Spiritual Gifts Series

Dr. Jerry Wilkinson adapts thirteen sermons describing spiritual gifts-what they are, how they are used, and how to discover your own gifts and ministry for the Kingdom. 

The spiritual gift definitions are adapted from Spiritual Gifts by Dr. James Robert Clinton. 

  • Part 13: How to Unwrap Your Gifts

    Eagerly desire spiritual gifts. God longs for you to operate in your giftings as the Holy Spirit leads and empowers you to minister to His Church.
  • Part 12: Everybody in the Body

    We are the hands and feet of Jesus to the world. Our gifts are unique and equally valuable to the Kingdom of God.
  • Part 11: Pastoring

    Pastoring, or shepherding is the capacity to guide, guard, and grow a group of people to be like Christ.
  • Part 10: Administration and Leadership

    Administration is the ability to organize and manage the church. Leadership attracts and energizes people by creating a vision and inspiring them to make it a reality.
  • Part 9: Tongues and Interpreting Tongues

    Tongues is the ability to speak in a language not learned, or pray through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and interpretation reveals the supernatural message.
  • Part 8: Distinguishing Between Spirits and the Gift of Faith

    Distinguishing spirits is the God-given ability to know if God, self, or Satan is at work. Faith is the gift to see God's work and trust it will come to pass.
  • Part 7: Helps and Giving

    Helps is the spiritual ability to see other's needs and meet them. Giving is the God-given ability to make money and invest it in God's Kingdom work.
  • Part 6: Knowledge, Wisdom and Exhortation

    Knowledge is a special word for from God for a specific situation, wisdom is the supernatural ability to give God's guidance, exhortation urges people to godly living. 
  • Part 5: Maturing Christians Through Prophecy and Teaching

    Teaching and prophecy is the spiritual capacity to clarify and preserve the truths of God. Prophecy includes fore-telling and forth-telling.
  • Part 4: Miracles, Healing and Mercy

    Gifts of miracles, healing and mercy authenticate God's message and demonstrate Christ's love. 
  • Part 3: The Reaching People Gifts

    Apostleship establishes new churches and ministries to spread Christianity. Evangelism gifts personally and/or publicly persuade people to receive the Gospel.
  • Part 2: Gifts Defined and Described

    Comparative listings of the gifts by type and how they are utilized. Ministries of Christ and gifts of the Spirit are developed.
  • Part 1: What Are Spiritual Gifts?

    What are spiritual gifts and how do they function in the Body of Christ. An overview of Biblical teaching on gifts.