Paul Meier 

MD, Psychiatrist, and Best-Selling Author
Meier Clinics

Dr. Paul Meier received his Masters of Science in Cardiovascular Physiology from Michigan State University and a Medical Degree (M.D.) from the University of Arkansas College of Medicine. Dr. Meier completed his psychiatric residency at Duke University. He attended graduate courses at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois in 1975-76 while on full-time faculty. He also holds a Master of Arts degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, where he served as a full-time faculty member in pastoral counseling for 12 years.

Specialty Training and Experience

Paul Meier is an MD, Psychiatrist, and an Ordained Minister who is the founder of the Meier Clinics. He has authored or co-authored over 80 books, mostly Christian self-help books like Love is a Choice and Happiness is a Choice, and also a series of Bible Prophecy novels, including The Third Millennium. He has been on many secular and Christian TV and radio shows, including Oprah Winfrey, Tom Snyder, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Joni Eareckson Tada, Joyce Meyer and many others. He has traveled to countries all over the world to train both professional and lay counselors, as well as missionaries and pastors, in the field of Christian Counseling. He taught full-time for twelve years at Dallas Theological Seminary, where he spent lots of extra time discipling promising young students like Tony Evans, John Trent, John Townsend, Henry Cloud and many others.


He has lectured at seminaries around the world including Southwestern Seminary in Ft. Worth, the Baptist Seminary in Cuba, and the Greek Bible Institute and Seminary in Athens. In 1985, he was the team physician for a mountain climbing expedition of Mt. Ararat with American astronaut Jim Irwin to find Noah's Ark. Dr. Meier's team was chased away by terrorists.


The Meier Clinics have launched many ministries throughout the years. Countless people have trusted Christ through various Meier Clinics counseling sessions and ministries that have branched off from Meier Clinics. Over 100 Christian psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists, coast-to-coast, see thousands of clients each week, and they provide hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in charitable care.


The American Association of Christian Counselors honored Dr. Meier in 2003 as a father of the Christian Psychology movement, and Christianity Today Magazine has called Dr. Meier a "Modern Day Reformer" for moving Christianity more toward an openness to admitting faults, getting counseling, being less legalistic, and even a willingness to take psychiatric medications if necessary.


Dr. Meier has been a guest speaker at Awakening, an annual weekend retreat designed as an opportunity for business and political leaders to exchange ideas, examine trends and learn from leading authorities and policy makers in a variety of fields. Dr. Meier was honored and acknowledged in 2007 by President George Bush, members of the U.S. Congress and the NRCC as a Physician of the Year Honoree.

Active Memberships:

American Association of Christian Counselors
American Medical Association
American Psychiatric Association

Christian Medical and Dental Society
Dallas County Medical Society

Television and Radio:

Dr. Meier is a frequent guest on numerous radio and television programs.

Publications (Authored or Co-Authored):

The Angry Man
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Beating the Clock - A Guide to Maturing Successfully
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Growing In Step - Your Guide to Successful Step-parenting

Growing Stronger - 12 Guidelines Designed to Turn Your Darkest Hour Into Your Greatest Victory

Happiness Is A Choice - A Manual on the Symptoms, Causes, and Cures of Depression
Happiness Is A Choice for Teens 
Happy Holidays - How to Beat the Holiday Blues
The Healthy Christian Life - Bible Study Guide
The Healthy Pastor Hiding from Love
How to Beat Burnout - Help for Men and Women 
Introduction to Psychology and Counseling (textbook) 
Love Hunger - Recovery from Food Addiction
Love Hunger Weight-Loss Workbook
Love Is A Choice - Recovery for Codependent Relationships 
Managing Stress and Workaholism 
Meditating for Success (booklet)
The Megamillennium Series
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Money Diet - Biblical Prescriptions for Financial Success
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