Sermon Series

Fearless: Gutsy Faith Chris Brown & Larry Osborne

We must face our fears head-on by trusting in God. What is there is not enough? What if I am afraid of death, failure or the future? God can teach us how to live gutsy lives.

Wisdom from New Testament Lives Roger Barrier & Jack Schull

Lessons learned from the New Testament characters like the Good Samaritan, Lazarus and Dives, John the Baptist and King Herod are featured in this series.

Awaken: Galatians Glenn Barteau & Jack Schull

What would it look like to awaken to the life we're intended to live? How can the grace of Christ fuel our living in such a way, as to enable us to live out of the overflow of that grace and freedom. A freedom to choose God and choose to reflect His heart to the world around us. AWAKEN is a series... more