Sermon Series

Aspire: Be Who You Want to Be Jeff Jones

We all have aspirations to be a better person, to overcome fears and insecurities, to reach our goals. God can not only give us grace to reach our aspirations, but He can give us the right desires to come to Him and connect with others. 

Wild Goose Chase: Keys to Spirit-Filled Living Mark Batterson

Celtic Christians called the Holy Spirit An Geadh-Glas or the Wild Goose. A wild goose can't be tracked or tamed. There is unpredictability or a hint of mystery or an element of danger that surrounds the wild goose. In a sense, if you take the Holy Spirit out of life, life is boring. But if you add... more

How The Good Go Bad Chris Brown & Larry Osborne

Saul, Rehoboam, Eli, David, Samuel and other Old Testament leaders had the opportunity to do great things for God. However, snags and secret sins kept them from the blessings and greatness God had planned for their lives. We can learn from their mistakes and experience abundant living. 

Vintage: Ancient Stories of Redemption Glenn Barteau & Roger Barrier

Old Testament characters like Jonah, Job, David and Hosea demonstrate the transforming power and grace of God in lives that have been broken and in need of repair. Redeeming love covered over the "broken places" and brought new life to these real-life heroes of the faith.

Getting Fit: Spiritual Disciplines Draw Us to Christ Glenn Barteau, Jack Schull & Roger Barrier

Spiritual disciplines such as prayer, fasting and meditation are not created as a legalistic set of rules, but are designed to help us enter into intimacy with Christ. 

Jonah, Reluctant Missionary: Beyond the Flannelgraph Chris Brown & Larry Osborne

The book of Jonah may be considered a children's Bible story, but it is full of grown up lessons. This three-week series is about the prophet Jonah who is instructed by God to call to repentance the evil citizens of Nineveh. God?s call to Jonah is similar to our admonition to impact the world for... more