Sermon Series

Peter's Progress: Leader, Shepherd, Victor Roger Barrier & Jack Schull

Peter, the apostle, is miraculously transformed by his relationship with Jesus. When he is with Christ, he can do the miraculous, say the miraculous and demonstrate miraculous courage. Only after Christ ascends into heaven does Peter once again walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. First Peter... more

Working for the Man: God's Principles on our Work Jeff Jones

Working for the Man is a series that gives God's perspective of work, what it means for God to redeem our work and to use us to redeem our places of work, to restore to work what sin took away, to restore to work what God originally intended.

Blind Spots: Hosea, Jonah, Amos and Micah

Every car has blind spots-areas that are hidden, that keep things that are important from being seen. So does every Christian-priorities of God that we overlook, forget or ignore. The minor prophets of Hosea, Jonah, Amos and Micah reveal the blind spots in our hearts.

Conversations: Life, Faith, and Human Existence Glenn Barteau

"Conversations" is an honest dialogue about life, faith and the human existence. God is not afraid of our questions. We can approach Him and freely bring our doubts, our fears and our futures. He is waiting to receive us.