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Ministry is tough and often isolating. We invite you to interact on ministry topics with those who have been there and are willing to share their experience. PreachitTeachit blogs are informal forums for pastors, missionaries, and Bible students to share their thoughts concerning the relationship between Christianity and our culture, church ministry, evangelism, leadership, missions, and preaching.

Readers are encouraged to comment on the blogs by asking questions, challenging perspectives, or expressing new ideas. Our blog authors vary in age, ministry professions, and philosophy. Such diversity permits readers to enjoy and respond to the many views of our PreachitTeachit team.

Recent Posts


Fear Types and Prayers to Overcome Them


Author:Neil Anderson

Neil Anderson's Freedom in Christ Ministry provides powerful, relevant  resources for fighting...


Charisma is Optional: Character and Competence are Essential


Author:Rick Warren

Charisma is Optional, Character and Competence are Essential Rick Warren All leadership is built...


Grumpy? A Seven-Day Plan to Be Grateful in a Week


Author:Julie Barrier

Feeling grumpy, discouraged, disappointed or just plain grouchy? Perhaps you need a dose of...


Chris Dixon: Good Ideas That Seem Like Bad Ideas


Author:Warren Bird

Chris Dixon is an entrepreneur and a partner at the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz...


What to Do with the Rest of My Life


Author:Judah Smith

Matthew 11:28–30 Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take...

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