Resisting the Enemy Curriculum

Dr. Jerry Wilkinson are expert teachers in spiritual warfare. Spiritual warfare is an essential component of our discipleship. We must recognize our authority in Christ, know our enemy and his wiles, resist temptation and walk in purity. This 12-week series of lessons and group discussion questions is an outstanding resource for a church or small group.

  • Weapons with Divine Power

    Four dynamic weapons compose our spiritual arsenal: the Word of God, praying in the Spirit, worship and standing together in Christian unity.
  • Our Spiritual Armor

    The armor of God consists of the girdle of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit. Each piece is described and its significance discussed.
  • Healing Wounds

    Life sometimes hurts. We heal hurt with comfort, anger with forgiveness, guilt with confession, fear with perfect love and condemnation with God's unconditional love and acceptance.
  • Rebellion vs. Submission; Pride vs. Humility

    The detestable nature of rebellion is contrasted with submission. Pride's destructive nature is weighed against humility.
  • Bitterness vs. Forgiveness

    A list of common misconceptions about forgiveness is discussed, forgiveness is defined and a step-by-step process for forgiving is included. 
  • Understanding Satanic Footholds and Strongholds

    A satanic foothold is established in our minds when we embrace deception, bitterness, rebellion, pride and habitual sin. Generational sin and involvement in occult practices can also cause strongholds in the mind of the believer.
  • The Temptations

    "The Temptations" lesson includes a discussion of sin and human nature, the temptation of Adam and Eve and the temptation of Christ. Satanic temptations include doubt, vulnerable times of fatigue and discouragement, and neglect of God's Word. We must declare God's truth and command enemy forces and influence to depart from us in the name and ...more
  • The Battlefield for the Mind

    Satan's deceiving nature prompts man to sin. However, God's truth trumps Satan's deception when we take every thought captive, determine God's truth, renounce lies and choose to believe and live the truth.
  • Know Your Enemy

    The personality, position, power, purpose and destiny of Satan is carefully studied. Hisdemonic forces are described, and the victorious power of God over the Adversary is taught.
  • Living in Later Times

    Spiritual warfare is an essential component of our discipleship. Spiritual warfare and a Biblical world-view are defined.
  • Spiritual Warfare Is Part of A Believer's Journey

    Spiritual warfare is part of every believer's journey to spiritual maturity. As the Word of God dwells in us, Jesus empowers us to resist the enemy and exercise authority over evil spirits and demonized people.
  • The Authority of Christ Over Satan

    Jesus came to destroy Satan's work and seal the devil's destiny. Believers can draw upon Christ's power and authority to battle Satan because He has won the victory over the enemy and his demons.