The Blood, the Cross and the Resurrection by Roger Barrier

These sermons are created as Bible studies for those who seek to take a deeper look at the implications of Easter week. Christ's suffering, His blood, His crucifixion, His death and resurrection change who we are and how we live. Pastors can preach these studies. Bible students can teach them or study as devotional readings. 

  • Staying Power: Lessons from the Disciples in Jesus' Last Week

    Study the last week of Christ's life from Palm Sunday to Resurrection. What can be learned? Some ran, some stayed, and some denied him. Who would you have been and why? Great lessons about God's grace and forgiveness. 
  • Why is the Blood of Jesus So Important?

    This powerful study will provide answers to the central truth, the scarlet thread of the Bible. Preach it as a sermon, teach the lesson to your class or use it as a Bible study tool for your own personal devotions.