Sermon Series

In His Image: Genesis Revisited Glenn Barteau

Genesis is the foundation of all Biblical theology. Through studying the book carefully, we learn to know Creator God, how He loves us and how He interacts with man  through history.

Fearless: Gutsy Faith Chris Brown & Larry Osborne

We must face our fears head-on by trusting in God. What is there is not enough? What if I am afraid of death, failure or the future? God can teach us how to live gutsy lives.

Wisdom from New Testament Lives Roger Barrier & Jack Schull

Lessons learned from the New Testament characters like the Good Samaritan, Lazarus and Dives, John the Baptist and King Herod are featured in this series.

Awaken: Galatians Glenn Barteau & Jack Schull

What would it look like to awaken to the life we're intended to live? How can the grace of Christ fuel our living in such a way, as to enable us to live out of the overflow of that grace and freedom. A freedom to choose God and choose to reflect His heart to the world around us. AWAKEN is a series... more