost, walk in integrity.
  • The Two Become One

    God accepts you unconditionally, loves you sacrificially, understands you intimately and relates to you continuously. 
  • God With Us

    The heart of God working in the heart of man doesn't look the same on everyone when it happens. But whether in the quiet stirrings of our spirit or in the gushing fount of our own visible emotions, we are rarely left to wonder when the Lord is passing by. 
  • They Spoke Boldly

    Anywhere God’s people begin to pray and enlarge their confidence in Him, putting their doubts completely in the dust, God never fails to amaze.
  • No Barriers in Christ

    The ministry of reconciliation and the word of reconciliation are the foundations of revival in the Church. People need to see God's unconditional love through us.
  • More and More Believed in the Lord

    The account of the miraculous spread of the Gospel after Christ's ascension teaches us about how to pray for God to bring a harvest of souls.
  • Love One Another

    We must act upon our faith by loving our community and serving others well.